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Review #1, by PsychoKittySatan Can it get any Worse??

30th April 2008:
Loving this story! and ty 4 bringing James + Lily bck! yippie! well done so far! Kitty

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Review #2, by PsychoKittySatan The Mauraders

30th April 2008:
What is Bill dead? great story btw! Kitty

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Review #3, by Odence1 At the Burrow

30th December 2007:
Good job so far! Just a few errors here and there and the flow is a little off i think. then again i am no writer and you are doing a better job than i could. 8.5/10

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Review #4, by harmony_evermore Can it get any Worse??

9th December 2007:
great chapter =)
check out my story! you might like it.

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Review #5, by Ariana_Gryffindor Farewell To Privet Drive

6th December 2007:

I have heard that you review a lot of stories and i am looking for a little help in my writing. I was wondering if you could pretty please read and review some of my stories and tell me what is good and what needs work so that i can make future chapters better for everyone who reads them.

i would really appreciate it.

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Review #6, by ligerpanza Can it get any Worse??

6th October 2007:
Great chapter! That bloody Cow Rita I cant wait for the next chapter please hurry and UPDATE I need to read the conclusion how will Harry destroy the mirror and Tom or has the mirror already been destroyed - Why haven't the Muggles done anything the military should have fought Wizards are powerful yeah but so are Muggles I see to many stories that make out the Muggles' to be week and defenceless which they're not & I'm sorry to say that it bugs me quite a lot - Plus the Prime Minister knows about wizards' so I would have thought that he would have launched his forces the Death Eaters wouldn't have stood a chance, plus what about Wizards & Witches from other countries - Plus Muggles from other countries surely they would have noticed England being under attack and mobilized their forces like the U.S and other allies - It seems unrealistic for other countries to not interfere considering the fact that they would be next! Just thought I would tell it how I see it - I'll probably think of more when I've submitted this. *SHRUGS* still good story though. Update soon please.

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Review #7, by ligerpanza The Decision and The Challenge!!

6th October 2007:
I don't like the way your making Nev out to be so strong its seems overly OOC other than that great chapter!

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Review #8, by ligerpanza Back To The Real World

6th October 2007:
Interesting chapter I do enjoy when Voldemort kaks his bloomers occasionally, that is fun!

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Review #9, by ligerpanza The Prank That Never Was!

5th October 2007:
This chapter was very funny and I liked it a lot though I was greatly disappointed that you made Harry a Stag thats a stupid animal I was hoping for a Lion or Tiger or some cool animal not a crappy Stag that just ruined a perfect chapter and brought me down from my smiling high.

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Review #10, by ligerpanza Attack At Hogwarts

5th October 2007:
Hi great chapter though two complaint you keep putting of when you need to put off their two different words (Of=Ov) great story though thanks, their are also a few grammar mistakes (exp: missing words)

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Review #11, by ligerpanza One Down Three to Go

5th October 2007:
great chapter Ginnys' cool as always' the story seems a tad sappy but its still cool ;)

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Review #12, by ligerpanza Unexpected Discoveries

5th October 2007:
I like your story though it seems a bit corny in a few places but still great.

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Review #13, by 33hesta333 At the Burrow

27th September 2007:
luv it!!

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Review #14, by 33hesta333 Farewell To Privet Drive

27th September 2007:
10/10 x

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Review #15, by lyramoon Can it get any Worse??

26th September 2007:
I love this story! Great job with it! :)

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Review #16, by lyramoon Farewell To Privet Drive

15th September 2007:
this is great! you could probably add a little more imagery to your story, but it's wonderful :)

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Review #17, by Sandra Can it get any Worse??

21st August 2007:
Hi Darth, i'm happy tos ee you've updated it's been a while :) This chapter really had alot going on it it. I loved Voldemort and the Death Eaters, they really are evil! Of course I've always liked the Death Eaters; well except for one or two in Deathly Hallows.

I really hate Rita Skeeter. I hated her in Deathly Hallows and I hate her in this. I have to ask, is Umbridge going to be in this story as well? :P

Apart from a spelling mistakes, and abit of lack of description (of course my stories are just as bad, you're a much better writer than me), this was great. If you need any help, don't hesitate to pm me on the forums, i'll be more than happy to help you ;)

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Review #18, by maraudersmap Can it get any Worse??

19th August 2007:
This is SUCH a great story! And I don’t read much Hogwarts era or Harry/Ginny, so you should be proud! The ending of this chapter was just perfect... Anyway, please update soon? I can’t wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great comments, I am really glad you like, I am writing Chapter 17 as we speak so hopefully it will be soon!

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Review #19, by hanoverpretz01 Can it get any Worse??

18th August 2007:
awesome story.
i'd like to see a little more grief over Ron though, at least from the weasleys and hermione (and harry). he was their best friend/son/brother, and so they should be at least a little more sad. amybe something about avenging his death in the final battle.
great job, though

Author's Response: You are not the only one. Ron and his death will play a major part in the conclusion and you will see a lot more grief in the next few chapters

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Review #20, by pottyandweezlbe89 Can it get any Worse??

16th August 2007:
oh i love it.cant wait for the rest. please update ASAP 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, believe it or not I am in process of writing the next chapter so touch wood it won't be long.............

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Review #21, by Evans Harry's Disappointing Return

4th August 2007:
hello.?? i see you still haven't updated. please, please update. It's a lovely story and its a shame you haven't been writing any more chapters ...

Author's Response: Hi there, I am really trying but I have no ideas how to proceed following the release of DH. If anyone who still reads this like yourself Evans has any ideas inspiration or something that can help me complete this story I would kindly accept it as well as giving enormous credit to whoever does help. I would love to finish but I NEED HELP SO PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #22, by Paloma Patil Harry's Disappointing Return

31st July 2007:
Whoa - you did a good job of imagining what some of the darker themes of the DH would be. I think you need to keep writing - this was great.

Nice one!


Author's Response: Do you have any ideas about how I should proceed??

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Review #23, by Obsidian Butterfly Farewell To Privet Drive

28th July 2007:
very good begining!

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Review #24, by Nikki At the Burrow

27th July 2007:
Awesome, very original
do R and Hr get together in this fic?

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Review #25, by jkrofanatic14 Home At Last

15th June 2007:
This isn't some sort of trick is it?? This is my first time reading this. This would be a real mean trick if voldemort or someone was doing this to harry. good story though. I'm just gonna start ur next chapter. My opinion will probably change though.

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