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Review #1, by Blandge The Notebook

31st August 2005:
very good update, wonder what happens with sirius and james.. :) update again soon

Author's Response: I'll update as soon as i can. I need to get a really good beta before I get my fourth chapter up.

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Review #2, by Blandge The Notebook

30th August 2005:
I'm not sure if making 3 reviews in a row is annoying or not, but i was just wondering LoL, how long do you plan for it to take to write 115 chapters? lol sounds like more than a year to me... LoL P.S. Maybe its better to discuss over emails? lol i dunno. update when you can :)

Author's Response: It's all right. Yes, the project will probably take about a year to complete but it's an interesting read and a long one. So at least you know that one story you like has more to come. :)

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Review #3, by Blandge The Notebook

29th August 2005:
Oh I forgot. When you update, drop me a line k? (oh btw dont worry about my e-mail, im not a psycho killer or anything lol)

Author's Response: I'll let you know and btw I'm pretty psyco myself. I mean, come one a 115 chaptered story? I must be nuts!

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Review #4, by Blandge The Notebook

29th August 2005:
Wow what the hell.. lol only one review? this fic is awsome! I'll definetely keep up! And did you say 115 chapters? LoL I love long fics. well anyway update soon.

Author's Response: I'm glad that I have at least one fan to start off with. I hope you can keep up with all 115 chapters! Stuff gets kind of deep in their fifth year.

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Review #5, by Nancy The Notebook

28th August 2005:
Good chapter, u have my approvel! lol. nice story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I have to warn all of my readers though that this is an epic... it will end up being close to 115 chapters as it spans all seven years of the marauders time at school.

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