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Review #1, by bpmull The Bug

9th January 2009:
Actually, this story is alluded to at the end of Butterflies. It should really appear before it.

Very good series of stories.

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Review #2, by lily flower The Bug

25th May 2008:
this is really good

sorry i can't leave a long review i want to read the next one


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Review #3, by x_dodo The Bug

20th March 2008:
i loved every 3422 words of it!!!

its one of my favourite stories ever!


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Review #4, by Mrs Insane One The Bug

20th June 2007:
Wow, as dark and terrible as Rita's injury was - I loved the detail of it; how very close to detail you made the story! I am going to have to go look up your other stories and read them in the proper order now because you've snagged my attention with your writing style. Very well done and if I might say so, it was very evil of you to leave it hanging in such a place, but I understand the need for suspense! ;) - Jenn

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Review #5, by Corpus Tractor The Bug

12th April 2006:
I personally found the image of Ron with the poker to be rather amusing. But this was well-written and imaginative, and I greatly enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by Kimera The Bug

3rd February 2006:
Ah a taster to lure readers in. Well, I'm hooked. Off to that story now. You sly dog. Teehee.

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Review #7, by Calico The Bug

27th May 2003:
I wonder why anybody hasn\'t reviewed this story already? It\'s GREAT! Keep it up! Although Ron with a poker seems scary...

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