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Review #1, by MarieC The Last Marauder

20th May 2006:
Oh God, that was soooo good! And the ending was so cute!!!!!! Remus/Tonks, *squee*!!! lol. Flissie, that was a brilliant story and I loved it :) Marie -xxx-

Author's Response: hehe, yaya, sure you like the R/T shippernes... *winks* ya, i was always really happy with this story and i am very very very glad that you liked it so much! woohoo!

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Review #2, by elfbwillow The Last Marauder

7th December 2005:
oh wow! that was so powerfully written - so emotional and descriptive. You are an amazing writer!

Author's Response: eeeeeeeeekk *faints from being so happy* i've tried to make it very emotional, because you never see remus being very emotional. ^^ thanks ONE AGAIN for reviewing!!! ^^

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Review #3, by padfoots girl 32 The Last Marauder

31st October 2005:
i love it. it rocked

Author's Response: thank you! i'm glad you liked it that much!! ^^

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Review #4, by DarkIsRising The Last Marauder

10th October 2005:
angst (angkst) n. A feeling of anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression. [German, from Middle High German angest, from Old High German angust. See angh-.] were basically right! /hides her dictionary\ Too bad I know like little German...I can say :D Hablo español sólo...pues íngles tambien... :) Hasta luego! ~DIR

Author's Response: er.... habla what? hable espanol NOT AT ALL! but french and latin... ^^ muaahaahaa i am so glad i could drop these two this year! (or from normal today german: angst - fear ^^)

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Review #5, by DarkIsRising The Last Marauder

9th October 2005:
Oooh...angsty thoughts there... but that always seems to fit poor Remus, doesn't it? "A Marauder did not give up." I liked that line. Sums up what Remus' life is about. He's had it rough. (Very apparent by your descriptions! Made me feel sad all over for the poor guy!) /cough\ Not that I have anything against Tonks...I'm glad they're together...but well....Hermione is so much better! :D I'll probably die still proclaiming that. Anyway thought I'd drop you a line on your Remus fic, since I live, eat and breath HG/RL! :D Wonderful and I'm always glad to hear from you! ~DIR

Author's Response: lol thanks a lot for reviewing!... to be honest i do not really know what angst means, it's the same word in german but means fear, so.... what exactly is angst? *is confused* ya.... i felt as i was writing this is canon with ootp and after readin hbp there should be dear tonksie comfoting him... though most of my stories are at least a little AU ^^ yoohooo for you dropping a line... or er... five? *can't count*

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Review #6, by jynx67 The Last Marauder

26th September 2005:
Very nice. You have a good insight into Remus. I like this very much.

Author's Response: thanks a lot. i didn't even know how remus was like, so i decided to go with what i though someone like him might do after such a situation. ^^

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Review #7, by flames_of_fawkes The Last Marauder

16th September 2005:
Ahh...I hadn't actually thought about how Lupin would have reacted when Sirius died, because when Harry sees him again in HBP he's coping remarkably well. Tonks is just what he needs! It's beautifully written and I love it! If you have time do you think you could possibly read my new story 'The End of a Riddle, The Birth of a King'? I'm not sure about it. Anyway...great stuff!

Author's Response: yaaaa.... remus is highly trained in hiding his feelings, and having tonks around probably helped him a lot to cope with it ^^ i have read about that story in the recently updated section, i will see to it as fast as i can ^^ thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #8, by L.B. The Last Marauder

5th September 2005:
oh my, that was beautifully sad. It was very captivating, and made me realise just how much pain Lupin went through.

Author's Response: waaaaaaah I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! thanks a lot for reviewing!! the only thing i seem to do with my darker stories is that i end them in a very light way, u know... i thought that would maybe be a downer for the story, but apparently people like it ^^ yay thanks again!!

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Review #9, by sauerkraut_poet The Last Marauder

26th August 2005:
Beautiful, beautiful writing. I love it!

Author's Response: woah thanks.... i don't really know what to say now... hihi *blushes* that must be the awesomest review anyone can get ^^ (yay for my wonderful english ^^) thank u so much for reviewing!!!!!

Author's Response: oh yeah: awesome name btw!!! i'm german i like that ^^

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