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Review #1, by Charligirl Fights,Flirts,and Horses

30th January 2006:
cuuuuuuute i like it. And PLEASE conyinue, i read at the bottom of da 1st chapter you didnt know weather to contiue or not, SO PLEASE DOOOOOOOO! and i dnt no enuf bout da vixens 2 pick a faveroute

Author's Response: If i have time i will continue it

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Review #2, by aussie_princess_94 Fights,Flirts,and Horses

14th January 2006:
OMG! That was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!! I LoVeD the last line!! update soon plzzzzzzzzzzz x)

Author's Response: Yay that was my favorite part to

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Review #3, by aussie_princess_94 The Marauders Lair

14th January 2006:
1) I LOVE it! 2) Yes! and 3) There are to many to list! lol x)

Author's Response: I know what you mean thank you for reviewing

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Review #4, by aussie_princess_94 The Vixens Den

14th January 2006:
OMG! That was sooooooooooo good!! Since you've already continued this i'll tell you my fav character...umm...Simone! lol

Author's Response: I will

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Review #5, by ILoVRoN4EvA Fights,Flirts,and Horses

17th December 2005:
Your story is hilerious. It is so cool. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much i will promise!

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Review #6, by Ron's_gal The Vixens Den

26th November 2005:
1) of course u should continue, it's brillant 2)Clairissa has to be my favorite so far

Author's Response: Thank you for telling me i will be continueing

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Review #7, by romance lover The Marauders Lair

22nd October 2005:
1. no i dont like it i love it 2. yes 3. the sexy-potter-poo part.

Author's Response: Thanks i got scared for a sec when you said you didnt like it lol , Yea chapter 4 is 50 % done

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Review #8, by Ashley Fights,Flirts,and Horses

2nd October 2005:
Hey Great story so far keep it up and update soon Loved the last line BTW well that's all for now folks;)

Author's Response: Lol thanks i will update as soon as i can

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Review #9, by MZ-clare Fights,Flirts,and Horses

1st October 2005:
I am a big fan of you and your sisters stories. They ROL(rok out loud)! make them longer coz then i get to read more. lol. lovin it!

Author's Response: Ok im glad someone likes my stories as well as Kims

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Review #10, by Anon The Vixens Den

1st October 2005:
Oh my GOD. Who the heck made your banner?!?!? You should sue! Sirius looks DISGUSTING! Wow. Can you say stariods much?!

Author's Response: lol Your funny thats for reviewing I like my banner too !

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Review #11, by reviewer Fights,Flirts,and Horses

28th September 2005:
I LOVE your story!!! It's so good =) pls update ASAP!

Author's Response: I will as soon i have goten hooked on this harrypotter role play thing but im baaack

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Review #12, by Snuffles2386 Fights,Flirts,and Horses

22nd September 2005:
Really cute story. Some of my friends and I have realized that there are so many similarities between the Marauders and us that we've started calling each other Padfoot (me), Prongs, and Moony. And I'm always pulling Sirius/Serious puns. Don't believe me? I'm dead serious! -Siriusly Funny


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Review #13, by Ron_hermione aaf The Marauders Lair

19th September 2005:
Good job I'm enjoying it! Update soon! <3

Author's Response: Thanks CHAPTER 3 UP!!!!

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Review #14, by poodlesgotoodles The Vixens Den

16th September 2005:
yes i believe you should continue this fave vixen is the one who swears she is the most like me

Author's Response: Lol Who Clarissa? Cool i like her too Chapter 3 is in Limbo so you know

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Review #15, by Sam The Vixens Den

14th September 2005:
1. Definate.. Love it. 2. Clarissa

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing...I will update as soon as possible ....

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Review #16, by pRoNgSy The Marauders Lair

9th September 2005:
1) I did like it. 2) I thought it was amusing. 3) Remus made me laugh...wel that was probably brought on by James and Sirius, but.... 4) You don't use correct grammar all the time. As in you're no capitalizing the 'i's and stuff. and instead of saying or you say r. And, you're just basically using chatspeak. If you would like most people to continue reading then it would be better to use correct grammar. Otherwise, I liked it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing i saw all the mistakes but the reason i couldnt fix everything is because my computer dosnt let me sigh on only a few times a week which sucks i will fix the mistakes as soon as i update and my sister has to also !

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Review #17, by Katie The Marauders Lair

8th September 2005:
1)Yes its soo funny and cute an funny!!!! 2) Yes very funny lol 3)The cliches are sexy part!

Author's Response: Thanks lol cliches are sexy !

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Review #18, by amberg93 The Marauders Lair

7th September 2005:
1) Yes. 2) Yes. 3) The "im so hungry i could eat a cow" Line

Author's Response: I know i loved that line too ! I will continue lol Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by amberg93 The Vixens Den

7th September 2005:
1) Yes!!!! and 2) My favorite is Clarissa!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing and i will continue Clarissa is cool too!

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Review #20, by Natalie The Vixens Den

5th September 2005:
ummm.. i think you should continue the fic and my fav vixen is nelly!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing Nelly is sweet to!

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Review #21, by lilyemraldevans The Vixens Den

5th September 2005:
of coarse carry on this is such a good story!!!!!!!! I think all of them sound very cool i like lily of corase and simone!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Simone The Vixens Den

5th September 2005:
Hey Innocent i love this story its great realy funny hehe YOU should deffinely continue and my fav Vixen is...Nell and Clair its a tie! hehe

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing i am so sorry it took so long to respond my computer wasnt working again!

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Review #23, by allison The Vixens Den

2nd September 2005:
u should TOTALLY continue!! my fave vix as i will call them is Clarissa

Author's Response: Clarissa! Surprise Surprise Not many People go woth the wickedly clever CLARISSA DEVLIN i love saying her name , Thanx for Reviewing Chapter 2 is in Limbo!

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Review #24, by One_True_Slytherin The Vixens Den

1st September 2005:
I like it. Its really good!! I cant really decide on a favorite Vixen... hey... i dont know them that well...

Author's Response: True..True But hey when you think you know them enough tell me which is your fave! THANKS FOR REVIEWING chapter 2 in Limbo

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Review #25, by Aumbriette The Vixens Den

31st August 2005:
(not logged on) Cute, but you should really either reread it for grammar or find yourself a beta. My favorite vixen... I suppose Simone, as she is violent (lol) but I would like Nell if she weren't so... (cliche) predictable, which she seems. Continue on!

Author's Response: Lol Hey Cliche' are sexy ,,,,I know you dont get it just wait until the next chatper and you will get it trust me, I KNOW ABOUT THE GRAMMER STUFF I NEED A BETA

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