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Review #1, by robbiejarvisluvr1 Chapter 1

28th December 2006:
Um, well there are a few errors, and you can't really tell the difference from the song lyrics and the storyline. Other than that, you did really well. I feel so sorry for Hermione and I hate Ginny and Tammy for doing that. Great job. I was wondering if you could read and review my stories. That would be awesome. 10-10

Author's Response: i will when i get the chance

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Review #2, by Sessler4life Chapter 1

18th July 2006:
You had a really good idea, and you used a tottally kick butt song, but it could use just a little work. I noticed some spelling errors, and the ending was just a bit to abrupt (But thats just my opinoin) Other then that I thought is was great! I really like your writting style.

In the future, though, just make sure you use spell check (And if you don't have spell check, you can always go to, an online spell checking site.)

Love the song, once again, and I love Ron/Hermione

Author's Response: Thanks for the helpful ideas. My spell check doesn't catch everything.

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Review #3, by Alex Chapter 1

23rd November 2005:
I wish this was a chapter story, I wanna see Draco beg for mercy. lol that would be a sight to see

Author's Response: Well it isn't a chapter story but there will be a sequal.

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Review #4, by Kit Chapter 1

14th September 2005:

Author's Response: I tried to put it in Hermione Ron and it wouldn't work. Thanks for the reveiw though.

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Review #5, by Sage Chapter 1

14th September 2005:
Good story but it doesn't belong in this catagory...put in hermione and Rom!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm sorry I didn't know what the plot was when I wrote it.

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Review #6, by dementedbabe Chapter 1

17th August 2005:
i love that song!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! It's one of my favorites.

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