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Review #1, by Iced_Cherriez All A Blur

16th October 2005:
awwww... so sweet! poor Remus... everything... everything he has ever loved... ever had.. has gone.. and now he and Tonks.. well.. they are having a very bumpy relationship... hmmm...-iced

Author's Response: I love this one... thanks for reading it for me, Iced.

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Review #2, by LivingOnBrokenStars All A Blur

10th October 2005:
:( oh their love makes me so sad I want them together sooo bad sigh

Author's Response: Thanks for reading my one-shots, I hope you like them.

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Review #3, by Kimberly All A Blur

4th October 2005:
Awsome one shot

Author's Response: Much thanks!

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Review #4, by jb All A Blur

29th September 2005:
Hi, this is my first time reviewing though I've read dozens of these by now- really first-rate writing, and I daresay you understand these characters almost as well as JKR herself. Thanks for sharing this with us-

Author's Response: Thanks so much, jb. I appreciate your review so much! I've written two other fics. Points of View (one-shot) and Holding on to the Moonlight (complete but not yet finished) Remus Tonks fics are my favorites and I really like to delve into the emotions of each character. Happy reading and again, thanks for your review.

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Review #5, by Paloma Patil All A Blur

16th September 2005:
This is...beautiful, OneEyedWitch. You can almost feel Remus' illness and confusion after the full moon. He's the best (and so are you!). Looking forward to the next "Moonlight" chapter, too.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Palpma! I really think All A Blur is one of my favorites of my own work. Got some work in limbo for "Moonlight". It won't be long. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by izabella All A Blur

8th September 2005:
wow! this story is soooo bad. It sucks!

Author's Response: Okay, thanks for your input, thanks for reading and reviewing, and I'll keep your thoughts in mind along with everyone else's when I begin my next fanfic.

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Review #7, by brunettesrule All A Blur

27th August 2005:
This story is excellent. Just enough detail, and lets you see in through the character's eyes. One of the better one shots I've read - you've managed to fill readers in one whats happening but not flood with unneccessary detail.

Author's Response: Thanks so much~ I really love this fic!!

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Review #8, by Jenny All A Blur

27th August 2005:
i read this one a while ago, but i think i was in a rush so i forgot to review. anyways, like all ur other stories and one-shots, this one is excellent! ;) it's... nice! thx for creating such a great read! =)

Author's Response: Thanks so much~

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Review #9, by LostMaeblleshire All A Blur

26th August 2005:
Oi, really great. I think I should go read the actually story now, don't you think? ^_^

Author's Response: :-) If you'd like to! All A Blur is nearest and dearest! Thanks again!

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Review #10, by Phlegm All A Blur

18th August 2005:
not bad-- i liked 'moonlight' better though

Author's Response: "Moonlight" is a lot easier to embrace, I know... but I sure do love that Remus. Thanks for your review. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Review #11, by dracos_chick112 All A Blur

18th August 2005:
kinda confusing, but its good

Author's Response: Its meant to be... its all a blur. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by anastacia All A Blur

17th August 2005:
i love it. they are always so emotional, i love emotional people

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I really love this one shot. I love Remus though... so I guess I'm biased.

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Review #13, by Kelly All A Blur

17th August 2005:
Wonderful. And I dont reiew unless I really like it. Great job

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Kelly, I'm honored.

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Review #14, by JadePotter All A Blur

14th August 2005:
Very nice. Wow. It's all I can say is wow.

Author's Response: :-) thanks much

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Review #15, by crystal allan All A Blur

13th August 2005:
That was beautiful - it's going into my favorites ; )

Author's Response: Thank you much!

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Review #16, by greenyoda987 All A Blur

13th August 2005:
God, I feel so sorry for Remus. You do an excelent job really getting your readers to feel what he is feeling. Keep on writing. I also really enjoy Holding on to the Moonlight. It's such a sweet story. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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