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Review #1, by indigogirl Fallen Grace

28th October 2009:
this is really good

first story this week i've been able to read through until the end without getting bored :)

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Review #2, by KJ287 Fallen Grace

1st May 2007:
"reminiscent of the Grim Reaper" and "reminiscent of" in general is just a bit of a clumsy phrase, wouldn't you say? Also, you do use it twice in only a couple of paragraphs...

Also - Stonewall is a gay rights group in the UK. I don't know if that was deliberate?

Nonetheless, it's not a bad little episode. Maybe use some clearing up, working towards elegance more than anything else, but it held my attention.

Author's Response: Thanks for the thoughtful review! I haven't looked at that story for a couple of months, but now I think I will have to.

And the name Stonewall I got from the book, I believe that is the name of the public highschool that Harry originally thought he would be attending. Of course, I could be mistaken.

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Review #3, by Bubblechimes Fallen Grace

25th October 2005:
This is very, very good. You seem to have a lot of talent! What astonished (and amused) me was how very similar your character Grace looked to me! The only difference I could easily recognise was that my hair is considerably shorter than Grace's, and it isn't as light as it used to be, but more brown with gold highlights. It's funny. I'm glad you didn't make her look perfect, though, because I don't really fancy Mary Sues (as most would say). But again, wonderful job.

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Review #4, by Urvi Fallen Grace

23rd September 2005:
Wow that was awesome! That girl was one hell of a rebel! She was great and had the best lines! Nice job!

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Review #5, by flutterby Fallen Grace

19th September 2005:
wow, that was really good, i liked it. it was very sad and haunting, yet very real too. i think that you protrayed all the emotions really well. i don't know why you have so few reviews on this, i think its a wonderful one shot. good job!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, I'm glad you liked it. I thought it fit in well with the tone of the more recent Harry Potter books. : )

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Review #6, by timeturner Fallen Grace

19th September 2005:
You have a wonderful sense of imagery...its comes across very haunting and yet very real in this one shot. You did extremely well at encapsulating this into a one shot and I liked the overwhelming feeling that Grace's predicament brought to Harry. The loss of innocense, so to speak, hit Harry hard and just seemed to fuel his growing anger toward Voldemort. Great work.

Author's Response: I felt after HBP I wanted a little something more. There has been so much focus on the wizarding world (well, duh), how they are affected and what they think of Voldemort and his lovely minions. I thought a reality check was in order. I don't know how much really processed into Harry's head during HBP that there was this whole world of completely clueless people, and just how unfair to them it was. I'd like to think that Harry would try to defeat Voldemort not only for the wizarding world, but for all the nonmagical people in the world. That, and I really, really wanted someone to punch Voldemort. Ever since I first read the books I have very much wanted someone to punch the malicious, slimy git. ; )

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Review #7, by ilovedracoandharry Fallen Grace

8th September 2005:
That was very touching, I like the detail that you included into it and the way that you introduced Grace to the story line. The fact that you tackled Horcruxes in a one-shot, which not many people have been brave enough to do yet was just wonderful and certainly a refreshing change to see a story that followed on well from HBP. Everything seemed to fit quite nicely and follow on from book six in a believable way and I am actually glad to see a story that has a nice rating on it without ridiculous and excessive violence or romance. The last line was the perfect way to end it as well and it was a wonderful finishing touch to add. This one is definitely going onto my favourites list, I look forward to reading more of your work. Kate

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Review #8, by crystal allan Fallen Grace

19th August 2005:
I've been waiting for you to release a new story, I was so glad when I saw this. Your descriptions are so amazing - what stood out in particular was "Even if she had been alive, her body would have been broken..." You handled it with such elegance; it was beautiful.

Author's Response: You were waiting for me to release another story? Wow, I feel honored. Thank you so much, it puts a big smile on my face when I know my writing is enjoyed.

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Review #9, by becky Fallen Grace

17th August 2005:
Really excellent! Although...Grace was sorta a MarySue, if you know what I mean... With all of the majestic beauty and inexplicable power. I was starting to get suspicious when she was defying ol' Voldy because of all of the cliches out there, but once it was clear that she wouldn't be joining Harry in his quest for Horcruxes as an Elemental or something equally ridiculous, I relaxed. So, keep going because it's good.

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