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Review #1, by kittenxox Home

22nd June 2005:
I am going to write this once and ONLY once so read closely... WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buh-Bye now.

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Review #2, by buttonlady Home

20th June 2005:
Very good.

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Review #3, by Elizabeth Home

16th June 2005:
That was a very good story! And I love that song! It was AWSOME!

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Review #4, by harryluvshermione Home

1st April 2005:
awsome!!! who was ron's wife???

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Review #5, by Totally Ravenclaw Home

1st June 2004:
Touching, sweet. Good spot to put the 'Amazing Bouncing Ferret'!

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Review #6, by bubbles345 Home

27th March 2004:
this is excellent!!! Most imaginative and written so well.... I want you to put up morte chapterrs... and finish the cupid one with james and lily I cant wait!!!

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Review #7, by littleaquarianprincess Home

30th January 2004:
oh so sad Amy.

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Review #8, by Viridian Magpie Home

17th October 2003:
Very melancholic. Only there's sth. I have to criticise, though. Errol is a bird so he doesn't have a hand but a talon. About the song: I confess I've never heard of it. Yet, even though, I don't know its melody, only its text, I think it fits beautifully into the story. And one question: who's Ron's wife, the mother of Emma?

Author's Response: Ema's mother is Lavender. Just because. I don't know why Mr Weasley died. He just did. It fit into the song. Thanx for the constructive critism!

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Review #9, by GatheringDarkness Home

2nd October 2003:
I love that Song (big Country Fan!) It's nice to see that song with this storyline. I loved it and I hope you get better. Heard you were sick. Hope you get better...again. :)

Author's Response: Thanx GatheringDarkness. I read ur story, btw, or at least the first chappie. It's very, very, very good. Keep it up. Ur French is very fluent. Are u native, or do u take it as a class in skewl? I'm glad u like Country music as well. I absolutely luv Tim McGraw. Have u read my story "Unicorn Talker?" I used his song "All We Ever Find" in it. Have u heard it? Very beautiful song if I do say so myself! Thanx 4 ur review APL

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Review #10, by mundungus fletcher Home

9th September 2003:
Aw, that was real cute...sob! Anyway. Nice job!!

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Review #11, by scruffulous Home

8th September 2003:
Very good and imaginative. I really like the way you have used the story behind the song and placed your characters inside that story.The inspiration that you got from the song is what developed the story in your mind, so please don't be hard on yourself about originality.

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Review #12, by dreamerbaby Home

7th September 2003:
i love it!! i love it muno chica!

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Review #13, by OrangeSodaSpill Home

6th September 2003:
WASTE? WASTE? I love it? How could this story be a waste? Please I want to hear more!!! This is soooo great!!!

Author's Response: More what? There is no more! I'm glad you like it though. If I find anything else to add, though, I will try! ;)

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Review #14, by Myst Home

6th September 2003:
pretty good! (please read my story Purified and Forsaken Reality)

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Review #15, by Vandal Home

6th September 2003:
This is really good, Amy. And while the song is Tim's and the characters are Rowlings's--the story is yours. Don't say that you have no ownership!

Author's Response: Thank you Grandma! I guess I forgot about that!

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Review #16, by forsakenphoenix Home

6th September 2003:
It's a cute story...erm..'songfic' i mean.

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Review #17, by KaOtIcAnGeL Home

6th September 2003:
aww that was soo sad and good but just one question who is emma's mother?

Author's Response: Emma's mother is Lavender. Just because.

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