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Reading Reviews for Harry Potter and The Dark Lord
13 Reviews Found

Review #1, by icecruncher  Training Begins

7th September 2006:
This story is really great. This is a different spinoff than the others I have read and it is very, very interesting. I hope you will post the next chapter soon.

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Review #2, by DUMBELDAVE Mazes within Mazes

25th January 2006:
Excellent chapter, Definetly cant wait to read more. Dumbeldave

Author's Response: Interestingly enough I have enough words (about 1500) to post another chapter. However If I can tie it into another block that I've all ready written... We'll see... T.R. Shepard

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Review #3, by DUMBELDAVE  Hiding out at the New Pad

22nd December 2005:
This was an OUTSTANDING CHAPTER ! Bloody Brilliant ! Dave

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. It may be a bit before I post the next one. If so please be patient. T R Shepard

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Review #4, by DUMBELDAVE Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

5th December 2005:
Bella doing the deed for Dudders..... come on . . . . DD

Author's Response: I don't really think about what I'm gonna right until i'm typing it. Then again I still may just kill him. Remember one thing though, She is performing her duties for the Dark Lord and for him she will do anything. T R Shepard

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Review #5, by DUMBELDAVE Supplies and Surprises

5th December 2005:
Oy Vey, this cant be good ! DD

Author's Response: We'll just have to see where my muse sends me...

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Review #6, by DUMBELDAVE Muggle Revelations

5th December 2005:
Dudders has always STUNK ! DD

Author's Response: That's true he has. It should be interesting, I may kill him off yet.

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Review #7, by [blank] The Beginning of a Plan

22nd November 2005:

Author's Response: Err. I mean Hermione?

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Review #8, by Auror1991 Muggle Revelations

22nd November 2005:
hurry up with the next few chapters please.

Author's Response: I'm glad you have enjoyed the story so far. I just posted another couple of chapters. T R Shepard

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Review #9, by DUMBELDAVE The Beginning of a Plan

17th November 2005:
Interesing chapter, I like the direction this is going, but several large spelling issues. Harmonie is actually Hermione Voldamort is Voldemort. Dumbeldave

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out, I will try to be more carefull in the future chapters. Perhaps I will try to find someone to read it ahead of time for me, as spelling was never my strong suite. T. R. Shepard

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Review #10, by DUMBELDAVE An Unspoken Promise

27th October 2005:
This was an OUTSTANDING chapter !, a bit short but brilliant ! DD

Author's Response: I've just posted the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it just as much.

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Review #11, by DUMBELDAVE  At the Burrow

27th October 2005:
Hello ! sorry it took me awhile to read the new chapters but i have been under the weather for a bit , but i am back now ! Good chapter, I look forward to reading more ! DD

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. It's been awhile since I have posted. Actually your reviews prompted me to add to the story...

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Review #12, by DUMBELDAVE Private Drive for the Last Time

11th September 2005:
Ok kind of weird having anotherone of his kind there and dating Dudders too ! Good chapter DD

Author's Response: If I stay true to my original story line, which I admit can change. Then this will tie in to the story later on. Well see...Thank you for the review. T.R.Shepard

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Review #13, by DUMBELDAVE Muggle Ministry Plotting

9th September 2005:
A very interesting first chapter . . I look forward to reading more. Dumbeldave

Author's Response: The second chapter is now up and I am working on the third right now. Let me know what you think of the second chapter and I will always take idea's for up coming chapters... T.R.Shepard

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