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Review #1, by Noblevyne Till Everything Burns

25th January 2006:
Brillaint missing moment, you captured the horror and confusion of it perfectly.

Author's Response: oohh. hi there and thanks for the review!! *feels honored* i'm glad you enjoyed it, it was my first attempt on really scary angst confusion type stuff and it makes me happy to hear i managed that!

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Review #2, by elfbwillow Till Everything Burns

7th December 2005:
actually - i rephrase my last comment - you are better than JK (no offense to her as she is amazing too) but you are something different!

Author's Response: i wouldn't like to be like her anyways (no offense) i mean, i want to be my own kind of writer, not a copy of her. ^^ but i'm happy and very VERY flattered you feel this way about my work!! you are great! thank you very much!

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Review #3, by elfbwillow Till Everything Burns

7th December 2005:
wow such a descriptive piece of writing - so sad but so unbelievably brilliant - it was as though I was actually there and not just reading it. Are you sure you are not JK lol

Author's Response: my very first attempt on something reaally angsty (the last marauder was angsty, but not in this way). and what a compliment! wow!! ^^

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Review #4, by timeturner Till Everything Burns

27th November 2005:
For a first angst fic, this was amazing. The descriptions at the beginning were stunning. It felt a little off balance with the dialogue at the end whereas there hadn't been any for so long but it was a nice change to break up the story a bit. I liked the ending, very classic, as if adding a postop at the end of a news article. Very nice touch.

Author's Response: thank you! my first attempt to angst and i'm happy i did well ^^. and i always wanted to write a bad ending because normally i am able to read them and often i like them, but for myself i can't write them.^^ i'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #5, by Rebekka (can't sign in) Till Everything Burns

30th September 2005:
What a horribly sad ending. No hope for them, then? I liked this story, but it was a bit too graphic for me and I'm quite old, so nothing should bother me that much. :) I loved the way you told the story from a stranger's point of view. It was a welcomed changed. :) This was a very well described and honestly told story. I liked the middle part the most and especially the way you showed Sirius through the man's eyes. Um, angst doesn't always have to be so hopeless, actually the best angst is full of hope. Angst is just sadness, people fighting for their right to be happy. It's a wonderful story anyway and I truly think you have talent for writing. :) Good job.

Author's Response: ya, i was worrying they might not validate it, being as descirptive as it is, but they did. ^^ i know, normally my stories all end very light and good but i wanted it to end bad, so i had to put that thing in the end... it's my first attempt to angst, though, and i was quite happy with the way it turned out nonetheless... you are the most wonderful person in the world! truly!

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Review #6, by flames_of_fawkes Till Everything Burns

23rd September 2005:
Oh - my - God that was incredible. It was just so...evocative. I could really imagine myself there. Poor Sirius! I felt so awful for him. And the three who survived...sheesh...I think I'd rather not have survived after all...brilliant, brilliant story!

Author's Response: waaaaaaaah thank you thank you thank you!!!! oh my god i love you this was such a nice and wonderful and awesomely cool review!!! (can you see me talking really fast without breathing? ^^) ya... i was scared the story would end up to light so i thought it would be cool an realistic to show how thei lives were a complete mess... ^^ once again THANK YOU!

Author's Response: the only bad thing is that once a one-shot has vanished from the recently added page there's almost no people that read it. at least that's the way it is with my one shots ^^

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Review #7, by pathetic_pettigrew Till Everything Burns

2nd September 2005:
Very powerful - completely captures the hideous destruction of that day. I wonder if instead of altering their memories, if they had been counselled and given an explanation, helped to come to terms with what had happened, would the three muggles have ended up the way they did?

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing!!! and for liking it.. i don't think they ministry realized that the muggles recognized the greatness of what they had witnessed and after a terrorist attack the same thing could happen to a muggle. i think if they had NOT altered their memory the outcome for them would have been even worse, because they would have to cope with something that is so high over their own understanding even if they caught a glimps of it when the owls flew by, you know what i mean? yaaay... i got a review!! *dances wildly* ^^

Author's Response: you really think i did that well? i always struggle with dark stories because i tend to lighten them up suddenly... i'm not good with bad endings either... make me cry ^^ i am very thankful for your opinion! you completely boosted my self esteem right there!!

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