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Review #1, by ParadoxTremors Cafe on the Corner

28th January 2009:
MAN OH MAN, WHAT A STORY! Loved it. Beautifully written and heart warming to see the two come together again. Had to read it three times before shouting back and telling you how much I liked this. Thanks for writing and sharing this with us my friend.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #2, by Bonnie Wright Cafe on the Corner

2nd December 2008:
i liked it a lot. It was really interesting.

Author's Response: Lol. thank you. I've often considered taking it down, but this and the other songfic were my first two fanfics EVER I had never written anything in fiction before them (not even in school, they weren't big on creative writing) so it'll remain up there to remind me of where I've been and show the progress I've made (and the maturity I've gained as evidenced by the "summary"). However it is always amazing to me to find people who enjoy something that came solely from my brain. So thank you!


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Review #3, by Mauge Cafe on the Corner

2nd March 2008:
So Sweet. I really loved it.

Author's Response: well, thank you

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Review #4, by MadamRosmerta Cafe on the Corner

3rd March 2007:
it's cute...though you probably hate that fact lol...i like it...great description and the song went well with it...
once again i find myself wishing i had your writing ability... case you don't know who this is...its chocolat from gabrielscorner...*wink* does suck tho...neway...

Author's Response: lol...yes it does...It's absolutley horrible, especially when you're trying to catch up because of basketball.........GRRRRRRRRR. Thank you so much for reviewing! I didn't think anyone would from there. ;). And you have a better writing ability than me...."Daggers" is absolutley AMAZING! :). Did you see the play? I want to hear your opinion on it, see if I'm not crazy....well we know that but you know what I mean.

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Review #5, by Potterholic Cafe on the Corner

9th June 2006:
Aww... that was so sweet! For a first fanfic that was really good. You did much better than I did my first time, lol. I really like it, and the song fit too. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so was fairly ok for the first time, doesn't mean I like it but I'm glad you did :) ~Elspeth

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Review #6, by flying doxies ate my nasel hair Cafe on the Corner

26th May 2006:
awwwwwww i love this story its so sweet, well done

Author's Response: :) Thank you the way, I love your name...very creative :) ~Elspeth

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Review #7, by hermione006 Cafe on the Corner

20th April 2006:
I thought that this story was very cute and I truly enjoyed reading it. I loved how Harry mentioned he loved Ginny before realizing that he was actually seeing her in real person. The interaction between Ginny and Harry was very sweet and true to their characters. When explaining why Harry had dissapeared it did seem a little rushed and left me slightly confused. Good story-Hermione006

Author's Response: lol *blushes* yea...I do seem to rush things don't I? lol...anyway I'm glad you liked this one, thank you SO MUCh for reviewing :) ~Elspeth

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Review #8, by dream_spells Cafe on the Corner

18th April 2006:
OMG! Like I said before in your other one-shot, you do too good of a job not to update your stories fast enough! This is so different from what I usually read. Like I don't usually read fluffy stories and stick to the angsty ones, but this was really nice! Whoever said change had to be bad?

Author's Response: lol...I'm not really fond of this one, but I'm glad you liked it, I'm also one all for angst, fluff was really a stretch for me :) ~Elspeth

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Review #9, by Elena Cafe on the Corner

10th April 2006: sweet!!!!....Again, the song just fit so perfectly in with the story, and after all the years that went past, Harry and Ginny's love brought them back together again!! I really enjoyed reading this one, thank you for sharing it with me :)

Author's Response: lol...I'm glad you liked it :) ~Elspeth

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Review #10, by Ginny and Hermione clone Cafe on the Corner

23rd March 2006:
Loooooooove it! So cute!

Author's Response: why thank you :) ~ elspeth

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Review #11, by Yuu Cafe on the Corner

22nd March 2006:
Awww, that was cute. I really liked it! Yeah, sometimes I can enjoy a bit of fluff. :) Nicely written and I like it when authors put them as having blended with the Muggle world after the war. It would make sense, especially in Harry's case, that he would hide from the fame and the Wizarding World.

Author's Response: lol...glad you enjoyed :) ~ELspeth

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Review #12, by PrincessPotter Cafe on the Corner

21st March 2006:
I thought this was pretty good, except for the time... 15 years? I just think that is too long for this situation, maybe 5 at the most, and I think I would have liked to hear some of the things that they said as they talked... But, that said it is a cute idea and your descriptions were clear. Overall I enjoyed it - - at it is practically perfect if I pretend there in their twenties instead of thirties! lol :)

Author's Response: good catch, I guess that would be a bit off, this is the only story I did no research on... I had no drive for making things entirely believable which is probably why it's my least favorite. Anyway, thanx for the reveiw, I've read yours and you are deffinatley in my favorite authors, so its great to hear you like this one :) ~Elspeth

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Review #13, by Chakia Cafe on the Corner

12th March 2006:
To be honest I prefer the other one but this story is really sweet. Glad that this story has happy ending... coz the one story made me cry. :).

Author's Response: Me to, this is in all actuality my least favorite story so I could care less about it but at least it was a good reflector off of Everytime you say goodbye, ~Elspeth

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Review #14, by rainbow92 Cafe on the Corner

7th March 2006:
I'll admit, I preferred the other one, but this was still a lovely read. I don't read much H/G (even though they're a favourite ship of mine) but I really enjoyed these two.

Once again, I have to say it could've been longer. You could have added a bit more to draw the reader in and make it more attention grabbing. Also, things perhaps could have been a bit more spread out...just my opinion. :)

Once again, I really enjoyed your story-you're a good author! ~Cathryn~ (Sorry this review sucks!)

Author's Response: lol..that's fine. I agree with you though, I like the other one bette, this is actually my least favorite but hopefully I'll go over it and fix it before I become a senior :) Thank you for reviewing, it trully means alot to hear what you people think. ~Elspeth

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Review #15, by nicky Cafe on the Corner

17th February 2006:
Aww..a lost love found, lol. Sweet. I thought this one was..alright. It didn't really capture my attention as your other songfic did to be honest but it was good nonetheless. The song did go with the story and that's always a good thing. :-)

Author's Response: lol..aye it is. Again this was done out of boredom so I really have no drive to fix it but I'm glad you didn't hate it :)

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Review #16, by RoverDroverTiger Cafe on the Corner

14th February 2006:
Nice! Well I managed to come here and review like you asked. It was well written, but I don't think I heard of that song before. O'well I'm not a music person. It was well pased and not to long for a song fic, keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: few people have outside of the bluegrass scene ;) Thank you for the praise :) ~Elspeth

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Review #17, by Eponine11 Cafe on the Corner

9th February 2006: like.

Author's Response: lol...wonderful...Love your name, she's my favorite musical caharacter Eponine is :) ~Elspeth

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Review #18, by emeralddragon Cafe on the Corner

29th January 2006:
Another good songfic. Again good song choice. No typos really. keep writing!

Author's Response: merci beaucoup! ~Elspeth

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Review #19, by GreenAngel Cafe on the Corner

28th January 2006:
Hey, I liked this one as well. Although to me, from some unknown cause, it seemed a bit hazy. It could be just me, though. I also would've loved to see a bit more description of the setting, like the cafe. Maybe, I don't know, add a bit of darkness because I didn't feel the guilt and pain. Maybe show Harry's pain instead of stating his pain. Very light hearted, and the lyrics were good. I loved this phrase: "one true love was, in her mind, back from the dead." Great job!

Author's Response: Yea, this one was more of a test run on a type of writing I rarely do. I very dislike this one-shot but many people tell me its good so my goal of writing a story for every kind of reader seems to be working thus far.

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Review #20, by Sophia Montgomery Cafe on the Corner

28th January 2006:
That is cute! I'm really glad that Ginny didnt' let her chance go by. Good one shot!

Author's Response: lol..thanx

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Review #21, by Seductive_Swan Cafe on the Corner

16th January 2006:
Nice plot. I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: thanx :) ~Elsepth

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Review #22, by sk8erchik09 Cafe on the Corner

14th January 2006:
Awwww this is so sweet! I love it so much! You have a talent. It's lovely, dear. <33 Emily

Author's Response: :)...thank you :) ~Elspeth

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Review #23, by PhoenixStorm Cafe on the Corner

7th January 2006:
Have to say, I like this one much more :D, even though you don't seem to think much of it yourself. I'm not the biggest Harry/Ginny fan, but you write them very well together, conveying the emotions I think they would be feeling in a situation such as this.

There are a few mistakes in this, just grammatical and typos, but i don't see anything else wrong. It took her moment before should obviously be 'a moment'. and there still was a lot left unsaid 'was still' would be better. was all the medicine he needed to hear.his guilt and remorse finally had having caught up with him obviously a bit of indecision on the tense, just need to fix that one :).

This is a lovely story about after the war, even though there was still the inevitable sadness a war brings, like the death of Ron. I didn't get at first why they were in New York, but did understand a little after it was first mentioned and like the idea of them both running to the same place. It seems fate would not have them run from each other, and I think that's a nice idea after they've been through so much. Especially Harry, and he needs Ginny more than ever now. After reading a couple of other one-shots I've been wondering how wise his decision to ask her to wait on their relationship was, and I like how this story is hopeful and not despairing. All in all, a great fic :)

Author's Response: YEa...I deffiniatly should spread it out a bit and certinaly will do so when I have the time. THank you for your trully are an AMAZING reviewer. ~Elspeth

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Review #24, by andharrywokeup Cafe on the Corner

6th January 2006:
sweet! :) This has to be the first song-fic where I have actually read the really drew me in! But the (2X) kinda loses effect, perhaps you should type it out twice?

Author's Response: ahh...yea, Good suggestion. :) thank you. ~Elspeth

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Review #25, by xobebeox Cafe on the Corner

4th January 2006:
Wow... the emotion was flowing through this story the entire time... you've managed to capture the tension between them very well. In so few words, you've done an amazing job of expressing their feelings. There are, however, a few areas where you could improve. One phrase that popped into my mind throughout this story was "show, don't tell." These few sentences could have done with some help in that area: "He was mostly interested in her lips and the words they formed, that was all the medicine he needed to hear. She had certainly grown up from the little pest that followed him everywhere. If her brother hadn't been killed in "the Great War", he would have married her. But then, every time he saw her he was reminded of Ron." For example, you could have given a few snippets of their conversation and the tension when they fell silent, because neither wanted to go into that territory. You could have them talk about something and both start because it led to forbidden territory--the demise of their relationship which ultimately was linked to Ron's death. One review that I got on an earlier story of mine that was really helpful was to work on hiding details in my other words. You spend a whole paragraph describing Ginny as she walks towards Harry but you could say the same amount in less words, or by spreading it out throughout the story. My final complaint would be the ending. If you build up the tension more successfully throughout the story, her reaction to him leaving would be more appropriate, but I found that there really was a lack, as I pointed out earlier, of showing. The fact that you skipped over their entire "lengthy" conversation really didn't help. I'd highly recommend putting more of that in, and maybe just letting out a little more tension, because after they haven't seen each other for so long and after they came so close to marriage, there would have to be some deeper feelings and it must have been hard for them to talk. Once again, I'd just like to reiterate how much I really did enjoy this story. You did, over all, do a very good job with the emotions and expressing them, and the song lyrics were perfect. You also had very good grammar and spelling. Good job, and keep writing!

Author's Response: merci beaucoup midear. I'll definatly go over it and fix it...thank you for pointing this all out I REALLY need the advice. Thanx again. ~Elspeth

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