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Review #1, by hogwartsgirlhg ch 1

7th October 2008:
wow this really sucks, i can't believe i wrote this

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Review #2, by Iced_Cherriez ch 1

22nd March 2008:
hello, you probably don't remember me - you reviewed one of my stories a long time ago.. 'Everything beings with a Change' and I just wanted to say that I have started to update it again.
xxx Iced_Cherriez

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Review #3, by mint_43 ch 1

13th April 2006:
I have to admit, it's cute! Although, when will anyone say Shut up?

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Review #4, by Hermione=Love ch 1

2nd March 2006:
Spelling is one of the biggest things in writing. If you get it wrong, it completly detracts from what you're trying to say, and makes the reader focus on that rather than the story, which, no offence wasn't great either. "galligans"? I mean, spelling a few harder words wrong you MIGHT have an excuse, but "galligans"? I assume you mean galleons? Your story might be a little better if you bothered to get a beta, or even just click spell check on Microsoft Word. I don't know why you even bothered to put this up when half the time you have long sentences with NO punctuation whatsoever (the easiest part of basic grammar), and all in capitals. The poem might've been alright, maybe if you had left out the other stuff. Or actually had a plot. Lily saying that she loves James after one kiss? I really hope this is meant to be a spoof or something, because it's really pathetic. You obviously have no past experience in this kind of thing, or read really bad fics that you've now tried to copy. Well done for trying, but please think of out sanity before putting something like this on the net again. It could harm someone. Stick with the Maths.

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Review #5, by Paloma Patil ch 1

1st March 2006:
Cute. A beta could help with the spelling worries.

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Review #6, by fanofHP ch 1

28th February 2006:
it was ok

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Review #7, by The Laughing _Maraudress ch 1

23rd February 2006:
That was fun!

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Review #8, by Charligirl ch 1

17th February 2006:
gd story and gd song!

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Review #9, by Charligirl ch 1

17th February 2006:
dat was gd!!!!!! honest! im impressed. sum of da spellins were a bit different, but da story was gd so who cares!!!!!!!

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Review #10, by lilmuse ch 1

31st January 2006:
it's really cute. I've finally updated my story, Two Can Play This Game, so ch 6 is now up.

Author's Response: thanks i'm glad u enjoyed i like your sotry

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Review #11, by SadForSirius ch 1

30th January 2006:
I liked it. It's not the spelling mistakes, it's the grammer mistakes. Too many run-on sentences. But I really liked that Mogangal got in on the bets! This was a really good story.

Author's Response: sorry i suck at any kind of writng i just wanted to write fanfictions on a whim i am more of a math person

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Review #12, by Kivx ch 1

7th January 2006:
haha! really nice!

Author's Response: y thank you

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Review #13, by Xx_Lauryn_xX ch 1

18th December 2005:
that was good.i liked the "james left me!" part. and i love simple plan, so i give you thumbs up!!

Author's Response: thank u

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Review #14, by e ch 1

6th November 2005:
it wuz ok

Author's Response: ok is good for me i wrote it on a whim

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Review #15, by Drunk Elves ch 1

4th November 2005:
Aw... this is the sweetest... we is loving simple plan! (you probably already guessed that!)~Dobby

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #16, by draco malfoy lover719 ch 1

29th October 2005:
well will you tell her that she has a ton of reviews!

Author's Response: sure

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Review #17, by SwirlySwirly12 ch 1

21st October 2005:
RAWR. I luuve you.

Author's Response: i love u too

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Review #18, by draco malfoy lover719 ch 1

20th October 2005:
oh i love it its great but whats up with your friend she hasnt updated since like forever plz give me some feed back about her plz and thank you!!

Author's Response: thank u and she is just lazy

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Review #19, by aharrypotterobcession ch 1

3rd October 2005:
ahha 'james left me' i love simple plan! and this was pretty ok. keep writing! <3

Author's Response: y thank you i thought it kinda stunk but hey i wrote it on a whim i'm glad u liked it hopefully i will keep writing lol if u like harry/ginny i started writeing a fic on them u can read its called my light in the darkness well keep reading

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Review #20, by RwHg4eva ch 1

19th August 2005:
haha, u are obbessed. lol. I liked it. Very cute and funny. Keep writing!

Author's Response: thank you my dear friend i'll try thats great thats not great lol

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Review #21, by amberg93 ch 1

18th August 2005:

Author's Response: thank you

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