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Review #1, by Katie001 suicide is not the answer

1st March 2008:
It is so sad, but absolutely beautiful. "tear"

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Review #2, by Daniel_Is_So_Sxc suicide is not the answer

11th February 2006:
i cant believe thts all they sed in his ceremony thingy! i had tear in my eye cuz i luv harry soooo much

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Review #3, by jess suicide is not the answer

5th January 2006:
that sounds like something i would do

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Review #4, by dementedbabe suicide is not the answer

5th October 2005: a good way.

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Review #5, by the downfall of the rising suicide is not the answer

27th October 2004:
that's different but i dont get why its called suicide is not the answer, thats a moral but you should add it in the song fic, well thats just my opinion -Valerie

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Review #6, by Bratoid suicide is not the answer

13th July 2003:
so sad *tear* I liked it though. Keep up writing your other stories too!Thanks for reviewing mine!

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Review #7, by SilverMirror suicide is not the answer

1st June 2003:
Short, but good.

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Review #8, by erika suicide is not the answer

31st May 2003:
gees, what a depressing story. but HEY! thats a REALLY awesome song, so your story kicks some major boot-ay!

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Review #9, by Rose suicide is not the answer

28th May 2003:
very quick....but good.

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