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Review #1, by blue_rose Chapter 5

18th November 2007:
good story, i saw u wanted a banner. do u still want one? email me at if u still want one.

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Review #2, by MandyMuggle Chapter 5

10th September 2006:
Woah. OMG. That was so good. It just...woah...I've been reading it all day, and I have to say, it was definitely one of the best. :)

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Review #3, by just another potter fan Chapter 5

9th August 2006:
This chapter dose not belong here it belongs to the stoty "Happy Birthday, Harry". Great chaptere!

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Review #4, by Hermione_loves_Ron The Begining of a Romance

16th March 2006:
Aw that was sweet

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Review #5, by HarryPotter is my LIFE Chapter 5

4th March 2006:
I'm glad that you decided to add on to this fic. Even though the likelyhood that everyone actually comes back is litteraly microscopic, it's nice to see Harry reunited with everyone.

Author's Response: This story is actually in the process of being revised, so look for some changes in the next few weeks (I looked over it, and now my friend is, so it may take a while). I'm glad you liked it, and I know that the likely-hood is like 0, but it's a writer's job to create the impossible. Thaks for the review! ~Tina101

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Review #6, by her-my-oh-knee And They Lived Happily Ever After...

28th February 2006:
Great story! Well done! I read the one on mugglenet before and couldn't resist the temptation to look at this one. I'm so glad I did. Thank you for making the ending happy. Ahhhhh. So sweet after so much sadness. Keep writing while I am off to read what else you have written. No doubt you'll hear from me again. Thanks for such a good read again.

Author's Response: Any time, I have an original story with the same depth and drama, and slightly the same. ~Tina101

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Review #7, by Trina Potter Epilogue

28th February 2006:
I've read this one before, I don't think I read all of it, but I was reading this and was like, "I've read this before." It just shows you how much I remember. lol. Good job.

Author's Response: Sounds like me, no, wait, I get all the fan fics. I read mixed up, or confuse them with the actual HP books! Well, I hope you liked it! Thanks for the review!! ~Tina101

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Review #8, by romanticillusion The Struggle Begins

20th February 2006:
again....I LUV IT!!!

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Review #9, by romanticillusion The Begining of a Romance

20th February 2006:

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Review #10, by Jenna Epilogue

7th January 2006:
They’re watching, I know they are,” Harry replied. This line, for some reason, relly go to me, I burts out into tears, I must look like a fool, my sister is watching me suspiciously *shifty eyes* this was a really really good story, Great Job!

Author's Response: Lol...thankx....siblings r like that, they watch EVERYTHING u do!!! thanx for the review!!! ~Tina101

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Review #11, by _Hermione Granger_ The Begining of a Romance

20th December 2005:
Great!! =D

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Review #12, by adri4 Epilogue

20th December 2005:
great awsome beautiful fabulous

Author's Response: thanx ~Tina101

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Review #13, by .Hermione+Ron_4ever Epilogue

20th December 2005:
OMG!! I'm---going---to---*cries* It was beautiful. the whole story. I am going to tell all my friends who like Harry Potter (which is about nearly all of them) to read it!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanx!! i think u just made my day w/ ur review!!! if you like dramatic stuff like this, check out my original stories at galore!! ~Tina101

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Review #14, by Pink_Princess12 And They Lived Happily Ever After...

9th December 2005:
wow-i mean just wow, it's so wow! i wow, that all i can say, i love it it was WOW! I love your writing!!!!!!!

Author's Response: THANKS!!!! ur like my friends, i've been handed a pencil and a notebook, and told to write! check out my original stories at

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Review #15, by Pink_Princess12 Hermione's Nightmares

9th December 2005:
wow- i feel so bad that he hit her! that dream was cool i love the story!

Author's Response: yeah, the whole hitting thing is being used in an original story I'm writing, with the same kind of character down-fall. ~Tina101

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Review #16, by Pink_Princess12 The Struggle Begins

9th December 2005:
like i said already, good-i think your a very good writer and i hope you write more! Thanks for giving me the prevledge to read this wonderful story!

Author's Response: hey, anytime!! thanks for taking the time 2 actually REVIEW what I enjoy doing!! ~Tina101

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Review #17, by sary Epilogue

3rd December 2005:

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Review #18, by heartsinger2 Epilogue

14th November 2005:
VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanx

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Review #19, by nooneknows Epilogue

5th September 2005:
oh my god!!! you got a flare for writeing. i was on the ege of my seat the whole time!!! it's great!!! i love it!! write more.

Author's Response: thanks!!!!! that's what my friends say, but they probably just say that becasue they're my friends. i'm in the middle of writing some right now, so check back in a few days!!!

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Review #20, by Gemma And They Lived Happily Ever After...

2nd September 2005:
absoloutly excellent! you need to do the Harry/Ginny proposal thing! i need more. srory but i have to say that was perfect!

Author's Response: actually, my friend DEMAMDED that i do that, so i did. it should b up...i'll have 2 check into that. =)

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Review #21, by one more face in this crowd And They Lived Happily Ever After...

30th August 2005:
good story

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Review #22, by KK Duke Hermione's Nightmares

29th August 2005:
I like part three. It was a bit confusing in parts. When Ron wakes up to Leo's crying, I thought he had taken Leo downstairs. I liked how you ended the Chapter with the dream that Hermione has about her mother reminding her how much she loves Ron. Now if only we can get JK Rowling to see this, then hopefully Book 7 will have a happy moment or two.

Author's Response: Ron had Leo downstairs, but then took him back. You wouldn't leave your kid downstaris alone would u? sorry if it was confusing, i just felt like u needed 2 know these things.

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Review #23, by lilhpluver Hermione's Nightmares

28th August 2005:
plz update soon, loved it, even though im kinda confused, but i loved it

Author's Response: Hermione was having nightmares about everything that had happened. her parent's deaths, and the last battle. the last chapter was submitted last night, so it should b up some time today. if it's not, and u can't wait, well, you're just going 2 have 2 wait. =)

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Review #24, by Socccerina Hermione's Nightmares

26th August 2005:
Update soon!

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Review #25, by shauna The Struggle Begins

21st August 2005:
its great

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