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Review #1, by Noomoo The Were The Gryffindors

3rd August 2007:
*sniff* That was wonderful - could really relate to it, the bittersweet feeling of all the amazing memories to keep and moving on to something perhaps more exciting, mixed with the sadness of having to part with friends and the fact that it's all over. :)

Author's Response: Thankyou so much! I took personal experience into that for sure.

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Review #2, by Clowee_tee The Were The Gryffindors

18th July 2007:
Really liked it :)

Author's Response: Thankyou very much.

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Review #3, by Luck O the Irish The Were The Gryffindors

19th February 2007:
=[ *cries* So cute and it made your stomach go flip floppy. I love oneshots!! =P Pretty good job!

Author's Response: Thankyou very much. This was one of my first one-shots so I wasn't quite sure. But thanks!

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Review #4, by vibrantlyVIVID The Were The Gryffindors

25th November 2006:
Aw wow. Its still hard to read about them as seventh years because you are just so used to reading about them either out of school or still in the middle of school. Its sad. Wow. I do hope that they end up being friends for a long time. I really do. They are such an amazing group of people.

Author's Response: I agree completely. It was a really hard story to write but I deffinatly related it to life. Graduating and such. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Fuego The Were The Gryffindors

8th October 2006:
I cried. So pretty!!!

Author's Response: awe merci.

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Review #6, by harrypottersangel The Were The Gryffindors

11th July 2006:
YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa god now i'm crying talk about a water works story.. it was amazing in my favs for forever cuz its beautiful

Author's Response: You are amazing! Thanks so much!

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Review #7, by xxPadfoot_Printsxx The Were The Gryffindors

29th March 2006:
Hey! Brilliant attempt on your fisrt story! So emotional! LoL! Chat laterz! xxxLove Tilliexxx

Author's Response: Lol, This was actually my fifth story (i think). Thanks anyway!

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Review #8, by HarryPotter is my LIFE The Were The Gryffindors

29th March 2006:
I really liked it. I think this was such a real story. And it's nice because, at least not that you mentioned, Harry isn't going off to kill Voldemort the next day. It seems so, real. I didn't think this would be particularly sad, but, after reading it, it just was...I can't really explain why. And i like it that way, you did an amazing job on this fic.

Author's Response: Wow, thankyou so much. You've caught my message and pretty much explained it, lol. I'm so happy for your review and will hope to see more from you.

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Review #9, by hermionefanqt The Were The Gryffindors

22nd March 2006:
This a really great one shot, one of the best general ones i've read

Author's Response: Thanks!!! That is so nice to hear.

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Review #10, by Australia's_#1_HPfan The Were The Gryffindors

5th March 2006:
that brings back all the memories of gaduation, if they actually do have a break up in book 7 it will probably be just as happy, yet sad . . .

Author's Response: Yeah, agree with you in every way. I don't think they'll break up in the 7th book but this was pre-HBP. This is off topic but is Australia awesome? I hear it is but I've never really asked anyone who lives there. By all means do not feel obligated to answer this but yeah, I was just asking. Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #11, by Anastasia The Were The Gryffindors

5th February 2006:
This is an amazing story...Wow, I loved it!

The idea your story is based on has been used by several authors. You, however, used it particularly well.

I could really identify with the chaeacters. I laughed, I smiled, I felt bad for their departure. Every single feeling of the Gryffindors was felt by me as well. This is the definition of good writing!

The ending was fabulous. I could just imagine the group hug...It was so heartfelt and real, I adored it. Excellent work! ~Anastasia

Author's Response: Wow, thankyou. I am constantly waiting for you to review all my stories so that I can feel this happy. I'm glad you enjoyed this story so much and am so glad it was one of the better written of it's type.
Lotsa Love-Snowstarr

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Review #12, by EvilSmurfa The Were The Gryffindors

28th December 2005:

Author's Response: i no.

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Review #13, by Tonks The Were The Gryffindors

20th November 2005:
pretty good. youve got potential ,this is actualy the best story ive read so far, you dont overdo it and the characters totally act like themselfs.i give u 5 stars! :)

Author's Response: Thankyou. I love it when people give me such nice and helpful reviews. Thankyou so much!

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Review #14, by Hillary The Were The Gryffindors

2nd October 2005:
I loved it, you are my FAVE author.

Author's Response: Oh Thanks!!!

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Review #15, by lauren The Were The Gryffindors

4th September 2005:
i thought i was really great

Author's Response: Awe, thankyou. I'm very happy.

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Review #16, by samnlawson The Were The Gryffindors

2nd September 2005:
it was very good, but there's absolutely no mention of the battle, which took place between Harry and Voldemort, yet it might of been a bit obvious as to who won, yet there still was no mention of it, a good story, but in rating, i'll give you 8.5/10

Author's Response: To be honest I'm not quite sure why I put in no mention of the battle. Probably because it was a short story, to short to have stuff like that in it. I know it's an important part of the whole story, by J.k. Rowling. Think of it this way: During one of the books. This happens to be a chapter where nothing bad happens. Does that make sense? Thankyou so much for your review. 8.5 out of ten, Wow!!!

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Review #17, by draco'sgurl The Were The Gryffindors

2nd September 2005:
it was good..........can u teach me how 2 make a banner plz????my email is

Author's Response: thanks for the review. But if you read the blurb about all my stories you'll know that I don't make my own banners. People make them for me.

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Review #18, by Rozanne The Were The Gryffindors

20th August 2005:
Oh, lovely! They were the Gryffindors.... Really touching, I loved it, and even got a bit watery-eyed! Great, really...

Author's Response: Thanks SO much. That's just the affect I was looking for.

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Review #19, by Dark Arts Mistress The Were The Gryffindors

19th August 2005:
That's really good, and very funny! I reckon you should write a story carrying on from this, about their lives out of school. But, wouldn't there be two other Gryffindoy seventh-years? There's five boys, so there should be five girls ... plz write an out-of-school fic, it would be great!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review but I'm not entirely sure what you mean at the end there.

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Review #20, by designateddan The Were The Gryffindors

17th August 2005:
beautiful story! I loved it! Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!!

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Review #21, by Adrianna The Were The Gryffindors

16th August 2005:
awwwwwwwwww!!!! that was so sweet!!! *sniffles* i lovvvvvved it!! a perfect 10!! i hope thats how he seires ends!! if it does ill be crying happy tears!

Author's Response: awwwwwww.... Your so nice. This review is so... Nice!!!! A perfect 10, thankyou so much!!!!

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Review #22, by LostMaeblleshire The Were The Gryffindors

15th August 2005:
Aw, this was so happy and sad, all at the same time! I would have started sobbing a lot sooner, though... eh heh... it's hard to imagine exactly how everyone would feel on their last day, especially Hermione, who is so studious. But I think that you've captured the mood well. *raises glass in a toast* Brilliant work.

Author's Response: All your reviews leave me speechless. This may sound stupid but your a really amazing reviewer. I'm glad you've been reading my stories because it feels good to have such wonderful comments left behind, Thanks!

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Review #23, by Tonks_3242 The Were The Gryffindors

15th August 2005: was good even though it was short...nice job.

Author's Response: Thanks. I did this story pretty quick. 20 minutes or so. So it makes sense it's not long. Thankyou so much for the review!!!

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Review #24, by rachel The Were The Gryffindors

15th August 2005:
great.. the best one-shot i have ever read almost brought tears to my eyes.................. one question where is harry's dance partner

Author's Response: Oh my god. Your so kind. I didn't kno this was going to be so popular. Oh, your so kind. Oh and to answer your question. The person on Harrys' eyes wasn't at the ball. A little background check on my story... heehee.

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Review #25, by Kadesha The Were The Gryffindors

15th August 2005:
I liked it. It was really sweet.

Author's Response: Thankyou, so much.

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