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Review #1, by Sainteth  Time to make a Decision

29th December 2005:
Thats really good!!!...You're making a great story out of it...^_^

Author's Response: why thanks .... same with your story !! ummm... i have to up date but i need to read over what i have written so far and get back into the swing of writting again .... PD happy new year

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Review #2, by Sainteth  Time to make a Decision

7th December 2005:
Absolutely wonderful...can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: thanks sainteth ..... hope you have a good christmas and new yr

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Review #3, by justine the year after

16th October 2005:
hey every body thing is justine ....i can seem to log into my account sooo i dnt no what to do hopefully ill be able to log in soon .sorry bout this

Author's Response: Soory bout my shocking typing i ment to say that i was having troubles logging in but that is all sorted out now !!!!!

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Review #4, by Phantom Lord unfaithful

30th September 2005:
The chapter was really good, though too short. I'm looking foreward to read more of your story.

Author's Response: lol...thanks me to cant wait to read more of your story 2 !!! thanks for reviewing

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Review #5, by Ollie unfaithful

22nd September 2005:
it is a bit confusing cause of the spelling mistakes but it's stilll good, i like, i think i know what's going on, but I'm not entirely sure..but i think i am... ok, it's good, let's settle on that

Author's Response: Thanks ..ill try and get one of my friends to fix my spelling in future i know it SUCKS so i'll try my hardest to improve.... thanks for the review

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Review #6, by Sainteth unfaithful

21st September 2005:
You still need to make the chapters longer, but so far so good!!!!!!!!!!:P:@:P

Author's Response: lol...what can i say ..its hard to write a story .... lol..i guess i just have to let my mind go

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Review #7, by Sainteth the darkness

15th September 2005:
Good, good.......but you still need to write more......grrr

Author's Response: lol.... i will try i promise ...but i'd rather update every week with a little..

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Review #8, by cutie17 the darkness

11th September 2005:
wow ... kinda confused ,,, but still a GREAT story!!!! update soon!!!!!!

Author's Response: ok..ill was it confussing let me know and ill try and fix it

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Review #9, by Brooke the year after

10th September 2005:
This is a really good piece of wrtting, can't wait for you to write some more!!!

Author's Response: thanx .. there will be more <3 jus

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Review #10, by Phantom Lord the darkness

9th September 2005:
When are you going to update? I want to read more... Please update soon. Check out my third chapter if you want

Author's Response: well i updated a couple of days ago soo... ill update in a few days to a week promise <3 jus

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Review #11, by Phantom Lord(not logged in) the darkness

7th September 2005:
I liked the first chapter and I liked even more the second chapter. I would like to read more and if you want you can check my story too and tell if you think it's good.

Author's Response: Thanks i will take a look at your story update should be soon

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Review #12, by +GoDs-LiTtLe-RoCkEr+ the year after

7th September 2005:
Good Work justine... Its really good.... even I liked it (for harry potter:P) Im very proud of you

Author's Response: awwh..... GLR has seen the light in Harry potter knew id get there one day <3 jus

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Review #13, by Sain' the year after

5th September 2005:
I'm gonna fix ur punctuation for you..........

Author's Response: haha thanks Sain' ur a saint:P

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Review #14, by Sain' the year after

5th September 2005:
It's good...quite good actually...but you need to fix up your punctuation and WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Well thanks Sain'....there will be longer chapter promise

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Review #15, by ekd the year after

28th August 2005:
YAY! I'm hoping for some more romance...hehe...this is a good first chapter but PLEASE keep writing..i'm curious now

Author's Response: KOOl...your my first proper review the others were my friends :P you have me motivated to read... my update should be in the next week or so

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Review #16, by Tara the year after

21st August 2005:
hey jussy bussy!! cool story!!... its really good :) u really need 2 edit it though, its kinda hard 2 read :P anyways... byebye

Author's Response: haha lol i think i should do that lol... sorry every one

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Review #17, by lara the year after

21st August 2005:
i like it. but it depends what you do with it . i cant wait for more

Author's Response: Thanks im not sure when ill up date but i will

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