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Review #1, by Tink Define Love

19th March 2006:
Bravo bravo awsome story. i got hooked and it was idk theres not defination. Bravo

Author's Response: why thank you! :D, im glad u liked it!

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Review #2, by Serena Define Love

13th March 2006:
Niiiiiiice! Loved it! Great work!

Author's Response: yippee!!

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Review #3, by Lyn Midnight Define Love

18th February 2006:
Yeah, I liked it. You should have mentioned that you borrowed some lines from the Bible, though :) However, the definion of love is what you wrote plus so much more... nearly endless. Keep writing, I love your work. LM

Author's Response: yeah, i should have mentioned the bible, oopsies. im glad u like my work.

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Review #4, by Chewing_gum12 Define Love

15th February 2006:
Love the story, it was quite good...

Author's Response: y thank you!!

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Review #5, by chewing_gum12 Define Love

5th February 2006:
Great story!! Sorry I would go on and on about how much i like it but is late!

Author's Response: well im glad u review. im so happy u like this one shot!

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Review #6, by hogwartsgirlhg Define Love

7th January 2006:
kinda sappy and not the best work out there its alright though

Author's Response: well thanks for the honest review!

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Review #7, by pearluna Define Love

7th January 2006:
i'm a very very extrememly glad you put it on paper and then here... that was a quote from 'a walk to remember,' right? i'm not imagining? i love that quote...

Author's Response: yeah i love that quote too. one of my favorite movie of all time!=)

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Review #8, by Black Darkness Define Love

28th December 2005:
OMG that was also sweet. I actually have tears from the sweetness. Stupid me

Author's Response: aww don't cry!=). thanks for the review!!

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Review #9, by Hari_Puttar Define Love

18th October 2005:
omigosh this is soooo good i almost fainted it was wonderful

Author's Response: lol!! thanks!

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Review #10, by Jellyman Define Love

7th October 2005:
Weird and sudden, but good! I liked it but what did: “So is what I’m feeling every time I’m around you, yelling at you, or thinking about you love?” mean?

Author's Response: it means like... how she reacted towards him all that time just a way to hide her love for him. does that explain it better? well, thanxs for the review!!!

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Review #11, by gabby Define Love

24th September 2005:
what about the ravenclaw...geez!

Author's Response: like in one of the response i gave to one of the reviews james is with the ravenclaw for a spur of the moment thing because he only has eyes for lily!!!

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Review #12, by phantom_phan Define Love

21st September 2005:
pretty good! i liked it a lot =D

Author's Response: thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by PAT Define Love

10th September 2005:

Author's Response: well thanxs for the review i guess. i get what u mean james kissed another girl, but they weren't exactly going out. more like a spur of the moment thing because james only got eyes for lily!

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Review #14, by lunalovegood616 Define Love

5th September 2005:
i'm gald u decided 2 put it on paper.

Author's Response: im touched!!!

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Review #15, by trisha Define Love

29th August 2005:
I really enjoyed your story its really good xD.

Author's Response: thanxs! =)

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Review #16, by Drunk Elves Define Love

8th August 2005:
Winky: Love the "walk to remember" quote. Dobby: Its cute! Winky: i like this story. Dobby: It rocks! Keep up the writing!

Author's Response: i like the "walk to remeber" quote too! my favorite part! thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Snitch_Seeker4ever Define Love

4th August 2005:
wow, great job here. can't wait for the next chappie!

Author's Response: hey thanxs for the review. i'm not planning to write a next chapter this was just suppose to explain how lily finally admitted to loving james. sorry for the mix up!

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