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Review #1, by hpffisawesome I Love You, Hermione

2nd December 2007:
It could have been longer, and what about Lavender, or did he break up with her...No, i remember when Hermione said "Don't let Lavender hear u say that." Ron just said he shouldn't but then...why am i explaining this? All in all, needs to be longer, and maybe mention Lavender...50~100

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Review #2, by Janhavi I Love You, Hermione

4th August 2007:
Hahaha it was very sweet, but completely atypical of Ron and Hermione!

Author's Response: of my older stories..

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Review #3, by missdiggory099 I Love You, Hermione

2nd January 2007:
AWww cute.. see i told you ive read almost all of these.

Author's Response: this is way old, but i appreciate you reading it! thanks!

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Review #4, by KingWeasley I Love You, Hermione

28th November 2006:
I actually think that was supposed to be read into the book... and if it wasn't... brilliant.

Author's Response: thats what i thought! kinda why i wrote it. lol. thanks!!

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Review #5, by harrypottersangel I Love You, Hermione

20th September 2006:
A little rushed and unrealistic. but it was still a nice try! Keep writing!
love ~K

Author's Response: thanks. this was written awhile ago before a lot of my stories. i think ive gotten better at writing since them. lol

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Review #6, by Ronsnewgirl I Love You, Hermione

3rd August 2006:
awww that is well sweet!!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #7, by pineapplekitkat I Love You, Hermione

25th June 2006:
wow that was...rushed. but cute tho

-peace out my gangsta homies

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Review #8, by scabbers_weasly I Love You, Hermione

20th June 2006:
Hey, there! Since you have been so gracious as to check me out, I wanted to return the courtosey. :) I really liked this story, not too sappy and not too fluffy-just right. You had me smiling the whole time. It's sort of a "missing moment" story in a way and missing moments are one genre that I absolutely love! Great work!

Author's Response: thanks for the great review! this was the first 'missing moment' and one-shot, so i'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #9, by Cheesy Crustation I Love You, Hermione

20th January 2006:
Cheesy, like me. I'm made of cheeeeeeese

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Review #10, by sallyvixen I Love You, Hermione

20th January 2006:
Wow, that was really great! That's what SHOULD have happened after Ron said those fateful four words!

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Review #11, by voldy_sucks88 I Love You, Hermione

17th January 2006:
that was cool could have done with a bit more details but its stil one of the best R/Hr ones i've read!!

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Review #12, by addictedtohp I Love You, Hermione

13th January 2006:
well,i thot it was a bit cheesy and short,but it WAS fluff and you DID write it really fast.still liked it=)~addicted

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Review #13, by sagesolon I Love You, Hermione

24th December 2005:
another fluffy shot. thanks for the fillerup.

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Review #14, by Sudha53 I Love You, Hermione

10th December 2005:
a bit quick... cute

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Review #15, by Diyallah I Love You, Hermione

20th August 2005:
not to be mean or anything, n=but it was pretty good, but woundnt you say it was slightly too cheezy? but it was pretty good for a one-shot but can you now update the journal?? please please please?

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Review #16, by QuickieChick I Love You, Hermione

19th August 2005:
GEEZE! That was horribly short! 549 words! I thought they were supposed to be 800? Maybe because it's a one-shot.... Anyway, I didn't like it. I'm sorry, but it was just too short!

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Review #17, by Dunney I Love You, Hermione

14th August 2005:
Incase you dont check your email, im writing this here to. Yes i would love it if you mailed me the next chapter of your other story. My email is THX!

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Review #18, by TinkerBelle's sister StarFire! I Love You, Hermione

13th August 2005:
I really liked it! xoxo Rons~Luva! (I like tinker belle and i felt like usin a new name 2day!)

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Review #19, by lime flavoured bertie bott I Love You, Hermione

13th August 2005:
very cute-- short, very fluffy, but im easy to please and i loved it! awesome!

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Review #20, by DunneyB I Love You, Hermione

11th August 2005:
Good job. I was in the mood for something short and this did it for me. BTW... i still stand by my last review for your other story back on MNFF. EMAIL IT TO US =)

Author's Response: if you give me your email, i'll email it to YOU! but you have to promise not to tell anyone about anything!

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Review #21, by Heather I Love You, Hermione

11th August 2005:
Oh my Godness, that was so sweet and cute, really nice first one shot. Loved it.

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Review #22, by candy_shop I Love You, Hermione

11th August 2005:
Awww! Thats really cute! Love it!

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Review #23, by MyThoughts I Love You, Hermione

11th August 2005:
It was so corny..It was cute!!! I liked it!!

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Review #24, by thechosenone I Love You, Hermione

10th August 2005:
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what was the spoiler????????? i little sappy at the end but i still looooooooove it!!!

Author's Response: lol. the spoiler was the "i love you, hermione" lol. i DID say it was realllly small! lol. glad you like it!

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