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Review #1, by ginney potter mysterious explosions

11th February 2009:
that is not the best story and no offence pretty lame

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Review #2, by Snakegurl mysterious explosions

18th July 2003:
Interesting. Never seen a story like this. It is very well written. you had a couple mistakes but dont we all! Okay anyways enough babbling I hope you write another chapter soon. ~Snakegurl~ P.S. THanks for reviewing my story

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Review #3, by pinkgurlkm mysterious explosions

13th July 2003:
pretty good! keep writing please! did you like my story, To Walk in the Forbidden Forest? it\'s not done yet!

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Review #4, by bratoid mysterious explosions

2nd July 2003:
I like! Keep going

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Review #5, by sampotter mysterious explosions

30th June 2003:
cool story. but missmalfoy(i love calling you that, sorry) why is your name ginnymalfoy if you like writing fanfictions about ginny and harry being togetherr?

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Review #6, by ginnymalfoy mysterious explosions

30th June 2003:
because i like the sound of it

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Review #7, by ginny mysterious explosions

17th June 2003:
Good start,keep writing!

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Review #8, by pyro541 mysterious explosions

12th June 2003:
that was a good story jessica keep writing. see you in school jessie bear

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Review #9, by SilverMirror mysterious explosions

24th May 2003:
Interesting and unique start. However, I think Snape would have known right away that there was a way to help Malfoy, since it had to do with a potion and a spell, and not just a spell, he *is* a potions master after all... I look forward to reading more. :) PS. Could you please review my story? It\'s called unexpected fifth year. I\'d really appreciate it. Thanks.

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