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Review #1, by Roselialuu Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

17th August 2012:

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Review #2, by Hplover1008 Dogpile, Makeup, Morals, and Lectures

26th March 2012:
I loved how you had Lily (as James) applying makeup. It sounds like an interesting chapter to write.

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Review #3, by Hplover1008 Arguments, Embarrassments, Flirtations, and Agreements

26th March 2012:
I absolutely love this story. This is my second time reading this because I loved it so much. I would love you to write another body swapping story.

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Review #4, by Hplover1008 The Whole Story and Very Big Favors

16th January 2012:
This chapter is so funny. I love it. One of my favourites so far. The way James loves Lily is so cute. I also love how James would go out on a date with Freddie for her.

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Review #5, by Hplover1008 Piñatas and Potion Matters

16th January 2012:
I think this chapter is great. I felt so bad for both Lily and Snape because he's getting beat up while Lily has to watch. I did love it when James knew the whole plan though. It made me smile.

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Review #6, by Hplover1008 Freddie and Fear of Flight

16th January 2012:
I absolutely love this chapter. This whole fan fiction so far! I think how James and Lily banter with each other is so great for the story. I also love how you portray Sirius Black.

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Review #7, by GinnyFan91 Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

28th November 2011:
this was truely amazing!

Loved that Lily kissed James while still in his body - hilarious sight!!!

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Review #8, by GinnyFan91 Arguments, Embarrassments, Flirtations, and Agreements

28th November 2011:


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Review #9, by OZ123 Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

12th September 2011:
This was so sweet and an amazing idea

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Review #10, by RJ Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

15th March 2011:
I think I read this one awhile back, but came across it again today, and read it again. So funny. I was actually cracking up with the snape-pinata, and so many other moments. I know its a bit late, but I just wanted to thank you for brightening my day with your witty writing. I hope youre still writing, even if it isnt fanfiction, because you really are talented.
RJ x

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Review #11, by lily_potter4ever Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

25th December 2009:
This was an amazing story! I absolutely loved it! I thought the way that you portrayed Lily and James was great. Keep Writing!

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Review #12, by anonymous Old Files, New Faces

12th January 2009:
its a fun story. i am having a blast reading it.it is one of the best fan fics i have ever read

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Review #13, by 14lilyflowergirl Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

3rd January 2009:
Oh my. This was a very good story to read. I did notice a few things out of order though. How could Lily and James have a cat (as it says in the seventh book in Lily's letter to Sirius) if they were both allergic? Plus in this chapter with Harry, in his seventh year, he was already at the Weasley's at least a week before his birthday, in this story you have him at Privet Drive. I know I sound very critical right now and you might even report this reveiw, but my reveiws always come rich in detail and I feel no need to hold back any sort of mistakes I see on your part. I very much enjoyed reading this Fanfiction, no matter what you think, and hope you will write many more like it. Please fix the above errors and this nine will become a ten.
14liilyflowergirl 9/10

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Review #14, by Kriti Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

1st January 2009:
this has simply got to be one of the most awesum and amazing stories i've ever read...!!!
its got romance, humour , drama ...everything!
some parts nearly had me in splits (think freddie)
keep up the good work
i simply luvvd ur story.!

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Review #15, by tkml Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

9th November 2008:
Wow, tht was a great story! I enjoyed every moment of it. They were all in character *except the Snape and Lily as friends* part but besides that, it was wonderful. Great job.

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Review #16, by I_LOVE_love Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

19th October 2008:
I love this interpretation of how James and Lily fell in love!! This is definitely plausible for it in my mind. Your story is great!

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Review #17, by busybusybeta Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

7th October 2008:
awww. sigh. it's so sad coz we all know how james and lils' story ended, but this was absolutely brilliant. brava.

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Review #18, by busybusybeta Freddie and Fear of Flight

2nd October 2008:
i thought james was a seeker...

either way, brill!

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Review #19, by busybusybeta Partners and Problems

2nd October 2008:
i like how you've written james' character in this story. he's not overly adoring of lily. yeah, he likes her, but there's still some tension between them that isn't all lily. LOVE IT!

oh, and the part where james immitated lily had me cracking up.

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Review #20, by lily_lilyevans Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

12th June 2008:
insanely adorable story.

this was so cute! i loved it!
i'd appreciate it if you'd take a look at mine. Thank you and update sooonnn!

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Review #21, by xoJamesLilyox Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

21st April 2008:
omg this was awesome!! its so cute!!
it was fluffy, humorous, dramatic, one of my top 8 fanfics now!!
my favourite genre is for sure james/lily, and you definately did it justice!!!
ive read many of your stories, and enjoyed them all!!

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Review #22, by Pingo Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

23rd March 2008:
Awww.. So sorry I didn't review every chapter, but I simply wanted just to read and read and read.. Hehe

I really loved this! So funny, cute and just funny.. Hahah.. I laughed a lot! Poor James and Lily!! They were trapped.. I loved the date with Freddie! :D Hahahahaha.. And the way you've written it all..

Sirius' past was also great, though I didn't like that you made Snape such an asshole! Hahah.. I like him! Hahahahahaha.. But otherwise it was great, original and believeble..

You do have small typoes here and there (such as though/thought and forgetting the last letter or something like that), but it's nothing too serious.. Hehe..

I really loved this story!! :D One of the best James/Lily..

I hope you continue writing..


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Review #23, by kirstie Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

17th March 2008:
haha i loved it. alot. very very very very very very good. i would write more verys but im on the verge of making a spelling mistake, anyways 10/10

hahaha i finished the last chapter and thought it was the end. but i loved the last chapter it was wonderful. i love the part about james and freddie. i nearly cried with laughter

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Review #24, by brazen hindsight The Forest, The Date, and the Aftermath

15th March 2008:
HA! I loved picturing Remus as an Iguana!

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Review #25, by brazen hindsight Quidditch, and Other Such Triumphs

15th March 2008:
Hi. Very good job. I like it.

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