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Reading Reviews for black and white, miones knight
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Review #1, by fairgirl chapter five-pleasent surprises

19th August 2006:
Okay I review again coz' I was wondering when you will update....I hope you will coz' I like your stories very much....Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by Lillian128 chapter one- a new and hopeless world

29th June 2006:
It was fantastic!

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Review #3, by Lillian128 chapter one- a new and hopeless world

29th June 2006:
It was fantastic!

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Review #4, by margarita chapter five-pleasent surprises

26th May 2006:

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Review #5, by kelly chapter five-pleasent surprises

6th February 2006:
write more of the bloody story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dear cousin, u make me mad

Author's Response: haha. hey kelly. i dont want tooooo.

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Review #6, by caitlyn chapter five-pleasent surprises

26th December 2005:
LOVE IT , LOVE IT AND, love it but i think i would change the names of the baby like boy it would be james girl it would be lilly but thats just me ohh wirte more fast

Author's Response: thats sillly.... and crnyyy

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Review #7, by running_swift chapter five-pleasent surprises

12th December 2005:
wow this is soooooooo good!!! i'd like to know where you're going with it, it's all myseterious and... wow......

Author's Response: yeahhhh.

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Review #8, by ashley5895 chapter five-pleasent surprises

3rd November 2005:
lol love the ending to this ine.write more soon. great chapie.

Author's Response: thank you you are a greayt person

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Review #9, by Vegas Chick chapter five-pleasent surprises

6th October 2005:


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Review #10, by Spirited_wings chapter five-pleasent surprises

4th October 2005:
great chapter, update soon

Author's Response: no prblemo

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Review #11, by fairgirl chapter five-pleasent surprises

2nd October 2005:
well that was really interesting and i love their arguments very much!!! keep writing

Author's Response: thanks for the comment

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Review #12, by person chapter five-pleasent surprises

2nd October 2005:
uh wut can i say this story is pretty damn awsome! hope u update soon!

Author's Response: WOOT

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Review #13, by Rhiannon chapter five-pleasent surprises

1st October 2005:
Excillent keep writing!

Author's Response: thank yee thank yee

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Review #14, by Spirited_wings chapter five-pleasent surprises

29th September 2005:
maybe its just me,but chap 4 and 5 are the same,...other than that the story is great

Author's Response: wqell they arent now

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Review #15, by Meegs chapter four-WORLDS COLLIDE

13th September 2005:
Yep, i said i'd review again so here i go. once aghain i loved it. You've got to write another chapter. omg hermione's pregnant! Keep those chapters flowing XOX

Author's Response: WOO HOOOOOO< hugs and kisses right back atcha

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Review #16, by Monkey789 chapter four-WORLDS COLLIDE

12th September 2005:
Please continue writting the teasers are what makes me wont more PLEASE!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #17, by ashley5895 chapter four-WORLDS COLLIDE

6th September 2005:
o this is sooooo good. i love it so far. write more soon. its real good.

Author's Response: blub

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Review #18, by fairgirl chapter four-WORLDS COLLIDE

5th September 2005:
this story is really really great!!!! and grrrrr...you and your bloody teasers...you're evil (lol)update asap please-alice

Author's Response: heee heee, go to the other respose i wrote to you

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Review #19, by DracoLove4Me chapter three-confrontations

30th August 2005:
mmm yay lol

Author's Response: YAYAYAYAYAYAy

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Review #20, by Meegs chapter three-confrontations

30th August 2005:
fantastic chapter. I love seeing a more sensitive side to draco! keep the chapters coming and i promise i'll keep reviewing!X

Author's Response: thank yee thank yeeee, thats for the reviewee

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Review #21, by fairgirl chapter two-hermiones choice

27th August 2005:
oh oh....hermione death eater? why not...this could be interesting. you talked about a baby in your summary?is she already pregnant by harry or will she be pregnant by ...draco??and anyway good chapter.oh and you're not a stalker, my name is alice, by the way.

Author's Response: woot, alice... updating now

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Review #22, by Sarah chapter two-hermiones choice

25th August 2005:
I can't beleive she joined! This is soo good! I really hope you update soon!

Author's Response: YAYAYAYA I FEEL LOVED!!!

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Review #23, by Ginny chapter two-hermiones choice

23rd August 2005:
SHE JOINED?!?!?! =O !! omg

Author's Response: KEEP READING!!!!!! WOOOOOOO

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Review #24, by Lady_Pixie chapter two-hermiones choice

22nd August 2005:
OoOoO!! very good!! indeed!! please let me know when you get the next chap up!--Arwen

Author's Response: THANOY UO THANK YOU

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Review #25, by adriana chapter two-hermiones choice

22nd August 2005:
wow this is an interesting take. i enjoy the way the story started and i am not enjoying this ending however im sure the next chapters will be good. write more

Author's Response: it will get better.

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