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Review #1, by Sara C. Wait...Siriusly?

4th March 2009:
I hope you will update this story. I want to know how it ends. It is really good and it seem like you are just about done with it.

Author's Response: gosh, i'm so sorry. But i really have abandoned with story. ANd it really is a shame because i really was clsoe to finishing too. In fact i still have some of teh next chapter i started from almost two years ago. Maybe one day i'll post the rest of it. I guess you'll just have wait and see.


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Review #2, by Bad_KittyWMS Wait...Siriusly?

11th December 2008:

Author's Response: I'm sorry. No i haven't abandoned, its just been on hiatus for a very long time. Too many things came up for me to work on it. I promise though, after seeing some concern for the story i will definitely be posting soon. Don't hate me?


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Review #3, by quidditch77 Wait...Siriusly?

15th October 2007:
I absoulutely adore this story and I hope you update soon..I and tons of others will be crushed if you abandon this.
You are such a great writer.

Author's Response: Ah, thanks so much, i really should update. I have like more than half a chapter done, but i've haven't written on it in such a long time. I refuse to abandon it, though. So don't worry. It just might take me a long time to getting around to finishing it. thanks for the compliment, and review! I'll go and try and right now to write more. :D

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Review #4, by felix the great The other side

5th September 2007:
u should listen to the song imaginary from Evanescence, i find it fits with this chap.

Author's Response: i shall think about it. I don't know many songs from that band, only two. Anyways, thanks for these reviews! i love reviewers who review for different chapters when they're already validated! Yeah! you made me happy! Now i have the three hundred review mark! whoa! thanks!

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Review #5, by felix the great Lily and a bit of Quidditch...

5th September 2007:
thats plain evil, really. had a good laugh with that one!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you. I love the laughs! :D wow, this story is so old, i've forgotten so much about what happens! ;D thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Angel_Potter Wait...Siriusly?

3rd July 2007:
Please update i haven't been on in forever and you still haven't updated pleasee. Thank you

Author's Response: erm......*guilty smile*....ah.....crazy......five million writer's block.....can't.....talk...straight...ahh! alright so...i'm a bit behind. Well that's a bit of an understatement. i'll...err...try? yes. that's it...i'll try. hmm...well the support it always appreciated. and i apologize to for this long....LONG....hiatus, if that's what you want to call it. please don't hate me. *guilty smile again* tata. :D

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Review #7, by kewl kt Wait...Siriusly?

9th June 2007:
haha excellent chapter plz continue to add on too this delightful story.

Author's Response: ooooooh, bad news. Haven't written on it in....over a year. i do have eight chapters of the next chapter but i can't seem to finish. Maybe over the summer i finally will push myself. Well thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by kewl kt Letters

8th June 2007:
haha omg loved this chapter.

Author's Response: very good indeed. :D thank you!

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Review #9, by orangesherbert Wait...Siriusly?

15th May 2007:
please finish. that was such a good story. it is so well written, and excellent plot-wise. so, PLEASE FINISH!

Author's Response: ha ha ha, i know. and i really am sorry. i'll finish....eventually....um...yeah, i just seem to have lost touch with my muse. lol. I've been stuck on the last chapter for months, but you're encouragment is very nice. I'm planning on posting it sometime this summer when i have more time. :D see you then.

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Review #10, by SaveGinny Wait...Siriusly?

25th April 2007:
We've been waiting for like 76859430 years!!! Well, almost!

Is there a chapter coming?

(Yes, yes, I copied and pasted this review for all of my fav stories- but until you all update, no new ones for you!)

Author's Response: ooooh, yes. I have a chapter. and month by month i've added like....a paragraph. i can't seem to get through it. Alright, i promise you, i'll finish it! eventually..... ;D thanks for the reminder review. very appreciated anyways. alright, i'll hope to it. just after i finish my homework. (ugh. essays... *rolls eyes*)

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Review #11, by icegirl13 Wait...Siriusly?

8th March 2007:
I really like this story, alot. Your a good writer and put alot of twists into it, i can't wait for your next chapter. Just wanted to say goodwork

Author's Response: oh....if only i picked this story back up. sorry, i haven't added a chapter in oh....forever. Maybe i will though? If i suddenly get struck by a bolt of 'creativity' lightning. ;D

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Review #12, by Shnee closer than you think

9th December 2006:
i just thought you might want to know that i read a story a wee while ago with pretty much the same story except lily's name was Trapped and James was SilverStag or something. twasn't well written actually lol you might want to check it out cos it seems someone is copying your work!!

Author's Response: ha ha, that would be funny. Someone, copy off of me! Now that would be pathetic. No, i doubt they would, actually i have seen a lot of stories with similar plots, i swear to god though this one i came up on my own, people do get the same ideas sometimes, and other times they just plain like to use the same plot. But eh, whatever, this is just a fanfic and the only time i would really care is if they were plagarizing word for word. (which i still don't understand why they would...?) well thank you for letting me know anyways! I appreciate it very much, maybe i'll go look into it, just in case. :D thanks again!

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Review #13, by SexySuitcase closer than you think

12th November 2006:
Hey! ok, so I haven't officially started reading it yet...but I am really excited about this story! In fact, I've already fallen in love with it from the summary! I shall recommend it to my friend who is in love with all things James and Lily! But, at the moment, I am deadd...DEAD tired from work and I have to get up and do it all tomorrow...Ok, you really don't wanna hear about my problems. Btw, I am SO flattered that you called me your muse ^_^!! I really really hope tomorrow I get around to reading this story tomorrow because I know I'll be anxious to read it! Anyway, Chapter 24 of Educating Neely will be up shortly...probably around Thanksgiving...(unless you aren't American and then that would be the 23rd) ^_^ Au Revoir!!!


Author's Response: haha, you make me laugh, Sam. - in a good way of course. Alright, so i haven't updated this story in soooooooooo long, i've been stuck for...oh i don't know....like five months. horrid i know, but i'm in the biggest stump ever and it just boggles me. lol. I read your last chapter (and i think you'll be happy with my review, ;D) and it was phenominal (sp?) ! Anywho, i by the time you read this i've no idea if you read any of it but let me warn you, i really go nuts when it comes to drama, in my newer stories i'm going to try and make sound not so much like a soap opera. lol. To tell you the truth, this story kind of embarrasses me at times just cause of all the insane, nutso, abrupt and totally randomn plot twists- some in which totatlly drop from nowhere....But hey, don't expect greatness here, but yeah whatever. I can't wait to here what you think, oh-great-one. *giggles* wow, when it's this late at night i get to silly and stupid, it's that midnight rush you know? I really do tend to babble, supposing you even read this, cause not everyone does read this author's responses to reader's reviews to in that case it would be like i was talking to no one so...Alright enough, i must sleep. All i can say is that i thought my heart would jump into my eyeballs when i saw you make a comment! I'm so excited! Well, i'll see later, (hopefully you'll see me in another review *wink, wink*) and btw- i am american, lol and am very angry i didn't realize til today that your last chapter was posted!) Adieu!

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Review #14, by StarrGirl08 Memory

25th October 2006:
James, now you be good now. Don't ruin a possible friendship with her. I really liked this chapter. All of his arguments were so funny, and the nurses reaction to every one of them. Loved it!!

~Tabby the Kat

Author's Response: :D all i can do is smile when i read your reviews!

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Review #15, by StarrGirl08 The whomping willow

25th October 2006:
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LLLLL-IIIII-LLLLL-YYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DIE!!!!! NOT CHASING REMUS AND JAMES!!!!!!! Oh wait, you just said that she's not dead. *Sneaks off really embaressed to read the next chapter*

~Tabby the Kat

Author's Response: lol, okay so i got sooooooooooooooooooo carried away with that chapter and that's what happened, i mean i've never really written anything really really sad, so i was like eh, what the heck. you'll see next chapter. Lol

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Review #16, by Sarah Belle Lily's mistake and Remus's betryal

23rd October 2006:
I really like your story. I've been enjoying it so much that I haven't really left a review cause basically they'd all say the same. Great chapter, intriguing plot, stuff like that. I've just noticed in this chapter that Remus is out of character. I know that he likes Lily but Remus's loyalty to James just seems like he wouldn't do half the stuff in this chapter. Just thought that I'd mention that.

Author's Response: it's okay, im glad you mentioned it. I can you see your point, for me, i don't know. every one always depicted remus as good and kind and how he would never pick on anyone. But how do we really know? And even if he was, can't be bad sometiems? every one has a darker side, but i totally understand, and i may have gotten carried away with his behavior, lol, i'll have to watch that next time. :D thank you!

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Review #17, by StarrGirl08 Lily's mistake and Remus's betryal

23rd October 2006:
Oh no Remus you bad boy!!! You did not just steal Lily from James!!!! The best couple in the Harry Potter universe!!!! But this will make this story so very interesting!
~Tabby the Kat

Author's Response: lol, ah yes well remus needs a darker side i think, every one makes him so goody two shoes, but all that repression must build up eventually, i mean come on! lol, thank you some more for these lovely reviews! they make me so happy!

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Review #18, by StarrGirl08 Letters

23rd October 2006:
Oh my gosh!! This IS dream isn't it? Or is Lily just dream talking? I would leave a longer review but I have to go find out what happens in the next chapter.
~Tabby the Kat

Author's Response: lol, i've felt that way before. :D

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Review #19, by StarrGirl08 The warning

23rd October 2006:
Oh James don't be a bad boy! Onto chapter 4!
~Tabby the Kat

Author's Response: well i don't know, temptation is hard to resists. lol

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Review #20, by StarrGirl08 Lily and a bit of Quidditch...

23rd October 2006:
Lovely chapter!!! I loved seeing the deeper, more sensitive side of the great James Potter. And the way that he reverted back to his lighter, teenage boy side was totally real. Going to go read about the accident aftermath!!
~Tabby the Kat

Author's Response: lol, thankies. :D I'm happy you think so, i always felt someone should give a more deeper side to james, some people make him so static that frankly it's annoying, but i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #21, by xybolic Wait...Siriusly?

23rd October 2006:
ah, my beloved Sirius... always knew he was a pig but not literally....lol.

Author's Response: ;D well, it had to happen some day, and i felt like so voila! pig sirius, well it was amusing to me at least. :D

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Review #22, by xybolic Because

23rd October 2006:
I love you! and you know why? Well... because.

Author's Response: lol, nice

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Review #23, by StarrGirl08 closer than you think

16th October 2006:
Great chapter!! I think that this is such an original story idea and I wish that I could keep reading and reading!!! It usually takes me alot longer of surfing on the site to find a story I enjoy this much!
~Tabby the Kat

Author's Response: ah, you made me smile! thanks so much! that's a real compliment!

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Review #24, by black_beauty Wait...Siriusly?

4th October 2006:
kool i laufhed for ages plz hurry up with vthe next chapter this one was purrfect! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: oh dear, yeah i should get going on that, *runs and hides* well i'm glad you liked though. And now you've inspired me, i think i will truly finish it now. *ponders* :D

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Review #25, by Natalia_ Wait...Siriusly?

15th September 2006:
Great story! -hands you virtual trophey- You really need to update soon, 'kay? -nods- =D Awesome. Can't wait to find out how it ends!

Author's Response: oh god. It's been so long....but i'll finish....eventually...erm. don't kill me! *runs and hides* ;D

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