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Reading Reviews for Surviving Sirius
23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by darthvengeful Mistletoe Wishes

20th October 2005:
What a chapter! So fluffy and lovely and.....sweet. Very good

Author's Response: Thanks, am almost done with the fic now... it is so hard to keep this going after HBP came out.

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Review #2, by wizardmugle Winter Wonderland

17th October 2005:
very good very good, ya thats just like luna

Author's Response: I know, very mysterious and all that. I loved this chapter thanks.

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Review #3, by darthvengeful Winter Wonderland

14th October 2005:
really good the pairings are all really good although i tend to side with the neville/luna ship but gem deserves someone like nevilee good work

Author's Response: I also happen to be a Neville/Luna shipper myself. I just decided to go with a twist here. Poor Neville never gets the girl.

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Review #4, by darthvengeful Love is Worth the Wait

14th October 2005:
wow didn't expect it to be neville good choice another good chapter here

Author's Response: Thanks, only one more left until a long wait is coming.

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Review #5, by darthvengeful Head Over Feet

13th October 2005:
Yay very good chapter I don't really get how Gem acted like that but i suppose we will find out who she loves i guess Ron probably but im wrong

Author's Response: Ron? What gives you that impression? She actually likes... almost gave it away there!

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Review #6, by darthvengeful The Greatest Loss of All

12th October 2005:
Excellent very well written and of course very glad that Harry is finally seeing sense with regards to Gem

Author's Response: Yep, the next chapters only get better. Plus Gem finds someone else... any guesses?

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Review #7, by darthvengeful Catfight

7th October 2005:
cool chapter i really like gem and ginny's fights they sure make me laugh

Author's Response: Gem and Hermione get really into it later on... it seems she can't get along with anyone :)

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Review #8, by darthvengeful Come Clean

7th October 2005:
verry good the story about james and lily was excellent i like this story keep up the good work and regular updates

Author's Response: I like the James and Lily story too, they are my favorite characers to write! I'm almost finished with the story actually I think I have only 2-3 more chapter to write after 14

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Review #9, by darthvengeful Dark Secrets

30th September 2005:
great story talk about a secret although i do think harry would have reacted differently

Author's Response: I wasn't sure how to make him react exactly... how would you react to news like that? Maybe shock?

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Review #10, by wizardmugle Dark Secrets

30th September 2005:
very good, very good

Author's Response: Thanks... I try my best

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Review #11, by funkenmunken Better this way

25th September 2005:
more please. don't like waiting when it's this good.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll go post it now!

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Review #12, by wizardmugle Better this way

18th September 2005:
FINALY someone gave malfoy whats he diserves, good story

Author's Response: I had a different version of this story where Malfoy and Ginny dated for a brief time period, but it didn't work very well. UGH!

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Review #13, by darthvengeful Better this way

18th September 2005:
this is a really good chapter glad malfoy got what he deserved and i loved colin fred and georges reactions too keep up the good work

Author's Response: Fred and George may be some of my favorite characters to write. You can give them extreme emotions and it works!

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Review #14, by darthvengeful Ginny's Mistake

12th September 2005:
good chapter im glad you explained that ginny was cursed or i would probably would have screamed at you for making her like that but it was well done update soon

Author's Response: Thanks! I had a lot of people screaming at me on my other website because they thought that Ginny was in love with him or something. I hope I cleared it up this time.

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Review #15, by wizardmugle First Attempt

9th September 2005:
if this wasn't an AU i would be very pissed, how could you have harry do that, but this is your story, an AU but still that was very selfish of him, i hope you don't kill him off, and where is the murder, harry almost, only almost died, that doesn't count, this isn't flame just an opionin

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but to ME Harry was a little OOC in HBP because he didn't seem to miss Sirius at all. I was surprised that he took it as well as he did. i mean, Harry has lost both his parents and the closest thing he has ever had to a father. I would be pretty depressed and possibly even suicidal myself. people are suicidal over smaller things than the death of someone they love. If you don't agree then you don't have to read my story, I'm not holding a gun to your head you know. I'm glad that everyone else seems to like it though... :)

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Review #16, by wizardmugle A Little Romance Never Hurt Anyone (Yet)

9th September 2005:
very good, again alittle slow, but starting to pick up the pace (sorry i'm impatient) i don't really like what your doing to ginny

Author's Response: I wrote this pre-HBP... do you not understand this?

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Review #17, by wizardmugle History Lesson

9th September 2005:
slow very slow in the beginning, i was very close to just stop reading and flame you, but it got better, hopefully the next chapter is better

Author's Response: If you want to flame me just do it, I'm not stopping you and you have your own opinion

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Review #18, by darthvengeful First Attempt

8th September 2005:
great chapter really shocking but i actually really enjoyed this it is developing very well and you are writing very well especially the emotions of the characters. update soon please

Author's Response: I'm just hoping that tension between Gem and Ginny feels real and not forced. Taht has always been my biggest concern.

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Review #19, by darthvengeful A Little Romance Never Hurt Anyone (Yet)

3rd September 2005:
good chapter this is definately heading towards a good story well done

Author's Response: Thanks you, it does get better though in my opinion. Some dark secrets come into play... :)

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Review #20, by darthvengeful History Lesson

2nd September 2005:
interesting like the direction its headed well done update soon

Author's Response: I'll try to update as soon as I can. the first thirteen chapters are already written all they need to do is be accepted.

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Review #21, by darthvengeful Familiar Stranger

2nd September 2005:
cool like it

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you continue to read it. :)

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Review #22, by KatieL History Lesson

1st September 2005:
good beginning chapters looking forward to seeing where you take this....good job and update soon

Author's Response: This story has a very different sort of feel to it than other sixth year fics. My character is a bit different. I guess we'll have to see what you guys think!

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Review #23, by EvilSmurfa Familiar Stranger

28th August 2005:

Author's Response: Is that good or bad? :P

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