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Review #1, by fahu Dudleys date

12th December 2005:
wow!!! awesome!!!! ;)

Author's Response: Cool. thanx for the review! Much love~AMW

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Review #2, by lisa Dudleys date

6th December 2005:
really cut story. i liked it a lot. pretty funny at some

Author's Response: Hehehe, really? I haven't looked at that story in ages, maybe i shouyld re read it. lol. glad you liked it. thanx for the review! much love~AMW

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Review #3, by jack23 Losing contact

26th October 2005:
Don't delete it! In fact, would you write a sequel? puweeeease?

Author's Response: A sequel? How would I do that? I dont know what to write. Thats why I cut it off where I did....but maybe....I dunno....We'll see. I got a bit of an idea forming. okay, we will see. Thanx for reviewing! Much love~AMW

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Review #4, by jack23 Dudleys date

20th October 2005:
Seotatop, I loved it!!!!! Many grammatical errors, but awesome! But if you paired up Dudley and Hermione, which you didn't, I would've honestly thought it wouldn't have been worth reading. But since you didn't, it's cool! I think you should write a sequel in which Harry uses the following spells/charms/curses/hexes/jinxes: Levicorpus, Liberacorpus, Wingardium Leviosa, Incendio, Flipendo, Verdimillious, Aguamenti, and, of course, Muffliato. Some of Snape's spells, you know. Happy writing! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you. Wow, I'm surprised you decided to read this one out of all my fics. This was definately one of my worst. But I'm glad you liked it. I would NEVER actually pair up Dudley and Hermione, thats gross. Wouldn't work. Ew. Lol. About the spells, I dunno. I've written one story (Trick-or-Treat) that uses Levicorpus (but it's a James/Lily fic). Try reading some of my other fics, if you wnat, since this one was terrible. Oh, and btw, Flipendo isn't a real spell. They use it in the video game, but I've never seen it in the books. Or Verdimillious...haven't seen that one either. And Snape didn't make up Wingardium Leviosa. Lol, just thought I should point that out...but you did give me an idea for another fic...Lily/James...hmm...I could definitely make something work with one of Snapes spells. Also, if you are bored, check out spiffichicks (skrops) story and leave her a review! It would make her day! Happy writing to you too, good luck with your fics once you start writting them! Much love~AMW

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Review #5, by cassie Dudleys date

13th October 2005:
its a really goog story, i think u should have written more, but it was still very good

Author's Response: Thanx! I thought about maybe ending more, but I wanted this to be kind of a humorous mistake one story thing. lol. Thanx for the review! Much lvoe~AMW

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Review #6, by Meaghan Losing contact

18th September 2005:
Uhhhh...CIngrats on your first story...Ut was pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanx, but this wasnt my first story. thanx for the review tho! much love~amw

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Review #7, by AzkabansMostWanted Losing contact

5th September 2005:
I thought it would be fun to review my own story.YAY ME!

Author's Response: hahaha. I thought it would eb fun to reply to myself as well.! YAY ME! IM NOT WEIRD RHIANNA!!!!!!!!

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Review #8, by spiffichick Dudleys date

4th September 2005:
ok-mi question is answered from the last review. yay! i feel so happy! lolz-srry. and sorry this one really isnt that long but oh well. again-it was good and hopefully yu'll get more reviews than mi 2. but yea. much love (i kno i stole it form yu but its cute so i dont care that i did) but yea. lolz. again, much love *muah*

Author's Response: COPYRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love is soooo mine! actually some autor (nomikkin) says it, and i got it from her...or him. now the subject of your amazement is a Hey! that hurt! I hope i gets more reviews too. *cries* and it mwaha. so there. Much love.....*mutters about the stupid dumb blonde thats sitting next to me and poking me with a fan!*

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Review #9, by spiffichick Losing contact

4th September 2005:
its good. but i dont get something. it said in the part with hermione that harry had written ron and hermione that the first horcrux he would destroy alone and then ron and hermione could help with the rest--but later in rons part it says that he hasnt recieved ANYTHING from hermione or HARRY. sorry about the caps. it sounded like fun. but yea i dont get that tho. well-im off to the next chappie--lolz-im such a dork! but yu love me anyways rite?! i hope yu do. lolz. but yea-yay im yur first! yay me! lolz. sorry i had to say that. well-ima read yur second chappie now-hope yu get more reviews.

Author's Response: DORK!!!!!! You are such a nerd. and no, I dont love you! Mwahahaha! just kidding! I luuuuuuu you very much! You are just soooooo awesum. <3 hahah..a heart..haha. ok anyways..yea, well u found out about ur question in the second chapie. sharpies amaze u...gotta remember that. YAY! your my first! unlike last time.....Much love anyway! ^-^

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