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Review #1, by LovelyRabbit A Hope for Change

7th July 2010:
Wonderful one-shot, indeed!!!
loved it! :D

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Review #2, by Dracoistroubled A Hope for Change

30th September 2009:
That is so great! I really like it! It is a really good one-shot.

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Review #3, by kairoru A Hope for Change

21st October 2008:
I liked it, it was a good story LOL

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Review #4, by Charlotte&Clark A Hope for Change

24th April 2007:
This was so good! We can't wait for you to write more! We love you GoodbyeTrain!

Author's Response: :D ! LMAO. It was so funny because Clark told me before fourth, "We read some of your fanfiction in Gubbins!" Hahaha. Love you guys too (:

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Review #5, by stargazzer0906 A Hope for Change

2nd July 2006:
Shaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It's me Brenda/orliesbabe13....now known as... stargazzer0906 here on HPFF! Hehe, have I told you how much I LUV THIS STORY?! Hehe......and as I told you before I am VERY grateful that you dedicated this story to me! :] I LUV YOU, SHAI! I can't WAIT for you to update!! Hehe! :]]]

Author's Response: hey brenda !! yay for a new account! :D i'm so glad you like the story, that really means a lot. [: aw, it was nothing.

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Review #6, by ilovedracoandharry A Hope for Change

26th March 2006:
That was beautifully written and so sentimental. I loved the way the story flowed on and I thought that the dialogue was short but very sweet. This is definitely going on my favourite's list. Fantastic job!

Author's Response: thank you very much for your kind words :] yes, i thought it would be a change [for me] to cut down on the dialogue. lol. i'm so glad you liked it, and thank you! <3;

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Review #7, by emenem10 A Hope for Change

22nd February 2006:
Very short and cute! I love it! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: thanks! glad to hear.. er, read, you like it! :D that was an awkwardly worded sentence. LOL.

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Review #8, by Roxyboxin A Hope for Change

27th January 2006:
I liked it alot! I think you should make a background, stories and memories of their childhood. It was great!

Author's Response: thank you! this one is one of my favorites as well. [: i was actually thinking about that.. hm. maybe when i get some other stories done! ^_^ thank you so much!

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Review #9, by emeralds in ebony A Hope for Change

24th November 2005:
I...loved...this. Wow. Wonderful writing! Beautiful, indeed. ^_^ I enjoyed reading this.

Author's Response: :]] Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear [or read ;)] that you liked it! It's one of my favorites. :) Thanks for taking the time to review! <333.

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Review #10, by descendingdove A Hope for Change

17th November 2005:
<3 ed it! I've never been too much of a Draco fan... but I think you portray him in a way that is unique, yet easily believable.

Author's Response: Le weeet. :) that certainly makes me happy. You know, I'm not a fan of Draco anywhere but in the movies. lol. Thank you, though! I'm glad I'm being believable =] sweeeet. Thanks for taking the time to review! <333.

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Review #11, by Alannah A Hope for Change

3rd October 2005:
i loved it. nice choice of name for the character too ;)

Author's Response: Thank youuu <33 I'm really glad you liked it, this one is one of my favorites :) Dude... I LOVE your name. Heh. Thanks mucho for the review! <333.

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Review #12, by MH z Gu rl A Hope for Change

6th September 2005:
omg!! that is a major tear jerker....*tear* beautiful!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, thanks mucho for taking the time to read and review! <333

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Review #13, by Dancing_by_Magic A Hope for Change

31st August 2005:
Aww!!! Another to add to my Faves list!!! Oh...and you're now at 73...

Author's Response: Ahhh... muchas gracias! ^__^ Woot 73! hehe. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! <33

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Review #14, by Ghislaine Arsenault A Hope for Change

30th August 2005:
I liked it. I rarely read anything out of the Sirius or Remus genre (I know, what are you gonna do?) but I really enjoyed this. You're a good writer, and you paint a good picture.

Author's Response: Hola Ghis! Thanks for taking the time to read my humble one-shot. =] Heh, yeah, I would except no less from you! ^__^ I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the wonderful compliments! <333

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Review #15, by Dark Arts Mistress A Hope for Change

27th August 2005:
Oh, another brilliant fic from the awesome Shai!! ^^; I love this, the descriptions are so vivid, I could imagine everything! You definitely have talent (I think I have said this before, but ... *sighs*). If you have time, plz check out my fics? ^_^ Oh, and I wondered if you'd like to be an admin on my RPG with me? It would be an honour! <3 Sam

Author's Response: SAM SAM SAM SAM! *bounces* Yay! lol. I'm soo glad you took the time to read this. :] And I'm glad you liked it. Thank ewe! ^^; I shall certainly check out your fics a.s.a.humanly.p Wooo... me an admin? I would be honored to be one! ^___^ Thanks for the WONDERFUL review!! <333

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Review #16, by Ebony A Hope for Change

27th August 2005:
And yet again, another awesome one-shot! Keep 'em coming, my favorite author of fan fiction for Harry Potter (And don't worry, I made that up in about four seconds so that's why it sounds so odd) I'll think up of something that sounds a bit more catchy. :-) You deserve a title-name-thing. And I'm logged in! Finally. lol You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: ^________^ Am I really your favorite? THANK YOU!!! <3333 lol. That really means so much to me, thank you. Thanks for reading every single story I put out and thank you for always reviewing. Thanks for sticking with me for so long. Thanks for everything! :] Woo, you're logged in! :D No, man, YOU ROCK. Thanks for the all the wonderful reviews!! <333

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Review #17, by dreamgazer220 A Hope for Change

23rd August 2005:
*applauds* Another brilliant one-shot, Shai. Ahh... I loved it. Looking forward to more, and definitely looking forward to chapter 14 of Truth. =D Great job, once again.

Author's Response: *bows* Thank you kindly, Jill! :D I'm glad you liked this one, it was my favorite of all the one-shots ^^; Wooo... chapter 14... hehe. ;) Thanks so much for the wonderful review! <333

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Review #18, by orliesbabe13 A Hope for Change

22nd August 2005:
HeHe, I read it again......once again it was totally AWESOME! So yeah....um, I was thinking 'why did he go away for 7 yrs.' Then I thought 'she could do a prequel to explain why.' You don't have to its just a suggestion....I could help you write it...you would just have to e-mail me or I could e-mail you, either way works; that is if you want to. So yeah, just tell me...ok? :] Oh, by the way the Ron/Hermione banners you have on your page are sooo CUTE and FUNNY! RON AND HERMIONE 4 EVA! TE AMO! ~Brenda~

Author's Response: LOL! I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for reading it again! You know, I was totally thinking about making a prequel to this story too! lol. I'd be glad to have you help write it. I'll send you an e-mail about it, and see if you have any ideas. ;) I looove the Ron/Hermione icons! lol. They're a-da bomb. RON/HERMIONE FOREVAA! ^__^ Te quiero mucho Brenda! Thanks for the review! <33

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Review #19, by SpookyT A Hope for Change

21st August 2005:
Wow! Short...but wow!

Author's Response: ^_____^ Thanks so much. Hmm... was it really short? I thought it was longer than my usual one-shots... hmm.... Anyhoo! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! ;) Means the world <33

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Review #20, by Kendra A Hope for Change

21st August 2005:
Ok, sorry. Didnt realize it was a one shot lol. Still good. And it turned out good lol.

Author's Response: lol. You don't have to apologize! ^.~ That's totally ok. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for both reviews! <33

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Review #21, by Kendra A Hope for Change

21st August 2005:
Ooh! I loved it. Really good. At least he came back to her. Thats a good thing. It sounds like a really nice love story. Hope it turns out good.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it! ^^; I'm actually thinking about doing a prequel if this one goes well... hmm... Thanks so much for the review! <33

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Review #22, by silver phoenix A Hope for Change

20th August 2005:
*sighs* Beautiful... <3

Author's Response: Thank you, mon amor. *bows* <33

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Review #23, by Wierd_Sisters A Hope for Change

20th August 2005:

I loved the way she handled Draco, *glares at him* But why did he leave in the first place? I must ponder this....*walks off pondering*

AND IT WASVALIDATED IN RECORD TIME! *grooves with mods* *is hyper from eating my last chocolate bar in the 10pack and eating 3 cups of jello* ~Falke Ish-Man

Author's Response: Thanks! What word are you talking about? O__o Nutter.

Yes, nothing like getting your head bitten off by a girl! ^____^ Yes, yes, why did he leave in the first place? Hmm...

YES! HURRAY FOR THE MODS! *bounces* Ahh...I see... chocolate... and jello?! Tsk tsk, Falke. Tsk. Tsk. :P ~Schlange Ish-Man

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Review #24, by orliesbabe13 A Hope for Change

20th August 2005:
HeHe, its me again I just wanted to say......YOU ROCK SHAI, I LOVE YOU!

Author's Response: No, YOU ROCK BRENDA! I LOVE YOU TOO! :D Thanks for the review! <33

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Review #25, by orliesbabe13 A Hope for Change

20th August 2005:
I LOVEE IT! It was BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, DARK (the good kind of dark) and all that JAZZ! Alanna's speech to Draco was soo Heart-Wrenching....that I felt like I was Alanna telling him that and I cried! The banner is BEAUTIFUL, I LoVeD It! THANK YOU, SOOO MUCH FOR DEDICATING THIS WONDERFUL STORY TO ME! TE AMO...I LOVE YOU! ~Brenda~

Author's Response: YAY! I'm so glad YOU like it, since it was dedicated to you! Thanks for all the compliments, this one was my favorite one-shot so far. ^_^ Yeah, I was going for something different, and besides... It's Draco! :P Aw, you cried? Wow! Isn't the banner wonderful? :] I love it too. You're VERY welcome, you deserve it! Te quiero mucho mucho Brenda! Thanks for the review! <333

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