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Review #1, by lizmusic45 Rage Against the Dying of the Light

13th September 2011:
Can I just say that one of the things I like best about you, and your writing is that you have your one ture pairing, and your one ture era. You only write that.

This is a good thing, I find it nice that you give these people such a chance. You let them take up your entire page, with only the parings and era that you really love!

That makes an amzing athour! because your writing exprince grows with this era,each seems to b getting better and better:)

I really like your writing!


Author's Response: I find it interesting that you like that because some people have told me I should branch out and try new things. It's definitely an era and pairing that I am comfortable writing so I'm kind of wimp when it comes to writing anything else. Thank you for the sweet comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review all my one-shots. :)

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Review #2, by academica Rage Against the Dying of the Light

11th August 2011:

Love the title. Love that poem. I'm actually planning a piece that refers to it right now, interestingly enough.

You were right; the imagery was really great here. I particularly liked the way Sirius described the differences between the Potters and his own parents. It was really like night and day, and I'm glad he found some happiness. In the same vein, I love that his friends have become a better family for him than his actual blood relatives ever were. The interaction with Regulus was well-written, and it was a good way of demonstrating those familiar Black prejudices. It was also interesting to read so much about Mr. and Mrs. Black, as I don't get a lot of that in most Sirius or Regulus-centric fics.

Can I ask you something out of curiosity? I've noticed that you tend to write about the same characters and explore similar themes in most of your stories. There's nothing wrong with playing your cards close to your chest and sticking to what you know, but why not branch out a little bit and try something different? Or is that perhaps what you're trying to do with Portraits of Courage? I'm not trying to hurt your feelings or tell you that your writing is boring. I love the attention paid to these little moments in the lives of the Marauders and those closest to them. Just curious, that's all.

Well done as always!

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Ha! I actually wrote a blog piece on that, sort of. So I know that I do it, but I never really thought about why I do it. Maybe for comfort, maybe because it's easy? Who knows. I just write what I want to write and if it ends up being the same characters then that's just what happens. I don't plan when I write at all. I just write. So...blame my muse?

I just read an excellent fic about Walburga Black but I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head. You've probably already reviewed it anyway, but if you haven't, you should. It's by AquariaJasmyn or however you spell her username and it's really great.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by L. Rage Against the Dying of the Light

21st July 2011:
Really well written (: This is one of those stories where everything is just right and nothing is messed up ... ya know?

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #4, by gemdragonfly Rage Against the Dying of the Light

27th March 2008:
that was really good. i liked how you separated the parts by roman numerals.


Author's Response: I do love roman numerals so glad to see someone else does too. Thanks for stopping by and reviewing!

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Review #5, by wallflower Rage Against the Dying of the Light

27th August 2007:
I am amazed,

I have never seen characterisation of the maurauders so PERFECT. You have seriously just amazed me, not just with the way you wrote them, but the clever way you crafted the words gave the whole fic an elemental feeling and the emotions just flew from the page.

The imagery that you provoked with Sirius' household and the society party was incredible, and I love the way you wrote Regulus - spot on. Young, naive, but still not cocky enough to demand his brother make his way back to the party - he was still the younger brother.

I also loved the wisdom you gave Sirius - and the wisdom that only comes from realising that you are your own person, and that your parents don't always know what is right.

You've made the beliefs portrayed by the Blacks seem so organic and natural, and not at all stupid and foolish - the way some people write them. They're realistic, and not overexagerrated. I love Sirius' smoking habit - the way he needs something to calm him.

Regulus growled in frustration. “No, not like that. I’ve seen you snogging him, Sirius! Remus! He’s a boy!”

“Oh,” Sirius said simply, “that.”

- I love the way you wrote that. Sirius isn't ashamed, he doesn't care what it means to his brother. He's completely casual about it, as though it really is the most natural thing in the world, and the way you wrote Remus and Sirius later in the fic definitely illustrates that.

yet the family still drew to her like moths to a flame.

- I can just imagine Walburga Black having that power over her relatives and other less wealthy pureblooded families. The way that the weakminded, powerhungry, and elitist purebloods all flew to the Dark Lord like moths to a flame - hungry for the power he exuded and for what he could give them.

back to a world that Sirius no longer understood.

- I like that you say he no LONGER understood the world, not the way that some people would say he never understood it, because he would have, when he was younger, and never knew any different. Some writers make the mistake of assuming that Sirius was born with a set of Gryffindor morals.

“There are Muggleborns and half-bloods that are ten times better than what any of you will ever be.”

- I love the power of that statement, the way that you've portrayed those people. It's weird that there are some things that even the most wealthy will never understand, but Sirius knows that.

Twelve Grimmauld Place was ancient and full of shadowed rooms that held the secrets of a family who prided itself in its knowledge of Dark Arts and its pureblood heritage.

- Awesome imagery.

not when there was still youth in his bones and a loyalty not even his mother’s words could break.

[ it's really hard to not quote every single paragraph! =p ]

I love that he already knows about true loyalty- not to the family you were born into, but to the family you create and that accepts you.

The characterisation of Mrs Potter is PERFECT. Not overbearing, but accepting, and holding only esteem for Sirius as another son that can't live the way his parents do.

I love that Sirius is gay, and James has no awkwardness with the boy he sees as his brother, the way many boys do. But I guess they've grown up together and James' parents are so accepting, and obviously the family Sirius prefers - so you've already laid the groundwork and it isn't a surprising factor, but still a pleasant one.

This is an amazing R/S fic - I never thought more about them until I read an R/S fic that seemed to fit so well, and then I've read a few more, and some are too fluffy and not at all realistic which is slightly infuriating, and others are too angsty and give me a bad feeling in my gut - but this was perfect. It was angsty, but it had a real sadness to it, and Remus was there for Sirius without being OOC.

Sirius threw his head back and barked a laugh, a sound that surprised both of them. James grinned sheepishly.

“Don’t worry, Prongs, I’ll be sure to control my urges.”

- I love how you've really captured their brotherhood and their age perfectly. They're not too old or wise beyond their age, but they have an innate understanding of the cogs of their friendship. It's really well done.

Author's Response: Thank you for the amazing review.

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Review #6, by tomfeltonsgurl Rage Against the Dying of the Light

4th July 2007:
i just want to say, nice title. good to find another Dylan Thomas fan.

Author's Response: Someone once asked me if the title came from some song...I think I nearly died.

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Review #7, by LaDorki Rage Against the Dying of the Light

6th May 2007:
Today I realized that this story is in my favourites even though I had never reviewed. Quite strange. So here's a long overdue review, both for this story and in that I promised you one... ages ago. ;)

The opening of this piece is really effective. It sets the tone of the story and explains Sirius' fall from the top in an elegant way - nothing too fancy, but still thorough. Great way to open the story. I liked your characterization of Regulus and Mrs. Black, especially, in section two. The one paragraph describing Mrs. Black's presense and how she was once beautiful was nicely done, it emphasized her personality a lot. As for Regulus - I can't lie, I don't read very much of him, but I do like this stubborn, naive boy you've given us. If he didn't believe in horrible things, I would even consider him a bit adorable in that "aw, he's just little" sort of way. I know you know what I mean. =P

The third section, I really liked. It was simple and short, but the meaning that came out of it was just as important as any other section of this story. I think it's important that people realize that family is still family, no matter how much they hate one another. Some people depict Sirius' runaway as a relief and a new start, whereas you have done it in a way that is far more realistic with regret and unsevered ties. That's one of my favourite parts of your writing, your instinct for what is realistic and human nature. Just lovely.

After reading A Cold Heaven, I like the connection between Sirius and James even more in this piece. Not that it's the same connection, but that fic definitely changed the way I look at them (in the best way possible! =D), so to see them back together, not needing to speak to communicate, is spectacular. I love their friendship in your writing. Always effortless, always completely real. Great work.

Marauders reunion! DRUNK Marauders reunion. How fun. Anyways. I love your Remus/Sirius, as usual. Even though they're already heavily established in this fic, it's kind of like the Marauders themselves - the way you've written them, it's not like you're introducing a new idea. It's just second nature, what's always been. This is probably my favourite way to read them, when there aren't any explanations. They just are, and because of that you can go new places with them that you can't in a fic they're only just starting out as a couple in. This isn't a new relationship, it's steady and strong, and we don't have to know when it starts or ends because it's timeless. Love the way you depict that.

However, the best part of the story is the overall feeling I'm left with as I finish it. The feeling of still holding onto that family/blood tie, yet finding a saviour in something new. You do it so well. =D Not sure why I didn't review this the first time I read it, but I think it's better this way, 'cause I was kind of a cruddy reviewer back when you first put this fic out. =P Hope this was sufficient for such a long wait. ;) HEARTS.

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Review #8, by Dracana Rage Against the Dying of the Light

8th February 2007:
"The clink of silver and crystal glasses, the murmur of expensive wine in the throats of rich and beautiful women dressed in silk, lace and diamonds, faded the farther he went from the gate." I don't know why, but that was my favourite scentence out of the whole thing. It had so much imagary, elegance and delicacy - it was perfectly portrayed.

I just love your technique for all these stories. You write with such passion and make it seem so real. That's the mark of a good writer. And you write Sirius with such ease, and I love how you slip Regulus in. I know its a lot to ask, but . . . well, could you sort of write a slash fic about him? Regulus, I mean. That would be gorgeous, and because his character isn't defined, you'd be able to explore it a bit and develop it by yourself instead of having to rely on what JK says or worrying about straying out of character - not that you ever do - the way you write is clearly fantastic!!

Anway, back to the story - it was nothing less than perfect. I can't really think what else to say, other than keep writing more stories, please - I love them.

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Review #9, by jezz rivett Rage Against the Dying of the Light

9th July 2006:
that was brilliant, i'm writing a fic about Sirius and Remus coming together this has given me more hope that it might work

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Review #10, by BAILEY_83 Rage Against the Dying of the Light

17th February 2006:
WOW................................................. That was so sweet and touching a little sad but mostly beautiful you have such a poetic way of writing that makes the words and emotions flow off the page and straight to the heart. thank you for sharing you definitely have an amazing gift.

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Review #11, by squaredancer Rage Against the Dying of the Light

4th January 2006:
Moh, it was gorgeous. It has an immense element of sadness, which I loved, and your writing style is wonderful! But then what else was I to expect? ^_^ I've read a few of your fics before. Anyway, I particularly liked this like - " When Voldemort began his rise to power, and the Blacks clutched to his beliefs as though they were a promise made of silver, Sirius seemed to be the only one who knew that silver could be tarnished." - it was very poetic and powerful, which I suppose is why you used it in the summary, yes? I honestly can't think of anything you could improve on, so congrats on such a brilliant fic and keep up the good work!

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Review #12, by kia Rage Against the Dying of the Light

12th November 2005:
that was cool. i keep reading fics where sirius n remus are sad and i always end up crying, and i love them, but it was great to read a fic where they're happy, well, to anextent anyway.

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Review #13, by DarkDesires Rage Against the Dying of the Light

20th October 2005:
This is a really beautiful story, it says everything about Sirius that was expressed in the books. It's completely in canon (as possible as that is with slash and all) and entirely convicing. I'd recommend this to anyone.

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Review #14, by Charmed Ravenclaw Rage Against the Dying of the Light

19th October 2005:
What does 'Toujour Pur' mean? And Smoking wasn't just a muggle habit you know - witches and wizards smoked pipes way back. Sirius gay? Interesting. Isn't 'Whorl' spelt 'Whirl'? Or is that just me? Anyway, I reckon it was a good story overall because of the way Sirius thinks about his family. Bye!

Author's Response: Toujour Pur means Forever Pure. It's written on the Black family tree. And I won't address anything else in your review because it's just a waste of my time.

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Review #15, by Artemis Rage Against the Dying of the Light

11th October 2005:
I don't know what to say... It's wonderful. Beautiful. Please write more.

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Review #16, by Noblevyne Rage Against the Dying of the Light

6th October 2005:
This is lovely. Everything about this feels...well, good, for want of a better expression. The characterisation is, as always, perfect and the friendship between James and Sirius...I know this is a Sirius/Remus relationship, but the heart of it lies with those two boys and how much they really do care for one another. I loved the contrast between 12 Grimmauld Place and the Potter's, the politics and starch atmosphere really make Sirius an awkward centrepiece, his relationship with his family is just as I'd imagined it and going into the warmth of the Potters residence just makes it heartrending to think of his life there because his life has lacked so much...gives some great insight into his character. Great details and the ending made me feel all mushy. And exactly how many betas do you need? I vote you should have one for just the adjectives :P

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Review #17, by crystal allan Rage Against the Dying of the Light

22nd September 2005:
I was in one of those terribly solemn, pensive moods tonight. I was outside for hours just looking up at the constellations. As I sat there I eventually found Sirius and for some reason I thought of this story. “The brightest stars always burn out the fastest.” That line kept running through my head. It’s so very prolific. One of those things in a story that can relate back to life. This story was very beautifully written and full lines like that.

Well, I shant bore you any longer with my contemplative rambling : )

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Review #18, by timeturner Rage Against the Dying of the Light

9th September 2005:
Do you know why I dislike this fic? Because it makes me jealous of your writing because you are so phenomenal and because you won't write more! This scene is like a clip of a long story that I feel like I'm missing out on because you won't let me read it. You've done great work with Remus and Sirius here but I truly love the relationship you described at the beginning with Sirius and the Blacks. It was wonderful and just as I'd expect an evening at the Blacks to be.

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Review #19, by F4L Rage Against the Dying of the Light

6th September 2005:
Aww R/S! lol I loved this. It was sad but beautiful. And even though I hate smoking, I can see Sirius as someone who would ;) Your writing is brilliant, I loved it ^_^ <3

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Review #20, by MastaNinja Rage Against the Dying of the Light

3rd September 2005:
That's awesome, really inspirational! I mean, you made Peter seem an awful lot like Neville but other than that, I loved this fic. Brilliant work.

Author's Response: What's wrong with making Peter seem like Neville?!

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Review #21, by the phoenix Rage Against the Dying of the Light

27th August 2005:
You make the unreal so totally believeable - I've never enjoyed reading a slash fic before!

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Review #22, by Briana Rose Rage Against the Dying of the Light

25th August 2005:
I like how you write. It's very...whatchmacallit, lyrical. A bit like, heh, the poem from the title. And speaking of that: Dylan Thomas! OMGIloveDylanThomasheistehroxxors. Actually, it made me think of this fic at ff.net where Remus reads a Thomas poem at Sirius' memorial service...god, it made me cry buckets. As for concrit...well, I thought the way the Marauders talked sounded kind of...unboyish. You know what I mean, there's a certain way that boy's talk, and obviously I'm not an expert on it. I guess the dialogue in general could've been more natural (to me at least.) It didn't impress me as much as your prose, I guess. Cheers, Briana Rose

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Review #23, by Bowles Rage Against the Dying of the Light

24th August 2005:
I told you I'd read it. And I'm glad I did. It was amazing.

The imagery of Sirius smoking was believable, as was his exchange with Regulus and that entire part about the Blacks: the parents were perfect. And as he was packing, I got this one line in my head: hit the ground running. It was from another fic I read, a drabble by vagabond_sal in the Runaways fandom, and the last two lines are this (edited for language):

"It's time you hit the ground running, and if the rest of the world can't keep up?

Well, that'd just be a bloody shame."

I loved this. The Remus/Sirius was believable, as were the Marauders' interactions. You are definitely developing, or have already developed, your own writing style, and it suits your fics perfectly. Compared to "A House of Cards", which I still love, or "There Were Ghosts", which was excellent, this is... well, it puts your older fics to shame.

The ship didn't matter to me. I'm indifferent towards Remus/Sirius. You made it believable. Even the amount they were kissing, which was quite a bit, was justified by how you characterized Sirius. I can't really give any constructive criticism because there's not much I could construct on: it's obvious that you put a lot of work into this, and... well, I think I'll be re-reading this a few times. It's definitely going into my favorites.

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Review #24, by good_slytherin Rage Against the Dying of the Light

23rd August 2005:
Wow... that was certainly intense... Remus/Sirius being together isn't all that hard to understand, and it all flows together nicely

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Review #25, by melihobbit Rage Against the Dying of the Light

23rd August 2005:
It gets better every time I read it :) And I finally summoned the courage to review! It might seem odd to say that, but sometimes things just seem too wonderful for words, and there is something indefineable about this that I adore. Not that I can't find things to point out- your beautiful grasp of Sirius' relationship with his brother Regulus, all that lovely imageryof kings and princes, the quiet way James' mother radiates sympathy and love when she says "I'll put the tea on"- no trace of a question, just simply accepting Sirius into her house because no-one else is there to fill the gap his real mother left. Or the way Sirius is so bitter when he's drunk, even more so, because his guard is down, and he's like a little boy again, the way he asks Remus why the blood can't be burnt out of him. See, I could point to things like that, but it would take too much space to say everything :) I love and adore the final scene - it's one of those gorgeous images that takes your breath away and then stays with you long after you've finished reading. This is just... amazing :)

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