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Review #1, by Princess Maiden Chapter 1-This Means War

12th April 2009:
well this is very different and interesting. i want to read more! please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm hoping that by wanting to read more that means you enjoyed the chapter? Thank you so much for being my first review for the rewrite, i've been so nervous about the chapter.

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Review #2, by lisapotter Chapter 1-This Means War

7th January 2008:
ive all of a sudden become obsessed with oliver/oc stories and i really like this one, its seems interesting so far but i ahve 9 chapters to go!

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Review #3, by BeautifullyDecayed Chapter 1-This Means War

2nd July 2007:
I love this. So much. So crazy much. I'm still laughing, idk why, tho. =] Female Snape, that is amazing! Well, I'm going to read the next chapter!

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Review #4, by rizzogirl21 Chapter 1-This Means War

27th June 2007:
I don't get the ending...but this seems good so far.

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Review #5, by xxMugglePrincess Chapter 1-This Means War

3rd June 2007:
I enjoyed it, but bolding what people said was rather annoying. :)

Author's Response: yes i've heard that.
and changing it right away would have been the smart thing to do. but for some reason i didnt.
im going to do that right now.
thanks so much for the review.

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Review #6, by lolhee Chapter 1-This Means War

9th May 2007:
I laughed my way through this whole chapter. I complete loved it. I take it that this shall be an Oc/Oliver wood match up. I loved the beginng having it be about quidditch. i really like this story, so I am know off to review the next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks so muhc! im so glad you like it.
this was a story that i originally started a few years ago, but bad writing demanded rewriting, so im so glad to hear that it is a good rewrite.
thanks for the review and the wonderful ego boosts

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Review #7, by elle_silver Chapter 1-This Means War

27th April 2007:
It's good by why do you use bold for the conversations? It's a bit odd. Other than that it's a really good chapter and nice introduction to the character. Elle

Author's Response: thanks so much!
i think the bold was a phase i was going through.
[ill take my time machine and go ask myself.]:P

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Review #8, by harrypottersangel Chapter 1-This Means War

21st April 2007:
Well that wasn't exactly how I thought it was going to start. However, I liked it. And that was a cliffie that confused me but made me want to read more. So cookies for you!
Keep writing
Love ~K [9/10]

Author's Response: hahah! cookies? i love cookies!
thank you
for reviewing[but mostly for the cookies]

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Review #9, by Cornie Chapter 1-This Means War

19th April 2007:
FINALLY! A DECENT OLIVER WOOD FIC! Hahaha. They're so hard to find! Gotta love Oliver!

I spotted a few spelling errors (namely with the "conceited" text) and the bolded dialogue kind of bugs me. But the plot is lovely and just because it's an Oliver Wood fic, you get a 9/10!

Hahaha. Can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: who doesnt love oliver
well thank you so much for telling me that. i will fix it asap. yeah i stopped the bold after a few chapters.sorry :[

thanks so much.you just made my day by complimenting my story

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Review #10, by JamesNdLily4Eva Chapter 1-This Means War

2nd April 2007:
Great start! I'm loving this story all ready! I feel sorry for poor Allison, having to put up with Oliver. Ah well, at least Fred and George are their usual hilarious selfs!

Author's Response: thanks im glad you liked it!
dont pity her too much, she is in fact friends with oliver[hottie!]

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Review #11, by 100 _percent_ witch Chapter 1-This Means War

10th November 2006:
I love it. Quidditch is the best imaginary sport in the universe. Because A: Hot Guys. B: Hot Guys C: Hot guys and D: Hot guys! haha. THis has brilliant dialogue. Brilliant. Keep up the good work, darling. ONward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: haha
yours by far has been the best reveiw because you take the words right out of my mouth.
thanks so much for the reveiw

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Review #12, by Katie Chapter 1-This Means War

11th October 2006:
OMG!?!?! who is it :)

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Review #13, by icyfire Chapter 1-This Means War

16th September 2006:
uh oh ok im going to take a guess is it draco malfoy?

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Review #14, by mybabyblaze Chapter 1-This Means War

2nd August 2006:
okwell... its a good story. i like it so far. but the bold dialogue is annoying... so yeah. but thats your style, and if you like doin it like that, have at it! good job besides.

Author's Response: thanks for reveiwing
ive actually had people say they hate the bold and then people say they love it.
im glad you like my story though.

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Review #15, by oh_apples Chapter 1-This Means War

24th July 2006:
Loved the start - seemed a bit short, but other than that it was really good! Well, would write more, but I've got three more chapters to go! =Dunlevy

Author's Response: short seems to be my style.
which im trying to fix.
thanks for the reveiw.

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Review #16, by coat_rack Chapter 1-This Means War

12th July 2006:
What the heck? Where the heck are u going with this?

Author's Response: i never reveal things that produce suspense.
i would tell you but i would have to kill you[jk]
thanks for the reveiw

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Review #17, by Siriusdoll Chapter 1-This Means War

11th June 2006:
Interesting start! I immediately felt like I know the characters (and not because I read JK’s books.) It’s like you summed up their characters in the first chapter, without making it obvious what you are doing…am I making any sense? Anyway, the bottom line is that was a brilliant first chapter and I can’t wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: every bit of it made sense.
thank you very much.

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Review #18, by the_artful_dodger Chapter 1-This Means War

30th May 2006:
Hello! So far I am liking your story and seeing some serious potential. Though, I am having an issue with your dialogue that makes your story hard to read. It's difficult to determine exactly who is talking and I really don't know what you were trying to do with the bold because in my opinion it makes it even harder to read. But the plot seems like it should be very good, so you must keep up with this, though it would be nice if you ditched the bold lettering.

Author's Response: thank you very much for your reveiw. you havent the slightest idea how much your opinion helps me.

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Review #19, by Mellissa lupin Chapter 1-This Means War

9th April 2006:

you are amazing.

♥ ♥

Author's Response: haha i wish i was...
but thanks

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Review #20, by Kimberly Chapter 1-This Means War

10th September 2005:
great chapter

Author's Response: thanks very much

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Review #21, by Ali's Too Sexy For Her Shirt Chapter 1-This Means War

5th August 2005:

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Review #22, by aRaVeNaMoNgOwLs Chapter 1-This Means War

5th August 2005:
I aggree with Marissa when do we get to see Oliver Naked lol

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Review #23, by marisa Chapter 1-This Means War

5th August 2005:
flint does have gross teeth..lol

Author's Response: yeah that was one of things i had to say when i put him in the sotry

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Review #24, by aRaVeNaMoNgOwLs Chapter 1-This Means War

4th August 2005:
I love it but you need to add more

Author's Response: thanks!!! ahh my first review...thank you!

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