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Review #1, by Janet Reflection

5th July 2009:
Very touching!
A beautiful plot!
Congrats from NJ,

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Review #2, by Snape_Malfoy Reflection

7th February 2007:
I like the way that Snape seems to talk to himself and even switch personalities when doing so. He's brooding one minute and then berating himself the next, which you wrote very well.

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Review #3, by My Muse Reflection

7th May 2006:
What a perfect portrayal of the inner thoughts of Snape. Everything he thinks and feels here is exactly what I would expect and you put it into words so well. As you know Snape is one of my favorites and you write him wonderfully. Sorry it took me so long to come and check out some of your other work but I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: No problem at all. I still owe you!

Of all the pieces I've submitted to HPFF I think this is the one I like best, which for me is rare because I generally don't enjoy re-reading my work.

The idea came to me after I'd read HBP and thought I wouldn't write fanfic again. Hearing you enjoyed it (knowing you're such a Snape fan too) means a lot and thank you for taking the time to tell me.

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Review #4, by Visitor Reflection

10th March 2006:
This is amazing! Nice one! I'm a fan of Snape, and I really hope that your interpretation of events is correct - that Dumbledore planned it all along, that he knew the price Severus would pay for becoming DADA teacher was his life. He's not as bad as they make him out to be, is he?

Author's Response: *hugs* No he isn't and I'll stand firm on that despite what others think! Lol I'm really pleased to hear there's another believer in the man, and thank you for a wonderful review.

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Review #5, by braxer001 Reflection

24th February 2006:
wow...great writing style combined with a psychological mindgame between a man and his conscience... great story!!

Author's Response: Ah yes...thank you for picking out his conscience there! I really wanted to show that little inner voice we all have playing these mind games with Snape, mixing all these emotions until he can come to his final conclusion. Thank you so much for taking the time to review braxer!

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Review #6, by fiona faine Reflection

24th February 2006:
well written,very Severus I thought. I really felt what he was feeling,Which is what good writting is all about....I enjoyed it!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you Fiona! I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed it and thank you for providing the feedback!

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Review #7, by Monique Reflection

24th February 2006:
Wow.. Just.. Wow That really showed what I think of Snape's emotions. Very touching last sentence. Five Stars!

Author's Response: Five stars? I am honoured! Thank you Monique for reading and reviewing.

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Review #8, by Rowan-Ember Reflection

23rd February 2006:
Did you do something horrible? You would have to have to understand something like this. Its by far one of the most believeable stories that look inside Snape that I've ever read.

Author's Response: *gasps* You found me out! Lol I haven't done anything horrible that I know of! It is slightly worrying though, I admit. Maybe I just get him though, which is again worrying. Thank you so much for reviewing and providing valuable feedback!

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Review #9, by 2nd youngest seeker Reflection

22nd February 2006:
I noticed early on that Snape was repeatedly placing the blame on other, and I'm glad you took it in the direction you did. I love that he finally takes the blame himself. I wonder if that part of him isnt what Dumbledore saw as the glimer Hope? Amazing insight!

Author's Response: Yes, hope inside him that only Dumbledore could see. I agree. I didn't want it to have a bitter 'I blame everyone else' ending because, though he would certainly be like that on the outside, I think he would certainly blame himself after HBP. I really appreciate you reviewing this piece, and I'm delighted you enjoyed it. Thank you.

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Review #10, by HP Fan Reflection

22nd February 2006:
That was beautiful! You portrated Snape very well! Well done!

Author's Response: Aww thank you HP fan! It's one of my favourite pieces and I like Snape so I'm pleased you think I did him justice. Thank you for taking the time out to review.

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Review #11, by Michelle Reflection

21st February 2006:
that was truely amazing! you really have a great perspective on Snape, you have been able to put into words what so many have tried - keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks Michelle. It helps that he is one of my favourite characters, if not the favourite. I'm so pleased to hear you think I did him justice and that you've taken the time to tell me. Thank you.

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Review #12, by Beowulf Reflection

21st February 2006:
Good God that was good, spine-chillingly cold and personal. An in depth look at the man with no prejudice. Utterly truthful, and touching. Nice work.

Author's Response: Spine-chilling? Yes, that's what I had hoped for. Steve34 described as something he felt guilty for reading and that inner look into someone's private thoughts is exactly what I was after. I'm glad you think it's touching too because I'm determined to think that way way deep down in the ether Snape has feelings that aren't just bitter and twisted. If you like truthful adn touching and you haven't read it yet then please read 'A Father's Grief' by Steve 34. It's amazing. Thank you once again for a wonderful review. You're a star!

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Review #13, by Hermione Reflection

16th February 2006:
WOW!!! Very well written and the emotions are so raw and so real!!! Even though i don't believe that Dumbledore obliged Snape into killing him, you did succeed into making it seem So realistic! U also made Snape loving Lily possible and everything flowed very well with what we read in the book. Snape stayed in character and you did a FANTASTIC job!!! Where did u get the inspirations for it? I could never have imagined Snape's feelings and thoughts sooooooo well in such a developped way!!! I am very impressed!!! You are an amazing writer!!!

Author's Response: Thank you Hermione. I didn't really get inspiration from anywhere else other than reading HBP. Snape is my favourite character so getting into his head was a bit too easy for me. Worrying I guess! Lol. Thank you again for reviewing.

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Review #14, by truefear Reflection

15th February 2006:

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reviewing and I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

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Review #15, by namrata Reflection

14th February 2006:
amazing work! its like reading snapes thoughts, look forward to reading more of your work!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, Namrata!

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Review #16, by pockets of chance Reflection

7th February 2006:
amazing, this is wonderful. Great ideas and beautiful writing, you fully transported me to Snape's head -- haha. Just...g-e-w-d geeewwd. Haha. Don't stop writing!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it, pocket, and thank you for letting me know. It's good to hear from you.

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Review #17, by Kathleen Hudson Reflection

7th February 2006:
That was an incredably powerful and emotional piece. I really enjoyed that.

Author's Response: Thank you Kathleen. I'm very pleased to hear your views.

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Review #18, by CrystalClear Reflection

6th February 2006:
This story shows amazing insight into Snape's inner character - at least into the way in which I see him. I'm amazed by the beatiful flow of your words, the honesty and naked vulnerability with which you write Snape's feelings, and the effect that your writing and story overall has on me. This was a beautiful one-shot - I can see why it's on steve34's top five list.

Author's Response: Thank you Crystal. I enjoy writing from inside a character's heart and this to me was what this piece was all about. Maybe it's slightly frightening that I can read him. Lol. Steve was wonderful for recommending this, and you are equally so for reviewing. Thank you.

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Review #19, by PreTeenWriter Reflection

5th February 2006:
I. Am. Speechless. This was beautiful, as I am a Lily/Severus shipper. But that was amazing! I credit you on the most amazing and magnificent, most touching and dark, most influencing and reality-bringing story there has ever been.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you very much. This is the story I'm truly proud of and to hear you say such kind things is wonderful. 'Touching and dark is a great way of describing this piece, so thank you once again for taking the time to review.

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Review #20, by Elivania Reflection

4th February 2006:
Very very well done. I love how you worded the inner debate. Wonderfully done. A depth and an understanding of Snape that most people don't have. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you Elivania! I really enjoyed writing this, and it seemed to flow naturally. I love Snape as a character, and am as curious to his mysterious persona as I suspect you are. Thank you for taking the time to voice your feelings and leave a review. It's a thoughtful thing to do.

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Review #21, by AIR- FOR EVER Reflection

4th February 2006:

Author's Response: Of course she does, but I hope she gives Snape some decent explanation, don't you? This is just my little idea of what he must have been feeling after HBP. Thank you for reviewing, and I'm really pleased you took the time to leave comments.

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Review #22, by Sophia Montgomery Reflection

28th January 2006:
I liked this. The emotions that Snape feels almost makes me sympathsize with him.

Author's Response: Thank you Sophia. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

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Review #23, by bbnaz Reflection

17th January 2006:
*silence* This was a very powerful piece and the taste of his agony palpable....Severus gets the whipping regardless of what he does and it doesn't seem fair. *offers SS a piece of chocolate*

Author's Response: I really like this and I don't often like my work. Thankyou as ever for reviewing.

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Review #24, by steve34 Reflection

14th January 2006:
This is an incredibly powerful piece. I sat her five minutes trying to think of how to review this because you deserve to know that this story really had an effect, but all I could think was "wow" and that is not the kind of review I want to leave. It took me five minutes to analyze why all I could think was "wow."
I think a big reason I didn't want to leave a review was because I didn't want to admit I read it. Not because it's bad! Not in the slightest! It's because this is such a personal insight into Snape's mind that I feel I've intruded on his very personal thoughts, something I have no right to know, especially because I do condemn all of his actions up to this point (though I have a theory regarding Dumbledore's death that this is not the place to discuss)... The point is, you really bared his soul here and put something amazingly, incredibly personal on the table for all to view. It's why I think that mind-reading is one of the most evil thing you can do to a person. I feel as if by reading this story, I have violated Snape's privacy.
Absolutely heart-rending, but pure genius on your part!

Author's Response: I find it heart warming but strange that a piece that nearly never was provokes such a good reaction. After HBP I was going to pack HPFF in. I really disliked HBP in some places and had no inspiration straight after reading it as I had with the other books. I was ready to go to the other site I write on and concentrate on original stuff. And then, a few weeks later I wrote this. Snape is my favourite both as a character and in Alan's portrayal of him. I'm so pleased to hear it felt like mind reading because I like to write that way - by getting into their minds and sifting through their thoughts. I imagined Snape alone in a darkened room with just his thoughts and regrets. A dark, dark place indeed. Thank you for reviewing again Steve and a huge thank you for taking the time to go on forum and recommend it. BJ

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Review #25, by anisa_fanfic Reflection

14th January 2006:
this was great! i luved it! keep writing. pity it was a one shot

Author's Response: It couldn't really be anything else I don't think. I am writing a year 7 fic as we speak though. Thank you for reviewing.

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