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Review #1, by Alysea As If Weasley Could Get Any Dumber

15th July 2011:
I am interested in where this story is going to end up, I truly love this story. It makes me smile.
Is there a next chapter in the works at all? =D
On a different note, I had a thought the other day about what a Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover story would be like. I'm dreadful at doing stories like that, but it would be interesting what a story like that would be like.

Author's Response: Oh man thank you SO much Alysea! I can't believe you've read more than one thing I wrote! I feel honored so thank you so much! *squishes you and tosses lots of cookies in your direction* And yup, I am definitely working on another chapter (or will be after the insanity that is midterms/work this weekend!) Humor is a really hard thing for me to write so it takes me a bit longer to write it than other types of chapters/stories. :) It'll be up before the end of July though definitely! Buuut I can truthfully say that I have no idea what Doctor Who is, but I'll be sure to look it up! Thank yous o much for the review!

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Review #2, by GinnyCullen The Orange Abomination

1st June 2010:
This is really great I heard someone mention it in a pod cast today and i had to come and read it! If this is not your normal work I am thrilled to read your normal work as well. Happy Writing.

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Review #3, by dracos_hotter Yet Another Lesson in Humility

10th February 2010:
I've been sitting here, laughing hysterically for the last half hour. I LOVE YOUR STORY!


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Review #4, by ally34435 Yet Another Lesson in Humility

1st August 2009:
so funny but how long has he been that way?

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Review #5, by arianna Yet Another Lesson in Humility

23rd May 2008:
im glad your back writing again. can't wait to get more updates from you this is a great fluff story.Malfoy the ferret lol a moment in history i'll never forget lol

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Review #6, by siriusroxmywhitesox Welcome to My Litter Box

21st April 2008:
MY GOD!!! That was the most humerous thing I have ever read!! Kudos to you! This could not have come at a better time, because my boyfriend just broke up with me, so thank you for the much needed laugh!

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Review #7, by darkangel13 Welcome to My Litter Box

10th April 2008:
That is so much fun to read out loud! I had to stop in the middle to yell at my annoying bird, but all's well.

Love it.

-Ray Riddle

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Review #8, by cara tiara Yet Another Lesson in Humility

23rd March 2008:
love it

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Review #9, by sectumsempress101 Welcome to My Litter Box

9th February 2008:
that chapter was very very awesome

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Review #10, by jenrabbit Yet Another Lesson in Humility

12th January 2008:
Update soon PLEAZ! I know for a fact you haven't updated in months, but could yo PLEAZ finish this story, I'M BEGGING, and i DON'T normally beg!!! this is so wonderfully amusing, I love the idea of Malfoy atuall being a ferret. on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it around a 25, so pleaz, Pleaz, PLEAZ update it, finish it,whatever, just DO IT!!!

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Review #11, by jenrabbit Escape Pod

10th January 2008:
Nice, the Ferret is actuallt a FERRET! Pretty funny!!! 10/10!!

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Review #12, by angel718 Yet Another Lesson in Humility

30th December 2007:
Ha, this is hilarious! :D I love it! 10/10!

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Review #13, by llovelyllamallover Welcome to My Litter Box

25th December 2007:
I love it, it's really funny! Happy Christmas, by the way!

Author's Response: Happy Christmas llovelyllamallover! Wow, that was a mouthful! I'm really glad that you enjoyed what I have up so far too. :D I'm working on the rest of it but think that I am just going to post the rest all at once (so that my next 'post' will complete the story). Have a good one!

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Review #14, by =) Escape Pod

8th December 2007:
haha it's so funny to see him contradicting himself all the time...sigh i think he's slowly going mental.Pity. Excellent writing i love your humour aspects to it!!

Author's Response: *grins* Indeed he is. To be fair, I'm reasonably certain that just about anyone would go mental if forced to endure life as a ferret behind cage bars, in a girl's dormitory with Lavendar Brown, with a cat/kneezle that wanted to maul you. It's tremendous fun to write however. ^^

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Review #15, by ilovseshy Yet Another Lesson in Humility

17th November 2007:
amzingly funny erite more quickly 10/10

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Review #16, by ilovseshy Welcome to My Litter Box

15th November 2007:
ha aha aha ha ha lol lol lol lol roling on the floor laughing you are amazing

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Review #17, by bronnie5 Vindictive Elves and Stolen Wands

12th November 2007:
I'm so jealous... I want ferrets...
Anyways, the story is funny!!! I love it! :D

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Review #18, by oni_yakamiza Yet Another Lesson in Humility

5th November 2007:
and watch in some sick way. Hermione and Draco fall in love. Love the story so far.

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Review #19, by WAIT! Yet Another Lesson in Humility

11th September 2007:
are you writing more?! i really want to read it! and btw, sorry about Lexi. =(

Author's Response: Hey there! lol Yup, I indeed am going to write more, but I think of this as sort of a 'side project' at the moment. I am having a lot of fun writing this story, but I've just been realllllly busy lately. I actually did have the next two chapters written but they wound up getting wiped out by some sort of virus on both my back up disk and the computer's hard drive. :( I am about 3/4s of the way done with the next chapter though, but it won't be out for at least another month. I'd love to get it out sooner but with 20 credits and work well...I just don't have any time lately. And thank you for your consolations about Lexi. In retrospect it was probably good that she went the way she did since the vet said she had had insulinoma (a type of cancer) that could have been very drawn out and horrible for her. The vet said she went 'as comfortable as a pet could go' since it was in her sleep. We miss her a lot but we still have Rogue to play with and the ferret we adopted Persia. The poor little fuzzball had been severely abused (she was dropped off and left in the middle of winter at the shelter we got her from, in a duct taped cardboard box with two broken legs to give you an idea), but she's doing really well over here now. She used to bite anyone who surprised her but she hasn't bitten badly or tried to in almost a year now. :) Thank you though so much for having stuck with this story too. :) Sometimes I forget that there are still readers for this one waiting! I'll really, really try to hurry up with the next chapter. :)

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Review #20, by xSirius will never diex Yet Another Lesson in Humility

2nd September 2007:
That was great!!! Are you gonna write more of it?

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Review #21, by xSirius will never diex Welcome to My Litter Box

2nd September 2007:
omg this is so funny!

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Review #22, by ladyspirit Yet Another Lesson in Humility

20th August 2007:
brilliant chapter. i laughed so hard. 10/10

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Review #23, by brunettesrule I'm a Ferret. Aren't I?

10th August 2007:
Ah firefawn, it's been TOO long since I looked at this fic... stupid me! Because it's definitely one of the best humour fics... I love the mix of the dry humour and obvious... Not to mention Crayola, though it's fairly obvious Draco thinks she has her virtues... ;)
It's not as heavy reading obviously as EOTS but considering I don't think I'm up for reading 30plus chapters right now, I like this!
some of my preferred lines:
"It's just too bad a market for ferret hide has yet to be established because my fur would show the upscale fashion designers of Paris a thing or two!"
(Draco picking the perfect blond emasculated models paints a bit of a picture!)

And Malfoy's do not fantasize about anything!

This is beginning to sound like a Grade C pornography fantasy

Malfoys do not get reduced! We do the reducing to others!

When Bookworms Go Bad indeed"
(that's probably one of my favourites!)

Anyway, I better be off... but hopefully I shall delve back into the great EOTC again soon... toodles!

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Review #24, by SomethingWitty17 Welcome to My Litter Box

2nd August 2007:
That was hilarious!

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Review #25, by Kaileena Yet Another Lesson in Humility

31st July 2007:
I absolutely love this!
I'm so sorry that one of your ferrets passed away suddenly. My hamster died a couple of weeks ago and I was so sad! Well, at least I still got my 4 cats, so not all is lost!
I hope you update soon because I really love this, It's hilarious!

Best Regards


PS-Rated *10*

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