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Review #1, by Sweetangel0246 The secret stuff begins

30th June 2007:
Really Cool

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Review #2, by ILoveLost1888 Hermione's other side and making up

5th October 2006:
What will Harry say about Ron and Hermione??? I hope that he is happty of them?? ^_^

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Review #3, by Ron/Hermione=love The secret stuff begins

18th February 2006:
That was really good, but I don't like how you made Harry act really rude to Hermione and act like he's only friends with her because Ron is. Harry really acted like a jerk. Other than that it was really good. Update soon if you are going to again.

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Review #4, by Nonnie The secret stuff begins

31st August 2005:

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Review #5, by Ashaz from oz The secret stuff begins

26th August 2005:
OMG GR8 STORY keep writin k so good

Author's Response: Thanks, i'll try and write more

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Review #6, by VeritasAmo The secret stuff begins

18th August 2005:
Very cute. A little over usage of exclamation points, but next to that, fantastic. Write more soon!

Author's Response: Yea my sister says I use way too many exclamation marks. I'll try to stop

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Review #7, by Guest The secret stuff begins

18th August 2005:
Very good and very sweet. But why are the chapters so BLOODY short?more,longer chapters needed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thankyou. I'll try and make the chapters longer

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Review #8, by Ker Lack of concentration in class

18th August 2005:
Wow. This really stinks. Do you have a qualified beta reader or even someone who can TRY To help you out with plot? I mean, assuming you HAVE a plot.

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Review #9, by the downfall of the rising The secret stuff begins

18th August 2005:
Awwh, such a cute couple, I love ron/hermione stories! update soon! this is so going in my favorites!~Valerie

Author's Response: Wow this is my first fan fiction and its in your favourites! cool, thanks!

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Review #10, by eaglesrule_ravenclaw4eva1155 The secret stuff begins

17th August 2005:
Is this going to continue coz its brilliant!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Yes it will continue. Thankyou for your comment. I'm glad you like it.

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