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Review #1, by buster Head Dilemma

27th November 2005:

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Review #2, by Hermione2005 The not-quite-ranuchy romance

26th October 2005:
awwww so cute,

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Review #3, by DarkMarkGirl The not-quite-ranuchy romance

25th September 2005:
Ok, I just had a dream about Draco the other night. It was really weird. IDK, but still. Hermione, ewww. She was really OOC. You should have her contract syphalis or clamidia or some other STD or have her get pregnant. She'd deserve it with all the sleeping around she's been doing. Dear GOD! lol

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Review #4, by hhhhh Unexpected Event No# 1

24th September 2005:
plz update! plz!

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Review #5, by Nikkipip The not-quite-ranuchy romance

17th September 2005:

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Review #6, by JKindisguise Head Dilemma

14th September 2005:
This is good - but you might want to try and double space a bit more. It makes the layout look much better, and would really make what is already a good story great.

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Review #7, by chloe The not-quite-ranuchy romance

6th September 2005:
its great carrie on i want 2 no wat happens

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Review #8, by mystery_girl Head Dilemma

5th September 2005:
Um... hi! I just happen to read your reviews before reading your story and I also read what someone said about your english and I'm not believing it. You swore at them? I thought maybe I'd read your story but after that author response I don't think I'll be reading any of your stories. I don't mean to advice but this kindda stuff is like constructive critism? Get it?

Author's Response: ok...thats cool....don't read it.......i do take constructive criticism.........and thats how u spell criticism.....ok? not critism........good job!

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Review #9, by Ariel Wood The not-quite-ranuchy romance

4th September 2005:
dude i never pictured hermione being the one to make the moves draco is usually the one doing that, well thats what my fantasys are like heh heh.....anywho keep it up ill keep reading.....

Author's Response: i wanted to make draco seem like the minority figure, after all the dominating over hermione he has done in the past!

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Review #10, by creampuff87 Head Dilemma

3rd September 2005:
good story

Author's Response: thanks mate

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Review #11, by briana The not-quite-ranuchy romance

2nd September 2005:
ok im not usually a big fan of hermione and draco fics but DAMN this is good. keep up with it!!!

Author's Response: thanks for the encouragment!

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Review #12, by Jacqui The not-quite-ranuchy romance

2nd September 2005:
Woah...raunchy alright! I just love the way you tell the story, it's so real! Hurry up with the next chappie, would you, I can't wait!!

Author's Response: hi....i think i might modify the thrid chapter and make it even more raunchy, bcoz relaly, thats not much. but thanks, i'm happy you enjoyed it! i'll try and get a chapter asap. i haven't had the time lately. but i'll try my best

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Review #13, by Nophie The not-quite-ranuchy romance

1st September 2005:
Please write more I want to know what happens! Very very good

Author's Response: thanks mate. i'll try asap

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Review #14, by Pearl Potter The not-quite-ranuchy romance

1st September 2005:
Now u are geettin me steamed.I love it.Draco and Hermoine, haha

Author's Response: i wish i could make it raunchier..i think i might modify that last chapie

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Review #15, by Pearl Potter Unexpected Event No# 1

1st September 2005:
Now I think u are crazy.Hermoine can't do that.But it's fun reading abbout it.

Author's Response: lol.....i am a little crazy!

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Review #16, by Just a Reader The not-quite-ranuchy romance

1st September 2005:
yay! I'm so glad you updated! hurray! that was a good chapter.....kind of short though, i was disappointed. well, keep up this story! I'm looking way foward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: sorry it was short. i think i'm going to modify it and make it a little mnore raunchier and a little longer....i'll try and update asap

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Review #17, by phlegm7 The not-quite-ranuchy romance

31st August 2005:
!?!?!?!?!?! you made hermione into a slut!!!?! wow, that's something i never would have imagined. anyway, good job, even though this was extremely bold of you.

Author's Response: she has morepotential than most people tohught. theres more than face value!

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Review #18, by phlegm7 Unexpected Event No# 1

31st August 2005:
......................................... aaargh! i can't stand the suspense! anyway, i'll tell you what i think next time; i have to read now.....

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #19, by phlegm7 Head Dilemma

31st August 2005:
not too bad... i happened to read your reviews before the story and someone said it was really awful... so i prepared for the worst. but really , i think it's good! true, it's not extremely detailed, but i don't mink at all. drawn-out stories can be annoying anyway. good job!

Author's Response: i'm happy i exceeded your expectations. i try my best. i'm more a fantasy reader rather than a writer, but this is working out alright for me now. i jjust don't find enough time atm to write more chappies. i'm trying to fit them in. i'kll hopefully have a new chapter up asap

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Review #20, by Anky Rox The not-quite-ranuchy romance

31st August 2005:
Gee, girl you have the fantasy! Your story is exciting and easy to read and that is pretty good! I'm waiting for the next part now...

Author's Response: thanks anky! i'm trying to do my best to get them up.........asap hopefully

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Review #21, by turquoise Unexpected Event No# 1

28th August 2005:
whoa very raunchy indeed even if it is only short u do rite good

Author's Response: thankyou. its not quite that raunchy. the next chapter is more but not as much as i wanted to. i don't konw how far i can go without getting the story banned or something........please review my other when it is up and see if it needs more. thanksfor the review!

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Review #22, by Natalie Unexpected Event No# 1

24th August 2005:
Please update soon i really liked it

Author's Response: hey sorry i haven't been able to update lately becuase i've been xtremely busy with family business and school

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Review #23, by me Unexpected Event No# 1

23rd August 2005:
omg i love this story!! please write more soon!!!

Author's Response: sorry i'm trying to write more but i've had big pormblems in my life at the moment and then i have to juggle school as well...i'm gettting there

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Review #24, by Maggles Unexpected Event No# 1

21st August 2005:
I think your story is stupid. what kind of person must Hermione be to let Draco Malfoy, the boy whose insulted, degraded and hated her for five years, kiss her after two minutes of being together in the same room? and even if he was a nice sort of person, there's only one kind of person who lets a boy get into their pants after speaking less than five sentences to each other. while you aren't bad at writing, you need to fix up your story ideas. sorry, but the truth hurts

Author's Response: hey, if you don't like my story, don't read it then. this story and the chapters that are yet to come is actually a challenge ebtween a freiend and i. the challenge is to btry and make a relationship b/w draco and hermione as sexual as look thanks for the critisicm, but if u don't liek it, read another story

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Review #25, by fear me101 Head Dilemma

13th August 2005:
your detail, or lack there of, is horrible. Please read hacker or study English. This does not belong in romance... it belongs in romance- draco/hermione or romance-others

Author's Response: look, u don't liek it, don't read it. this was actualy a challenge between me and a friend. so f**k u

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