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Review #1, by Cheese Doodle Hermione's insecurities

13th February 2007:
Um, okay. Sorry, but this is kind of unrealistic...and sudden.

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Review #2, by JaxGranger Hermione's insecurities

4th September 2005:
Oh how I wish it would happen!!!!!!!! *gives a little harry/hermione shipper dance!!* YAY!

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Review #3, by aleung Hermione's insecurities

20th August 2005:
The story was progressing very well until the ending, which seemed a little lame and rushed. No offense, I've written some fanfics and I know how hard endings are, but this one-shot is just too good to have a ... um ... 'not-so-good' ending.

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Review #4, by Tinkerbell626 Hermione's insecurities

18th August 2005:
Real cute. I like it alot! Can't wait for another story like this one!

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Review #5, by Lassy_Luna Hermione's insecurities

17th August 2005:
Awww, that's such a sweet little scene-fic and I really wish it woul happen. *Says the huge Luna/on Shipper* I loved the way that Harry asked her if it was a guy. That was funny! Luna

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Review #6, by reshathakur Hermione's insecurities

17th August 2005:

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