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Review #1, by Kayd Photograph

16th October 2008:
As the tears run down my cheeks i smile becasue that was so touching! thank you!

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Review #2, by HpsMyObession Photograph

24th June 2007:
Once again im in tears reding one of your stories (in a good way) i dont know how you do it. Capture the emotions and portray them so well. Stories dont normally make me cry except for Hp obviously!! If your not a published writer one day i'll... well i'll do something :D

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Review #3, by AshHa Photograph

5th March 2007:
It's so sad, yet exactly what Harry's life is. It's unbelievable how Harry has been able to take it so far, don't you think? I rate 10/10 on this heartbreaking story.

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Review #4, by DarkFaerii Photograph

22nd February 2007:
it was so beautiful...*sob* beautiful and *sniff* very very very SAD *breaks down in tears...*

it was beautiful

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Review #5, by Rupertluver2012 Photograph

28th December 2006:
That was sad, wayyy sad! I'm crying, and it hurts to know that James was sooo sad to find out that one of his BEST FRIENDS.. one of the MARAUDERS was a traitor, how scary. Makes you think twice. But this story was not AT ALL horrible to read, it was brilliant. I loved it. Great job. 10/10.


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Review #6, by iriskaren Photograph

27th December 2006:
This was beautifully written.

I loved it. Great job. :]

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Review #7, by charmed ravenclaw Photograph

19th December 2006:
It wasn't that horrible of a read! Yeesh, you should give yourself more credit! It was quite good - at least you don't make it too sappy.

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Review #8, by nourie!!! Photograph

18th December 2006:
me again :D just read the other reviews by other people, some of which said that they cried during the story, so just ignore what i said...heehee, maybe i just dont cry anymore, im getting bigger... IM A BIG GIRL!!.:D

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Review #9, by nourie!!!!! :D Photograph

18th December 2006:
of course it wasnt horrible to read, i was actually really good. i know this isnt very helpful advice but somehow, being the smart person that you are :P, you could try and make it more emotional. I know its already quite sad but its only flaw is that you dont actually feel the loss, the pain that harry's feeling. I read quite a few fics about james and lily (i have no life :P) that have actually make cry (well now you think im like a little pansy..heehee, pancy parkinson :D ...anyway but that's not the point :P) id give you their titles so you get the idea, but i have a dreadful memory :P anyway, whether you change it or not, its still really good!! :D

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Review #10, by Voodoo child Photograph

28th October 2006:
Oh it was beautiful!i cant say any more *snif*

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Review #11, by gryffindorgirl77 Photograph

8th August 2006:
That was a great stiry but it was really sad!

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Review #12, by Ly Photograph

22nd March 2006:
i thought that the story was a bit sad. i luv the song by Nickelback!

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Review #13, by slytheringinny Photograph

20th March 2006:
Omg....*sniff sniff*......I loved it....words cannot describe this.....I'm very very very touched by this. Great *sniff* job!

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Review #14, by Jade Onix Moon Photograph

20th February 2006:
So Sad and Beautiful i really liked it

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Review #15, by MsRaddishEarings Photograph

18th February 2006:
WOW!! FANTASTIC, but *sobsob* SAD!! Crying at the end.

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Review #16, by star101 Photograph

12th February 2006:
I love this story! I love your one-shots! Although I usually only read completed Lily/James stories, I am drawn to your one shots! Please write more one-shots!

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Review #17, by dim at best Photograph

17th January 2006:
That wasn't completely horrible to read! What are you talking about?? I loved it, as much as I love the song 'Photograph' even. (That's a high compliment by the way). This fic seems so...happy...compared to other things I've read dealing with the direct aftermath of sixth year. It's good.

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Review #18, by Idunnomyname Photograph

12th January 2006:
Pretty cool. Makes me look even more forward to the 7th.

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Review #19, by msbigbad Photograph

11th January 2006:
that was such a touching story!! Made me cry!! Very well written.

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Review #20, by Kivx Photograph

4th January 2006:
waaahhh!! nice nice!! love it. v(-.-)v

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Review #21, by Dave Photograph

15th December 2005:
3 letters W-O-W

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Review #22, by Aspares (not signed in) Photograph

5th December 2005:
it it not at all horrible to read, i love it! It was so sad and so good.

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Review #23, by Padfoots Girl 32 Photograph

20th November 2005:
i love it and think its great and if you have time maybe review my story

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Review #24, by Laiya Angel Photograph

12th November 2005:
Wow, that's so good. It wan't horrible, it was really good, i really enjoyed it, please keep writing

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Review #25, by Alyson Photograph

9th November 2005:
I couldn't help but cry! I still have tears running down my cheeks and I have been wiping them away for 5 minutes! This is almost exactly what I did when my best friends died... you portray emotion absolutly mesmerzingly, you put into words what every single person in this world feels when they lose someone! You are a truly amzing writer! Email me when you get a new story- I want to read everything you have! And if you ever become a writer for real save me an exclusive copy!!

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