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Review #1, by thegirllikeme The Letter

23rd May 2007:
Neville/Ginny! Neville/Ginny! Neville/Ginny!

As you can see, I love this pairing and, when I saw the banner, I was hoping it would be a Neville/Ginny fic! This was really cute and really sweet. Thanks so much for making my day!

Author's Response: yur welcome!!! i luv them too, so cute!!!!

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Review #2, by Narcissa48 The Letter

25th February 2007:

Author's Response: Thanx!!

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Review #3, by thegoldentrio07 The Letter

28th November 2005:
I love it! It's so happy and said at the same time! Awesome!

Author's Response: Lol, thanx!

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Review #4, by padme_alejandra The Letter

19th November 2005:
awww! This was mucho cute :) I like it, even though I don't ship Neville/Ginny. I'm one of those hated Ginny/Harry shippers =D But I'm with them 500%! :P (oh, and I'm italian_bella on Dark Art ^.^ Thanks for credting me!)

Author's Response: oh, hey! Yeah, I'm actually a Luna/Neville shipper as you could see if you read It Hurts... I HATE Harry/Ginny, but to each his or HER own. You're welcome! I love the banner!

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Review #5, by CarlaBlomst The Letter

18th November 2005:
Naw, how cute and sad...=)

Author's Response: I kno! Lol

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Review #6, by TeenTypist The Letter

16th October 2005:
Aww. Adorable. Very nice. I'm a big Ginny/Neville fan and it's hard to find anyone else whois these days. Silly Harry/Ginny shippers stomping around all over the place... Ah, anyway, fantasticalness!

Author's Response: I kno what you mean. I hate harry/ginny, though i cant say i'm a neville/ginny shipper. I personaly like Draco/Ginny, but ginny worked best in this fic! Anywho, thanx!

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Review #7, by Anne The Letter

14th October 2005:
Good Story

Author's Response: thanx

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Review #8, by jack23 The Letter

6th October 2005:
Oh I see. Sorry. (Oops!) It's great. Keep it up.

Author's Response: lol, thanx!

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Review #9, by jack23 The Letter

5th October 2005:
I'm sorry. It was a very great story, i'm not trying to insult you or your one-shot. One-shots rule. I meant that neville's parents died in your fic, and in the book his parents are hospitalized in St. Mungo's. Sorry for the trouble. Didn't mean to.

Author's Response: Did you read it? Yea, they were in St. Mungo's when they died! Geeze.

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Review #10, by jack23 The Letter

29th September 2005:
I thought it was great. Write more about their relationship, I'm looking forward to it. But Medina is a warlock? Strange, but possible, I guess. Also, this is interesting because Neville's parents died, not in St. Mungo's.

Author's Response: Okay, well, most of that didn't make sense: 1. Well, I would love to write more about their relationship, but it's a one shot, so that was the end. 2. Well, I guess Medina can be a worlock if she wants. 3.I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'Also, this is interesting because Neville's parents died, not in St. Mungo's'.

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Review #11, by Harry4Ever The Letter

21st September 2005:
Aww! I really liked this...a happy ending to a sad beginning. You had to figure someone died with the way he was crying. Brilliant job. If you get the chance, I'd appreciate a comment or two on my fics...thankies! -------Harry4Ever =)

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I see if i can look!!

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Review #12, by ivory354 The Letter

9th September 2005:
i don't know what but everytime i read a certain story, i tend to cry...I LOVE YOUR STORY!!! if a story makes me cry because of saddness or happyness then that means you wrote a good story... keep up the good work...

Author's Response: Aww, thanx!!!

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Review #13, by DarklordMichael The Letter

8th September 2005:
Good short story, I liked it.

Author's Response: thanx!

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Review #14, by sour_grapes The Letter

8th September 2005:
awww, that was sweet, it's quite well written also, but slightly on the short side.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I know it was short but I thought that was a good place to end it.

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