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Review #1, by Asphodel What a Pretty Flower!!!

10th December 2005: favorite part is how Harry is even more dimwitted than he is in the books.

Author's Response: Oh yes. Harry the boy-who-lived-to=-be-almost-as-stupid-of-a-prat-and-as-Mary-Sue -as-Ginny-Pure-Blood-Princess-Perfect-Mary-Sue-Ginny-Weasley-who-is-president-of the harry potter fan c-----

will you get off your no depth in HP's character kick! We know all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hi this #2 making up for #1 meanness)

And I'm back. So anyway back to how Harry is not smart at all and lacks the ability to do anything right except for feel sorry for himself and cause others to want to hit himself with random pillows that of course show up whenever needed. Also ginny is that not a most mary sue character if I ever saw one! STUPID GINNY AND HARRY MY TWO LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTERS OF HP!!

Wrap it up already!

kk...glad you liked.

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Review #2, by Asphodel What a Pretty Flower!!!

10th December 2005:
Wow, I agree with the other asphodel...I wasn't expecting something this crazy, and I have Great Expectations. (That was a REALLY boring book, wasn't it?)


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Review #3, by Asphodel What a Pretty Flower!!!

10th December 2005:
Um.. wow. Randomness cubed. Like it though, funny, and I betcha Austin came up with most of it, didn't he?

Author's Response: Do I know you? Oh no, are you a creepy stalker dude? AHHHHHHHHh *runs for life* And who's Austin? He's your accomplice huh? Now there's TWO OF YOU!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love #1 and #2 (together for new year's eve...not like that you sicko)

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Review #4, by tonksrules56 What a Pretty Flower!!!

13th August 2005:
Woo Hoo! That was literature at it's best! Next time, have something 'bout Fred and George in there!

Author's Response: I dunno, can we do Fred andd George Justice? What do you think, #1, cause I'm just not sure. All though, one of our NEXT! chapters will have Fred and George. Hmmm. We will so think on it and thanks for the praise, we live on it. #2

Author's Response: Gred and Forge? I dunno, they're rather....*shifts eyes* difficult characters to write...but I for one would love the challenge! YAYYYYYYYY I'm glad that someone finally appreciated our most random one-shot!

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Review #5, by clueless What a Pretty Flower!!!

10th August 2005:
this story is confussing

Author's Response: Yeah, that was the idea. :D Thanks for reviewing and keep reading our other stories too. #2

Author's Response: I KNOW!!!! Why does no one appreciate our ingeniousness...*sighs* #1

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Review #6, by ronsluva What a Pretty Flower!!!

10th August 2005:
o....k.....weird but cute!

Author's Response: Yeah, that's what you get when we have an idea coming home from THE ZOO at what was it 11pm. Something like that, not astoundingly late, but late enough when you're us. #2 (By the way, we still totally love this story, The late night bit wasn't an excuse.)

Author's Response: 'Twas the point...

Author's Response: Second response by #1 btw

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