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Review #1, by AniahRie Pro. Will He Succeed?

11th September 2005:
Wheee~~ You have such a nice banner! Will you please make me one?? Lol. Ok, you're grumbling now, aren't you? But alas, I am not here to bug you with my apparent stupidiity...the tables have turned, and I ask now what you have asked me time and ...time again...annoyingly...peristently... UPDATE!!!

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Review #2, by Kimberly Pro. Will He Succeed?

10th September 2005:
good chapter

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #3, by AniahRie Pro. Will He Succeed?

12th August 2005:
Yo. Isn't Sirius supposed to be a player? Lol. I said "Yo." Ahahahaha! *falls down laughing*

Author's Response: *clears throat* you are so lucky that you are standing behind me ... whoops you left ... okay. WELL - this is my story and this is how I portray him ... I WAS going to make it a James/Lily story ... hmmm, maybe I'll think about that again. BUT I lah Sirius! Anyway, I'm going to ignore you and talk to others who read this ... I will update when I can - my computer went stupid on me and broke down - so I won't be able to update in a LONG time ... but AniahRie is being a good friend and letting me use hers - look out for our collaboration. ;)

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Review #4, by Anonymous J Pro. Will He Succeed?

7th August 2005:
Who is it?!

Author's Response: You'll find out as the story progresses. :)

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