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Review #1, by The Junebug The Order and the Mystery Room...

6th August 2006:
I keep wondering what was in the secret room. I feel like I should know or something, but I just don't. GREAT JOB writing so far! FANTASTICALLY AMAZING JOB!! :) I look forward to reading the rest of the story as you finish it. Although I suppose I'll just have to read the new version since this one is abandoned, huh? Keep up the great writing though! We need more original and creative writers like you to keep fanfiction as exciting as ever!

Author's Response: Thanks...that's one hell of a compliment...I'm gonna include the mystery room in the new version because it's something planned and I really like the's nothing really serious though...Pericolo did laugh when she saw it.

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Review #2, by draco_4_lisa Middle names and Bossing Marauders

21st July 2006:
bugger i was looking forward to reding the rest of this can u continue it just 4 me pwease u can still continue to write another one you can think of the other on as a improved version of thisd one

Author's Response: I's is nice to write about an almighty powerful character..

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Review #3, by Stinuli Middle names and Bossing Marauders

19th June 2006:
Well, isnt she an interesting girl.. I cant wait to know what she does next.. :P Keep writing.. :D

Author's Response: Thank you...unfortunately I'm a bit dissatisfied with the way I've portrayed her character, so this story will be getting some drastic rewiting done before I contiinue it. I enough people want, I'll leave the old version online, if not it will disappear...

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Review #4, by Rosepelt188 Middle names and Bossing Marauders

9th May 2006:

Author's Response: sorry, but I'm doing my exams at the moment, but after they're done I might pick this up again...might re-write it slightly

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Review #5, by HARRYSDAUGHTER Middle names and Bossing Marauders

1st February 2006:
Haha! I like it the end of this chapter 2.It was a little on the short side but thats ok. I can't wait 4 the update though. FAITH IS SOOOOO LUCKY!! She gets 2 b a Marauder and we don' rude.^_^Oh well. Who could blame her? U know what? I wish u could actually fall in2 a HP book. That would b awesomeness of awesomnesses.*sighs of not being able2 b in HP books* I think that it's sweet how Sirius is thinking about her happiness.This is sooo interesting 2 read! Can't wait 4 the next chap-chap!^_^Update soon! HARRYSDAUGHTER

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Review #6, by Shannen Weeks The Order and the Mystery Room...

28th January 2006:
Good god, thats just disgusting! wtf! a 17-year-old, more powerful than Albus Dumbledore. Put him in a full body bind. Broke into his office. Again I say! wtf! She's a freakin Mary Sue! Warning! Give Warning, person! god, im gonna be sick...

Author's Response: well, if you don't like it don't read it...she's not perfect though...I haven't finished the story...

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Review #7, by Shannen Weeks Full Moon

27th January 2006:
man, thats just not right. You cant write a story like this and not put a Mary Sue warning on it. Just plain wrong. I should probably stop reading or the evil affects of the mary sue might start to affect me. I like the idea but you really should give warning

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Review #8, by Drawkcab Middle names and Bossing Marauders

17th January 2006:
I'll make you a new banner!! Do you anime pic's of the people or the animagus? I can get anime pics of both if you want both just tell me. E-mail:

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Review #9, by cl2riot Middle names and Bossing Marauders

4th December 2005:
I love it. hurry up and update I've been waiting for 2 months now!

Author's Response: absence makes the heart grow fonder :-D

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Review #10, by bnance Middle names and Bossing Marauders

30th October 2005:
OH! WHAT??? but but... i wanna know what the room is... : ( ok.. fine. "Hey, I'm ticklish there!" who said that one? lol. ahhh Sirius... Man i want to see his go after her! I'd be fun!

Author's Response: Prongs is the ticklish one

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Review #11, by cl2riot The Order and the Mystery Room...

4th October 2005:
you are very evil. no kudos for you!!

Author's Response: *evil grin*

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Review #12, by bnance The Order and the Mystery Room...

3rd October 2005:
Faith knowing more than Dumbledore? .... i have ideas about the room...but theyre best stuck in my head for no one to hear. Update Soon! There are things I would LOVE to read about! aka snogging : ) what can i say? I'm girlie... Good Chappie!

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Review #13, by louise The Order and the Mystery Room...

2nd October 2005:
that was so mean!!please update soon i want to know what it is!!lol

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Review #14, by Isabella_Black The Order and the Mystery Room...

2nd October 2005:
*Giggles* I'm kind of expecting something naughty... Please update quickly!

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Review #15, by cl2riot Werewolves and Shadow's boyfriend

26th September 2005:
your welcome for my support! wow I sound arragont (sp?) What's Faith's plan?? Does it have something to do wtih Sirius or is it something bigger??? well update soon! (if you can I know many people have school.)

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Review #16, by bnance Shadow's worst fear

26th September 2005:
OMG, Faith has a weakness! ahh padfoot...always there for a lady in need....Keep it up!

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Review #17, by bnance Werewolves and Shadow's boyfriend

26th September 2005:
Is she trying to get Sirius jealous? i have this itching feeling about them...hmmm....oh and thanks for the thanks! lol. I wouldn't be reviewing if you weren't such a good writer! Keep up the good work and update soon!

Author's Response: Thankyou!

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Review #18, by Isabella_Black Werewolves and Shadow's boyfriend

25th September 2005:
Cliffhangers! They must die! Hehe, Lovely! Let's see if Sirius can withstand the Jealousy when he sees Zabini and Faith!

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Review #19, by Isabella_Black Shadow's worst fear

25th September 2005:
Nice Patronus! Speaking of love Paddyfoot needs to make a move! Hehehehe Great chapter as always!

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Review #20, by jezza Werewolves and Shadow's boyfriend

19th September 2005:
keep goin it good

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Review #21, by kewlcat9126 (not logged in) Faith Pericolo

19th September 2005:
hey i like you story, i could make a banner for you, if you want...

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Review #22, by marissa Werewolves and Shadow's boyfriend

18th September 2005:
update, update, update!!! (and soon please!)

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Review #23, by firecanfreezeyou Shadow's worst fear

16th September 2005:
very good, keep up the good work

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Review #24, by cl2riot Tailing Snape

11th September 2005:
good. now update. and these chapters are getting shorter. lol.

Author's Response: The next chapter should be longer

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Review #25, by bnance Tailing Snape

10th September 2005:
lol... Dumbledore in a fully body bind curse... "Whoops" oh man that's great. Albus is such a great character. Why do I think that there is something more to these detentions? Is that just me or is there? probably can't tell me huh... ahh well. Great Chappie. and as always Update soon!

Author's Response: you're right, I can't tell you...but I can make you extremely impatient by saying sublte hints like the above... ;-)

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