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Review #1, by FairyPrincess Knocked Out

12th June 2006:
So, looks like we have a real injury there this time, Mr. Malfoy.” She said and Draco grinned.

“Yeah, are you proud of me?” he said

Rotflmao, omg Flissy! *is laughing still* i love that bit, so very very very good. I cant wait for Lillianna to read this! Brilliantly written (who cares about Typos - i dislike grammer so lalalala) very funny, you should join me and Lillianna on the Voldielocks madness, but then again you shouldnt, since your in love with Wormtail...did i ever apologise for that? Thought not! haha. Seriously tho, well done girl!

Love and Huggles

Author's Response: no you didn't.... anyways, yay for typos i always say haha. this is one of my view attempts on a fluffy story and a pretty early one too, so i am happy you still liked it. and i just HAD to make draco a nice guy, you know, cause in that other story (once again ^^) which is the sequel to this one shot he's her bf and so, you know... haha,thanks a lot for this heart-warming review!

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Review #2, by Sophia Montgomery Knocked Out

19th February 2006:
'And she doubted she would be able to carry him anyways.' No 's' in anyway. ' “I am at the Hospital Wing and Madame Pomfrey will see to me, so you can say I am alright. Now go!” he snapped and sat back, leaning his right elboy on his left arm as he did so.' 'Elbow', not 'elboy'. 'Since when was Draco Malfoy not a whimp?' Isn't 'wimp' without the 'h'? '“I think you can really got now.” He said, still smiling.' Go, not got. I like the ending- it was quite funny. I have a feeling that it was being knocked by the ball that made him so uncharacteristically nice. I liked it!

Author's Response: frigging typos... yeah, most of those definitely are typos... elboy looool.... thank you for looking at it and i'm glad you liked it nonetheless... (sp??)

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Review #3, by Rebekka Knocked Out

29th September 2005:
You have a great humorous way of writing. I like it a lot. There were a few spelling/grammar errors, but it wasn't too serious. You could use spellcheck to get rid of those annoying typos (happens to me all the time and MS Word is my saviour as is my beta). Ruby is a fun character and not at all a Mary Sue. I liked the middle part of this the most, the part where Draco got hit. The whole story was quite balanced and I liked how you portrayed Draco and didn't make it a sappy romance, just like that... this could easily be continued. :) Good job, Lisa. Keep writing. You have talent for it.

Author's Response: oh... wow... *bows to the almighty rebekka* now i see what they mean with you doing awesome reviews... this is great! and SUCH a wonderful review... yeah, Ruby was never meant to be a mary sue anyways... this is kinda like a prequel to my long story, "Once Again", so... i didn't mean it to be though ^^. the spelling this... the porblem is i'm living in germany and my pc doesn't have a spell check for english ^^ but i'll just have to proofread all my things and i'll be able to fiy it. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!

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Review #4, by flames_of_fawkes Knocked Out

16th September 2005:
I really like this story! It's funny, it's interesting, it's a good pace....oh yeah, and cool name! Reminds me of someone...can't think who...haha, lol! There are a few mistakes here and there, but I think they're just typos. Great work!

Author's Response: it reminds you of ROBBIE COULTRAIN (spelling???) who plays hagrid in the movies... i only found that out after it was too late though^^. i wasn't sure about this story because i felt there wasn't a lot of things going on and maybe dragging too much. originally the story was cales "Sport is murder" which is a german saying but it just wouldn't fit... it turned out to be some sort of companion piece to "Once again" which is about those two people ^^. YAY FOR ME TRYING TO WRITE FASTER THAN I CAN THINK!! ^^

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