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15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Bouncing Rat The meeting

24th September 2005:
This is a style of story that I like a lot lot lot. Very good.

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Review #2, by what the hell The meeting

12th September 2005:
what the hell!? to short and not enough detail. too rushed. im not sure if you could do any worse

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Review #3, by Yahoo! The meeting

23rd September 2004:
Too short to be a chapter don't you think?

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Review #4, by Andrea The train

19th September 2004:
"OMG... is that you Hermionie?" What the hell is that? I'm sorry, but that is as far as I got. First of all that is not a chapter but a paragraph pretending to be a chapter. Make them longer. And seriously, what kind of writing is "OMG" a writer doesn't use that kind of writing when summiting a story. It's not appropiate.

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Review #5, by VoldemortsAssistant The meeting

16th September 2004:
Hate it, sorry, Draco doesnt just do that.

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Review #6, by waiparangi The FEAST

2nd August 2004:
these are not really that long but it's still o.k i still will read it

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Review #7, by katie The train

22nd March 2004:
dude, come on that was so friggin short

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Review #8, by Marz The meeting

29th February 2004:
Wierd... but, ilike it! write longer chapters and i luv thee slapping!!!

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Review #9, by fakeremi The meeting

28th September 2003:
....I liked it alot.....and even though details and specifications are nice, it was still good, though i also reccomend long chapters...keep writing though!

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Review #10, by Hannah The meeting

25th September 2003:
Please, please, please write more!!!Keep on writing ang i'll keep reading!!!!

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Review #11, by Hannah The FEAST

25th September 2003:
This chapter was even better than the last. You keep writing and I will keep reading!!!!

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Review #12, by Hannah The train

25th September 2003:
That's a really good start for the storie , I deffinately want to keep reading. Good on you!!!

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Review #13, by ladyspirit The meeting

25th September 2003:
normally i like 2 be all nice in reviews but there is nothing for it.. that kind of sucked. Now i have written some tragic fics in my time but what was that? Ok I only accept constructive critisizim so here's some: Write longer chapters, those wee short things are so annoying and try and give the story some depth, why would Hermione suddenly change? Why would Draco suddenly fall head over heels in love if he just layed eyes on her? Its a good enough plot but i just think you have to rethink a lot of the detail.

Author's Response: Hey, I'll try and write it better but its my first fan fic EVA...and everyone else likes it so maybe it just isn't your thang.

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Review #14, by lil'kitty-lover The meeting

24th September 2003:
great i've always wantto hear hermione smack draco.good story keep writing.

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Review #15, by sesshumaru The FEAST

15th September 2003:
would u countinue writing these they are really great.

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