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Review #1, by Amahlia!! :3 A Place To Call Home

19th January 2014:
Hi! Dear Author... Nah... Too formal.

Yeah... I think I'm insane. So... Message to "The-Author-Who-Must-Not-Be-Dissed"!!!

(Did I spell that right?!?!? Dissed... Yeah, I think that's right. :3)

RaNdOm MeSsAgE:... I love this already! This is worse than a cliffie! Arghhh!!! I really want to see where all of this takes Harry. When will he go back? I really wanna see that happen! I also really wanna see Harry's road to defeating Voldemort, both before and after he goes back! I love the storyline so far, I'd love to see where it's headed! I like the fact that you've portrayed Dumbledore as the... Sort of... Manipulative bad guy. LOVING those stories where Harry turns out to be more powerful than Voldemort, and Dumbledore is using him as his "Pawn" (as you so rightfully described it!) in his just totally RaNdOm Dumbledore-y plans! Muahahahahahaha.

And most likely to just manipulate him and drag Harry into God knows what...

Don't get me wrong... I love Dumbledore! (You know... As a character.) And I like it in stories where he's either kind of manipulative... Or both! Just not nasty and scary. :( ... You know, I'm 14, almost 15, and I have the mental age of a four-year-old. XD

LOL... Yeah... Anyway! I love H/HR stories. I think they're a great couple! You've definitely described all of that... And pretty much everything else... Beautifully! This chapter put a perfect picture in my mind about the palace, well done on that!

I'm probably boring you now, so I'm just gonna shut up. XD So, overall, I'm just trying to blurt out the fact that you're a great writer, and please please please continue with this story soon!! Practically dying for the next update! :)

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Review #2, by marcat37 A Place To Call Home

27th August 2009:
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz write more

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Review #3, by mrsmolly The Last Goodbyes

27th June 2007:
i love your story, and i think the font is just fine.
also i cant wait to see their reactions to those letters,
how delightful!

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Review #4, by blackruby A Place To Call Home

12th March 2007:
Hope for mrore soon and I like the way your story is going

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Review #5, by SoulofSlytherin A Place To Call Home

18th January 2007:
i relly liked this chapter... i hope you continue this story

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Review #6, by icecruncher2 A Place To Call Home

4th October 2006:
This is a great story. I hope you write fast, but not so fast that you lose your concentration or storyline.

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Review #7, by phoenix gaze A Place To Call Home

5th March 2006:
I am truly sorry for my absense these past months. I hope you will continue this story.

Author's Response: It's ok. I myself didn't pay that much attention to the story so I guess you didn't miss that much, but I sure will continue with the story. Thanx for your review!

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Review #8, by TGIF A Place To Call Home

9th January 2006:
fan an tas tic! look foward to next chapters------ps. can i beta you?

Author's Response: Thanx for both your offer to be my beta (which you now are) and your good words.

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Review #9, by TGIF A Horrible Summer

9th January 2006:
can I beta you?

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Review #10, by babyboy676212 A Place To Call Home

27th December 2005:
good story its sucks u cant update that much tho

Author's Response: Thanx and I know you don't like my updating timing but I don't have that much time in my hands. Hope you like the following chaps.

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Review #11, by bling singh A Place To Call Home

10th December 2005:
hey rcj gr8 story cant wit 4 more can i just ask u 4 1 favour pls can i borrow some of your chaps i swear to god that i will write that those chaps are by you pls can i borrow chaps 4,5,6,7,8,9 pls e mail me back with ur reply at mosingh_bling@hotmail.co.uk thanx u'll b much apreciated if u do give me permission p.s. cant wait 4 more story bling singh

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Review #12, by Deanna A Place To Call Home

5th December 2005:
great story

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Review #13, by ashley5895 A Place To Call Home

3rd December 2005:
love the chapter. its such a great story. cant wait till you post the next one.love it so far. love the detail. more more more(lol)

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Review #14, by Snitch713_713 A Place To Call Home

1st December 2005:
Great Story! I can't wait to read more!

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Review #15, by DADA_teach A Place To Call Home

20th November 2005:
Fantastic, but can you please update as soon as possible. This is one of my favorite storys yet!

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Review #16, by Kyle Law A Place To Call Home

20th November 2005:
1-2 months for an update! Better that than the alternative. I get a thanks for reading your story? No, Thank you. This chapter was nicely done. Keep up the good writing and buena suerta on your exams :) I hope Harry learns some long lost Atlantian magic in the coming months. I'll check back.

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Review #17, by DUMBELDAVE A Place To Call Home

15th November 2005:
Yes I am sure we all will like this this chapter, I just wish there was more chapters ! DD

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Review #18, by auror93 The Trip to Atlantis

29th October 2005:
please update soon this is a great story

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Review #19, by llalalaaa The Trip to Atlantis

28th October 2005:
haha.i dont think you need a banner.just write the next chap

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Review #20, by phoenix gaze The Trip to Atlantis

22nd October 2005:
Taps foot. Whistles. oh sry did i disturb you? hee hee just waiting for more posts!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm so sorry i haven't updated for more than one month but as i said i'm very busy with exams at my school and this chapter is so annoying, as i have to discribe the place where harry will be staying for such a long time and i just keep changing my mind about it all the time. hopefully i will be able to finish the chapter the next weekend as we have a national day where i come from, but i also have to study for a chemistry exam for saturday for my extra school. I warn you that most of the other posts will take as long as this one, but expect a post after november 17 (another national day). Thanx for still being around. i hope i won't disappoint you.

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Review #21, by mooney_remus The Trip to Atlantis

8th October 2005:
are u continuing this story? chocoholic27889@msn.com

Author's Response: Yes, i am continuing with this story and as i have told you before i won't give it up, no matter how long you will have to wait for the posts. this story will get the ending that i have planned for it. it's just that it takes long with all the things and studying i have to do. and the fact that i have to describe Harry's new residence and changing my mind about the place doesn't help at all. i know it's been a long time. but you will have to bare with me just a little more. we soon have a national day here in my country which would give me about 4 days to finish it. this chap will be longer as a treat for my beloved readers who have waited so long. unfortunately the time period between the posts will probably be a month or so. it depends on my programme and the difficulty of the chapter.

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Review #22, by ~!~DEB~!~ A Horrible Summer

25th September 2005:
hey guess what ur in luck i love making banners so just email me at deborahbelles@msn.com ^_^

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Review #23, by Kyle Law The Trip to Atlantis

14th September 2005:
I've seen adverts on top of stories on this site where you can click and get banners made. I think that's how its done. I don't think banner makers read a story and say, "I'm gonna make a banner for this story." Don't sue me if I'm wrong. Keep up the good work.

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Review #24, by corutney The Trip to Atlantis

13th September 2005:
yeah i liked it now hurry up with the next chapter PLEASE!

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Review #25, by moony_remus The Trip to Atlantis

10th September 2005:
i love this story and can u email me when u next update? (chocoholic27889@msn.com)

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