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Review #1, by lily flower I Do, But I Don't

16th April 2008:
Oh this is really cute

I think you could add more on to it though

Or do a sequel

Keep on writting

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Review #2, by gemdragonfly I Do, But I Don't

19th April 2006:
It was pretty good.

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Review #3, by miss lupin I Do, But I Don't

6th September 2005:
HA! lol that is so funny! o love it! lol!

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Review #4, by skyra I Do, But I Don't

21st December 2003:
you have to update!!! really. that story was so cute. enchanting. im gonna jump out of my skin if i cant read morre.

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Review #5, by SisterBear I Do, But I Don't

29th October 2003:
wasn't that song by Toby keith?

Author's Response: No, it's by Tupac Shakur. Are you mental?

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Review #6, by aikakone I Do, But I Don't

13th October 2003:
LEX! This is great. I just might have to do the LEX ROX dance here. I like it so much. Ahhh! Puppy goodness. I really do think you could continue if you wanted to write more, but I'm happy there was at least a 2nd chapter.

Author's Response: Puppy goodness! To hell! Puppy wonderfulness! XD Not this fic, the ship. Even the worst WolfStar fic is Puppy Wonderfulness. Don't ask, please, I'm just an obsessed lil fangirl... Anyway, WHAT is with that dance? Oh yes. You'd better hurry with the Gin/Rem you promised! ;)

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Review #7, by squaredancer & littleaquarianprincess I Do, But I Don't

11th October 2003:
That was so cool! Hurry up and write more please. IT was very well written...congratulations. We dont care if that was meant to be a one shot fic or not... WE WANT MORE!!! (littleaquarianprincess says that she needs ur help on info about Lupin for my story And Then There were None - please review latest chapter) ps... well done :)

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Review #8, by K'moi-chan I Do, But I Don't

11th October 2003:
Oh my freaking hell. I thought it was just an okay story..until i read the ending...that was absolutly brilliant! Inspired!

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Review #9, by dare_devil120 I Do, But I Don't

11th October 2003:
Hi, your old friend here (at least so I think)! That...That....Just...Wow. That was wicked, you had BETTER update this story! Very good twist on the end, I can imagine Remus' face when James said that. Hehe, gorgeous, love it. 10/10!

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Review #10, by chicablue18 I Do, But I Don't

9th October 2003:
Oh that was good lol. I hope you will update soon plz!!!!!!!!lol i like this story= )

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Review #11, by hitomi_n Prologue

7th October 2003:
well, what can I say? it happened to be the first HP fanfic I've ever read and I liked it really really a lot.... your style is good, very Harry Potter-like, and this Sirius/Remus thing.... I thought I'm some kind of weirdo, thinking up some shounen-ai stories related to HP, but now I see that I'm not the only one here ^.^ keep up the great great work!!

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Review #12, by dare_devil120 Prologue

27th September 2003:
Er, excusez moi (pronounced ex-cyooz-ez mwah, not the French way), when are you planning on adding to this wonderfully delicious story? I hope I don't have to wait too much longer! - Octopus :-D! x x

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Review #13, by aikakone Prologue

23rd September 2003:
So what's the deal, Lucille? I want more of this story. Sure you've got others to write, but don't forget this one, okay?

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Review #14, by dare_devil120 Prologue

14th September 2003:
Hi, me again. For your information I'm quite used to slash so :-P to you! Nah, I read quite a lot of it but I don't read much Marauder/Lily/etc stuff, so I didn't really take it into account that people would write about Sirius and Remus in a slashy way. But update soon!

Author's Response: Really? But... but... Remus/Sirius is the most common slash out there... hmm... Anyway, thanks for reviewing (again!) :)

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Review #15, by chicablue18 Prologue

13th September 2003:
I really liked that it was really good and I hope you write more soon. ~Danielle~

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Review #16, by Bella Prologue

8th September 2003:
Brilliant! Continue soon won't you? I still hate Peter and well, actually I can't stand James Potter but Siri and Remmy are my fav's.... Anyway babling on again, 10/10 lol just a thought did Sirius blush?? hahahaha Ella

Author's Response: Can't stand James?? *Convulses* How can you... how is it... oh, it's the arrogant thing in OotP, right? Hmph. I'll always love James! Yeah! *Pouts* But, yeah, here's to Siri and Remmy! Cheers! Yeah. Okay, I'm out. Thanks for reviewing, Erin dearest! :)

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Review #17, by dare_devil120 Prologue

5th September 2003:
Ooooh, I never thought of Sirius and Remus in *that* way before! Hehe, write some more, I like the sound of where this is going...

Author's Response: Never thought of them in that way? Ooo... newbie slasher! Woohoo! Hey, newbie slashers rock! I'll update ASAP, dar_devil120, sir/ma'am/octopus!

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Review #18, by M.J Prologue

5th September 2003:
Very good!

Author's Response: Thanks for the oh-so-thorough review, MJ dearest! Hahaha... I know, you had to leave...

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