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Review #1, by Redmudder Epilogue

4th September 2007:
The best compliment I can give you is that you tell a great story. It was well written and well crafted. It's a shame that you've only done 2 stories, as I'd like to read more from you. I was a little depressed initially that Ginny had died but well.
Well done!

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Review #2, by A_quil_is_my_sword Epilogue

25th May 2007:
That was a really touching FF. I loved it but it was so sad at the end i even cried a bit..yea yea i know crying is for babies but the way it was written and all, you could trully see the love there in the story. What made it said was the loss of Ginny. The bright, brave, loving Ginny hehe...anyways keep up the good work. loved it

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Review #3, by jailey21 Epilogue

2nd August 2006:
I loved it, there were some times when I was not happy with the way you were taking a charactor, but you tied everything together nicely in the end. You could also think about expanding it into a two part series.

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Review #4, by Gaia Prologue

14th February 2006:
One story that made me was frickin awesome.

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Review #5, by ginny Prologue

18th January 2006:
so sad

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Review #6, by qwerty Epilogue

31st August 2005:

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Review #7, by Caitlin Epilogue

28th August 2005:
that was a fantastic story . you should write some more!!!

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Review #8, by Rhea Epilogue

27th August 2005:
That was the most beautiful story ever! I loved it. You didn't do anything wrong...nothing at all.

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Review #9, by Andrew Prologue

26th August 2005:
Wow. all i can say, wow. This is truly a great work, you did an amazing job. Had my crying a few times in there. Very good job, i hope to read more by you.

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Review #10, by Scarhead Epilogue

23rd August 2005:
That was an incredible story! You did a great job! I particularly enjoyed Ron, Hermione, Fred and George's trip to Harry's castle after they left Durmstraug and the epilogue was perfect. I hope you will write more stories! I will look forward to reading them!!

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Review #11, by StllrChick Chapter 6: Finally Home

23rd August 2005:
I only have 2 things to say about was really well written...the whole story was...but the end part of this chapter needs to say something like"...'even if th...' He broke off when..." because when I read this last part I just thought that maybe you forgot some letters or something...until I read the last chapter. Just a suggestion by all means disregard it if you want.

Author's Response: Thank you for pointing that out. I still haven't gotten used to the limitaitons they have on the chapters. I have now splitted it up into two chapters because of that. Thanks again, but sorry to everyone who got cut off AGAIN for my mistake.

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Review #12, by Isabel Epilogue

22nd August 2005:
Wow. This was the most touching FF story I have ever read. It was wonderfully written. I actually cried a few times during the story. All the characters were exactly as I imagined. Please write another. Your first was awesome!!!

Author's Response: Not my first, I have another one. However this fic was basically me wanting to express only one idea...and that was how cool would it be to have a wall of dementors. Everyone else came after that in order to explain why there could possibly be a wall of dementors. I just thought that idea would be really REALLY cool. However I guess that's really the only good fic I have in my head for the time being. I don't write much, just something I wanted to get off my mind.

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Review #13, by Ollie Chatper 4: The Living Gates

21st August 2005:
wow that was long.... oh my gosh... must read more, WAIT! what is this? no more? you're kidding me? ok, well it kinda sounds like harry's turned into a bit of a voldemort....ill challenge for fights...what the? ok, harry's a bit offline here... WRITE MORE, please...*sniff sniff*

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Review #14, by Ollie Chapter 3: A Night in the Dark

21st August 2005:
whoa, must read more....!

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Review #15, by Ollie Chapter 2: The Ships to Durmstrang

21st August 2005:
oooh, have they got the hots for hermione or something? post-ronald dates? hmmmm.....=)

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