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Review #1, by Nate Sting of the Past

20th August 2011:
Really Good! Please Update! I Love The Relationship Development Between Harry And Hermiome!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #2, by HPkitty Sting of the Past

24th May 2011:
Yay! Nice ending to the chappie!
I rlly like this fic, Ali is nice and original (well, she is an oc)!
Great job - keep the updates coming!

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you for the review! I love Ali too, but then again I did make her up haha :D

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Review #3, by sinwillys822 Sting of the Past

7th May 2011:
that was good what ali did with cho, cant wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks! I can't wait for you to read it!

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Review #4, by DJjazzyCarlton Sting of the Past

27th March 2011:
Is it any surprise that I loved this chapter just as much as the others?? Seriously, Kriss, I adored it!!! For a while there I really thought Ali might slug Cho! But, being Ali, she was the bigger person and figured out what Cho was so moody and evil about (what with her trying to take out Harry and then giving Hermione and Ali the extreme death stare). Which was very nice and polite of her! And, aw, it was about poor, poor Cedric! Sad, but I simply adore the range of emotions you're able to capture in a single chapter! I also really liked the cute moment between Harry and Hermione. I love your portrayal of them as a potential couple! Haha and then Ali brings out the camera to make the moment even more adorable! And I still think that the interaction between Ron and Ali is really sweet too. Oooh I cannot wait to see the next chapter which I'm certain is accurately named: I can't wait to see what 'holiday surprises' everyone's in store for. ;) Update soon, please!!!


Author's Response: Jazzi, my all time favorite mucker! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I know, right? Cho can be such a beezy! But like everything else in life (global warmings, the Titanic sinking, guys wearing too tight shirts, etc.), Cho's beezy-ness is all Voldemort's fault. Oh funny story, my computer wants it to say "democrat's fault". Dude, my computer is a republican :3 Awkward. Well anyways, you are simply too sweet for words and your reviews always put a smile on my face! Love you oodles & I will try my hardest to update soon!



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Review #5, by Chloe Sting of the Past

23rd March 2011:
I started reading your chapters a few days ago. I am very interested in it. I appreciate the long chapters, but if that is what is keeping you from updating so long. Perhaps you could try writing half one chapter one week, then the end of the chapter the next. then post it. so it would be like every 2 weeks. JUST AN IDEA.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you're liking the story. Great idea, but I am such a spazz, I'd probably try and epically fail. I'll try it though, just to see how it goes. I mean I have the whole story & the next two stories in this trilogy planned out. The massive problem is finding the time with school, family, work and friends to put hands to keyboard and actually write out the stories. Hopefully with summer on the way, I can pop out a whole mess of chapters to keep you and the rest of lovely readers entertained. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Eric_S Sting of the Past

23rd March 2011:
Nice chapter although I couldn't help but think that there was a slight change to your writing style from your previous chapters. Regardless though you bridged the time from the match to Christmas with a DA meeting and resolved the "Cho" issue with a nod to her emotional state as seen in OotP (although this is HBP year). You also gave the Harry/Hermione romance (yeah) a slight nudge.
As always keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hmmm, slight change? Probably. I've never been one to follow a straight and narrow path at like anything in life. If anything, it was more subconscious than me knowingly trying something new. You and every other reader will be getting the big bang (theory...haha love that show!) in about two chapters. And thanks again for review! (:

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Review #7, by qtbaby88 Sting of the Past

22nd March 2011:
omg amazing aww they fell asleep together now he has his arm around her such a sweet chapter

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I always love those scenes in the movie when the couple cuddles together when they sleep, too precious for words! So I simply had to add it.

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Review #8, by qtbaby88 Battle on the Pitch

13th February 2011:
amazing chapter great job

Author's Response: thanks so much! (:

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Review #9, by stjames Battle on the Pitch

13th February 2011:
I love your story, it's always a nice treat to come back to this website and see it's been updated. Please continue the great work!!

Author's Response: thanks & will do hun (:

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Review #10, by Eric_S Battle on the Pitch

27th January 2011:
I really love how this A/U story as progressed. Having Ali there, whether its for a friend to Hermione, a sounding board for Harry or a prankster (as hinted at in this chapter) for the Harry / Hermione relationship really makes a great difference. Her personality and different viewpoint really shine. Thank you!

Author's Response: i'm really glad you like having ali in the story & thanks so much for the sweet words (:

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Review #11, by Eric_S Quidditch

27th January 2011:
Another amazing chapter! Ali is such a great character and brings such happiness to Harry as only a "sister(?)" could. And I love the tweak to the whole Harry/Herminone relationship.

Author's Response: maybe a sister, maybe not (;

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Review #12, by Eric_S Of New and Old

27th January 2011:
Another great chapter(s)... The former chapter with the will reading and this one are really just amazing and well plotted. The small nods to canon (Malfoy's "wasted" look with his "job") were a nice inclusion to this wonderful A/U story. I be honest... I'm gonna miss Ali when this story is done as she gives Harry something that even the Weasley's couldn't.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you've liked the chapters you've read. I have a summer story and a year 7 story in my head, yes that involve Ali, so hopefully you'll be getting your Ali fix once Family is done with :)

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Review #13, by Eric_S Birthday Surprises

26th January 2011:
That was beautiful and truly inspired... Thank you :)

Author's Response: No, thank you for reading (:

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Review #14, by sinwillys822 Battle on the Pitch

26th January 2011:
this was a cute chapter and i am hoping for ali's plan as well!

Author's Response: Haha thanks, and I can't wait for Ali's plan as well! :D

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Review #15, by G Bolen Halloween Heart-to-Hearts

17th January 2011:
Thank you have enjoyed your writings so far. Like how you got in that students could stay stay at the school to get away from the family before bring up the D/G.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, and yeah the whole D/G thing will be explained further in the book. Here's hoping that Ron doesn't pop his top when the whole D/G thing comes to light! (:

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Review #16, by sinwillys822 Halloween Heart-to-Hearts

9th January 2011:
ohh i am sad about the attack but happy about mione fessing up to her feelings.

Author's Response: Thanks, and yes feelings>attacks! (:

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Review #17, by Elle Halloween Heart-to-Hearts

8th January 2011:
OMG!!! I am new to this site and just read your whole story in one sitting! I am loving it very much and am extremely excited to read some more! Please update ASAP and I promise to review EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER!! :):)

With Awe,


Author's Response: Thanks so much! That's really sweet of you to say and I promise to update soon (:

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Review #18, by qtbaby88 Halloween Heart-to-Hearts

7th January 2011:
amazizng job loved it cant wait 4 the next one

Author's Response: Thanks so much, next one should be up within the week (:

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Review #19, by an anonymous fan Bad Romance

9th October 2010:
I lost hope on this story when there wasnt an update for awhile but now im happy this awesome story can go on! :)

Author's Response: Life got really hectic, I'm really hoping that I can have speedier updates. I'm glad you like my story!

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Review #20, by sinwillys822 Bad Romance

8th October 2010:
ohh i hope they are able to work through the bumps in the road and still be together in the end, good luck with ur surgery.

Author's Response: Thanks so much and the surgery went really well, I can finally eat regular food :D

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Review #21, by Maanf :) Bad Romance

2nd October 2010:
I think this story is really good, I love it! When's the next chapter going to be out? I cant wait! :)

Author's Response: i have it all planned out in my head & some of it written so hopefully it should be up by the end of next week that is unless school gets in the way. i'm glad you like it (:

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Review #22, by qtbaby88 Bad Romance

27th September 2010:
love this story its amazing im glad harry and alli can look to one another and feel comfort knowing they were like brother and sister amazing job again hun hopefully u get better soon i know someone who got their gallbladder removed and they r fine now

Author's Response: yay i'm glad you're loving it (: yeah i just hate waiting for my surgery to be scheduled, i seriously just want the dumb thing out so i can eat normal-ish food CHOCOLATE :D

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Review #23, by heart portry Quidditch

25th September 2010:
Hey there,
Really enjoying this so far - hope it wont be too long before you update! Few grammar mistakes (Sorry!), but I was quite into the story so wasn't too bothered! Hoping it moves on a bit quicker and that H&H's relationship starts very soon, oh and that Ali finds someone that isn't Ron! C x

Author's Response: haha yeah grammar and i don't get along. i know where they're going to hook up (now that chapter will be jammed pack with goodies :D), but it's gonna take a bit to get there. haha gotcha no ron haha. don't work i have who they date, who they marry, & the name of all the main characters future kids planned out. we're all good (:

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Review #24, by A fan Quidditch

13th August 2010:
Love the story can't wait for you to continue. Keep it up

Author's Response: thanks! will do with the keeping up (:

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Review #25, by HHrXoXo Quidditch

9th August 2010:
great chapter. i can't wait for the next one to be up :) good job writing. i do have a question though.. this is a Hhr story right? it just seems to me to be like its leaning towards a ali/harry story kind of. but honestly great job, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: thanks hun! yeah it is h/hr so don't you worry (: with ali and harry, they have a different type of relationship that's still super important to the story.

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