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Review #1, by Kyrra chapter 9

27th April 2007:
Wow you really rushed it in this last chapter. I enjoyed this story, but your other story that is the sequel isn't it?? so how are they alive?? it was still a good story though! :D

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Review #2, by JimJams chapter 9

7th August 2006:
Your story had me hooked. Although i didn't really like the switching between POVs but hey it's your story. I think it had a ad but what i think rushed ending. i hope i don't sound too harsh cause i really like youu story.

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Review #3, by JessicaBlack chapter 9

3rd July 2006:
WoW! I Loved it even though i cried like a million times when i read it! (yeah i know i'm a cry baby) well it was really good! and your an awesome writer!

Author's Response: no worries I cry alot when I read stories and my mom sees and gets all worried lol. thankyou so much!

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Review #4, by bari1365 chapter one

23rd June 2006:
very nice, I like it

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #5, by Deirdre Green chapter 9

17th June 2006:
Hmm...well the puncuation really bugged me. It was a good story otherwise but the writing was a bit childish. Keep writing, though!

Author's Response: alright I will try and improve it as best I can. L.As not exactly my best subject.

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Review #6, by jem chapter one

11th June 2006:
well first of all James was made head boy. 2end of all you said alice had hazle eyes and then you said she had baby blue eyes. But it is baby blue eyes. Otherwise really good begining.

Author's Response: opps thanks for pointing that out.

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Review #7, by TalonsRoxann chapter one

8th June 2006:
Hello. I like the story so far, but you aren't doing so well with your capitalization. Also, you keep doing run on sentances. Goodbye!

Author's Response: thanks so much I will try and fix it

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Review #8, by DrPepperchik Chapter 3

13th May 2006:
awww!!! cute!!!

Author's Response: I hope you like it

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Review #9, by DrPepperchik chapter 2

13th May 2006:
.... interesting...
i like it tho!!!!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #10, by drpepperchik chapter one

13th May 2006:
awww!!! i love it!!!
its really good so far!!!!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #11, by unknown chapter 9

2nd May 2006:
ahhhhhhhhhhhh! why did you have to kill liv and megan? couldn't you have come up with another way for them to separate from remus and sirius? like couldn't they just like move to australia? i really liked your story. sorry about the yelling. i just get attached to characters. really good writing.

Author's Response: I am writing a story where they live and JAmes destroys voldemort at the wedding if you want so far its cute it won't be posted for about 2 more weeks but its a kind of what if story

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Review #12, by dakota_xox chapter 9

14th March 2006:
ya they are yay im waiting for my second chapter the next one im going to have the transfers its going to be excting.

Author's Response: i hope it hurrys cause ur story makes me laugh alot

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Review #13, by dakota_xox chapter 7

4th March 2006:
fdfadfafa232132dsadasd das3z sda 2zgVFxjN8Wdsadad asdsadassssss#@!RDQERQWERDASDASDADDSADADDADSAD ahha im bored.i hope my story posts soon.

Author's Response: i hope so too its so funny

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Review #14, by qwrfqewrferferfq chapter 7

2nd March 2006:
(well maybe not all girls most though cough cough dk) ouch iim hurt truly hurt. lol

Author's Response: dakota u reveiw alot

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Review #15, by fsafafafas chapter 6

2nd March 2006:
“ Dakota she is in Hufflepuff she isn’t smart enough to be in Ravenclaw” said lily ( hahaha dk) ouch “ Come on Petey poo” Dakota purred, “ it will be fun!” she gave him a weird look that I think was supposed to seduce him. Dakota seemed nice and all and pretty but she seemed kind of spacey. You know like an airhead (think of the girl off legally blonde 2 she does a little cheer leading dance the brunette). OUCH I looked over at Peter and Dakota and immediately looked away. They were sticking their tongues down their throats it was disgusting.YOU SUCK! fKFJAFLAKHFLA IM ANGRY

Author's Response: o but its true lol jk dakota

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Review #16, by bnjhfjfvjhjvvvj chapter 5

2nd March 2006:
ommmgggg good job dude likkkke oh me geeee 'gently kiss him all over trying anything to take the pain away' dirty

Author's Response: no its not! dkaota ur so weird

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Review #17, by fasfafdfa chapter 4

2nd March 2006:
'found in by the one eyed witch statue I believe you know where that is James?”' too late to kill me HAHA

Author's Response: darn well thigns can change dakota

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Review #18, by gfsgsgfdsgh Chapter 3

2nd March 2006:
' Sirius and her friend Megan making out in front of the first years.' bad megan..slut! aha just kidding! megans the farest from it

Author's Response: ya megans the farthest thing from a slut

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Review #19, by fdhfrahfaf chapter 2

2nd March 2006:
"<<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoredING <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored" liv..bad language!

Author's Response: huh i did nothing dakota ur a crazy person

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Review #20, by j;sdjfafa chapter one

2nd March 2006:
i dont get it.. har har sound famileir? 'snort'

Author's Response: dakota ur weird

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Review #21, by Lily Evans_James Potter chapter 9

28th February 2006:
Great chappie!!! Update soon!!! ~*~Anna~*~

Author's Response: alright ill try

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Review #22, by skye chapter 8

16th January 2006:
it great!! please write more!!!PLEASE!!!!!! *skye*

Author's Response: alright

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Review #23, by Anna chapter 8

20th December 2005:
I forgot don't let anyone die!!!! Well NOt yet

Author's Response: i will keep that in mind thanks for the reveiw and Meryy christmas

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Review #24, by Anna chapter 8

20th December 2005:
Great story plz update soon.Well First have a Merry Christmas!!

Author's Response: thanks and merry chirstmas

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Review #25, by Anna chapter 7

15th December 2005:
PLzzz Update soon!!!!

Author's Response: alright i hope that u liked it

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