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Review #1, by Kris The Dysfunctional Malfoy

22nd August 2005:
OMG i wub your story Brynn and i think that you should defenitaly start the second chapter because if you don't i will personaly see to it that you do lolz jk you know i luv ya. Have fun with this one and pwease don't erase it otay? update soon :) Kris =D

Author's Response: Haha. I'll try not to erase it. But sometimes I just get sick of the plot and have to find something more unique and interesting. And...out of the ordinary. Like..For instance..I hate the Harry/Ginny couplings in the Fics. But I love it in the actual books. Anyways, THANKS for the banner too. <3

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Review #2, by iwpotter The Dysfunctional Malfoy

22nd August 2005:
I'm confused. This story takes place after HBP and Harry is entering his 7th year of Hogwarts. Yet you wrote he destroyed all but 1 Horcrux and the wizarding world thinks Voldemort's dead from Harry and that Lucius Malfoy was killed by Harry as well. That can't be right though. Harry only destroyed 1 Horcrux and that's the diary. Dumbledore got 1 and R.A.B. got the other. The last Horcrux is in Voldemort himself. So he couldn't destroy 6 of them he would have to track down 4 and destroy Voldemort. In this amount of time it would be impossible. You have Malfoy in the Order, how did they track him down in the first place? When did Ron get muscular and popular with the ladies of hogwarts? Why isn't he dating Hermione? Why is Harry trying to get with somebody else when he's in love with Ginny but won't try out any relationships in fear of it leading to someone else he loves getting killed? This would be a great story if you can you clear these things up.

Author's Response: That is a VERY long review. (First of all kris says "its an effing fanfic story it doesnt have to be perfect") Now, im going to take a more polite route and I appreciate all of the comments you made. The Horcrux comment, was an accidental and thank you for pointing it out. I meant to write "only six were destroyed." All the Horcruxes don't have to be destroyed before Harry can attack Voldemort. Voldemort ISNT dead, yet. He's just like he was for around twelve years. Without a body. "In this amount of time it would be impossible." Not necessarily, he had a basic outline of everything he had to destroy. Later on in the story, im going to have sort of like flashbacks that explain how he got all the information he needed. Ron is a keeper so he is building up on muscle, I dont feel like making him date Hermione. It's my story :P Also, i dont feel like making Harry date Ginny. Just so you know if and when you continue to read my story. It's not going to be exactly how the books are going to continue. You're probably going to completely despise some of the pairings. But the point is, im doing this for fun, its just a hobby, something to do in my spare time. It probably isnt going to be anything like J.K Rowlings style of writing. I'm not Joanne Rowling. Everything else, should be cleared up in later chapters, like the Draco/order thing.

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