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Review #1, by Pigs_and_Penguins Godric's Hollow

15th March 2007:
Aww, this was pretty cute. Good Job!

xoxo, Jessie

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Review #2, by megan webb Godric's Hollow

24th February 2007:

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Review #3, by meggy_knows Godric's Hollow

27th August 2006:
this was so sweet and so good!!! i absolutley loved it, please post the sequel!!

Author's Response: haha thanks dear.
yeah im working on it.
i need to get a banner made for the new one.

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Review #4, by ilovelemondrops22 Godric's Hollow

26th March 2006:
love it!!!! i need to know what happenes!?!?!?

Author's Response: lol thanks. anyone who wants to know what happens can im me or email me from that address. i dont think im going to finish it. unless i get uber bored sometime.

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Review #5, by sheila1990 Godric's Hollow

13th March 2006:
its great

Author's Response: woot thanks

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Review #6, by angel007 Godric's Hollow

13th February 2006:
Hey it's good...can't wait for the sequel...

Author's Response: god, i feel freaking horrible its been like months...honestly i dont think im gonna update, i might find some inspration today though <3 <3 <3

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Review #7, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

16th January 2006:
Is it just me, or is one of your stories missing????

Author's Response: You Right. I took it off. I never really liked it anyways.

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Review #8, by OwlEyez Godric's Hollow

28th December 2005:
Chelz i loved it !! It was so romantic and cute better then my stuff *le sniff*.You should put up the sequel , I had a fic i wasnt even sure about when i put it up everyone reveiwed my most populare fic now , Just some encouragement! lol

Author's Response: THANKS DANI!! I LOVE YOU

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Review #9, by harrysdaughter Godric's Hollow

26th December 2005:
I really like it. Can't wait 4 the sequel! OOOHH! U know what would b cool? If you did a challenge to write something like this with a twisted ending! (soory high off sugar) *sighs* Try to post the sequel as soon as possible*wink,wink* ^__________^

Author's Response: lol okie okie

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Review #10, by Jude Harrison Godric's Hollow

30th November 2005:
I really like it! Can't wait for the sequel. :)

Author's Response: lol Thanks Lils *huggles* Smile, I love you! lol sry weird mood

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Review #11, by starkight Godric's Hollow

27th November 2005:
great story very interesting.

Author's Response: Thankies alot!

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Review #12, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

25th November 2005:
Nice banner! I'm sorry you're having problem's with your life, I know what that's like. But still, nice banner.

Author's Response: lol thanks, and thanks for understanding to Squishy

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Review #13, by Admin Godric's Hollow

25th November 2005:
So you think you can write, huh. Well, let's see if you have what it takes to take it to the top. Go to and strut your stuff. Review, read, and rate...all in one.

Author's Response: ummm okie i might join?

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Review #14, by dee Godric's Hollow

10th November 2005:
funny......first kiss when they were 1?

Author's Response: thanks! hmmm yes, i guess you could put it that way, i thought it was cute lol

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Review #15, by somebody Godric's Hollow

3rd November 2005:
Awesome idea! the writing is a bit shaky. maybe u could improve that?... Anyway, TELL ME THE NAME OF THE SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so, so would like to read it!!!!!!!! thx!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: is not up yet. I like the writing how it is, and i will revise it when i want to. the squeals name will be mia shannon and memories returned.

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Review #16, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

28th October 2005:
No. I have a LiveJournal though, if you wanna come along. I'm gonna check out your stories on thecharmsclassroom! I hope you put more up here!!!!

Author's Response: ooo yay!!! I dont think i have any up on there yet...hmm i dunno, i need to though. I tihnk i shall now

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Review #17, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

22nd October 2005:
thecharmsroom? Is that a website? I'm there. And put the sequal up. It can't hurt. Just let us know what happens. I bet it's great.

Author's Response: Yeah, im there. I have an idea of what im going to do, im just been to lazy to look over it and do all that kind of stuff, i dont like it that much but, my cousin loves i dunno

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Review #18, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

21st October 2005:
What's going on with the sequal??? It's not still in waiting, is it??? Woah. And these 100 others you've requested banners for! (I swear, ya can't move on Dark Arts without bumping into a peachy_padfoot request) I hope you get more up soon!

Author's Response: lmao. Yes I love Dark arts!! I have so many ideas and such, so yeah. I dunno when I will put it up. im putting my stories up in thecharmsclassroom now too so yeah

Author's Response: I dunno if i should put up the squeal actully, im not that happy with it...

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Review #19, by Blinking_Emeralds Godric's Hollow

14th October 2005:
cool fic

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #20, by Angel Hope Godric's Hollow

11th October 2005:
Hehe O i just had to review. I read this back a long time ago when I was but a little person with out an account. I reviewed then too I was Gina back on page 2. :) I was believe me!!!! Ahem anyway like I said before cool.

Author's Response: lol thankies love.

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Review #21, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

6th October 2005:
Argh! It's not up! You're driving me crazy! Every day, I look, and it's not up! Please tell me it's submitted, right?

Author's Response: lol yep it is!!! It is in so proud of myself...I put like three chapters in yesterday I think..not sure

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Review #22, by Demius Lupin Godric's Hollow

4th October 2005:
SQUEL!!!!!!! He he!! I loved it!! Ha ha!! Yeh it was funny with Sirius laughing in the background!! Aww it was sweet too!! And sad!! But it was worth reading!! He he! ~*~DL (Sugar high author!!) he he!

Author's Response: lol thankies very much, i can finish that banner if you would get a new pic of a girl. it has a virius on it and i didnt download it, if u get another chick illl have it done a in a bit

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Review #23, by Peachy_Padfoot Godric's Hollow

3rd October 2005:

Author's Response: lol i had to reply to myself

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Review #24, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

2nd October 2005:
Put it up without a banner! Then put the banner up when you get it! C'mon! A good story doesn't need a banner! And yours is good, so *sings* why are we waiting...

Author's Response: *Thinks* Okie peps Im going to put it up WITHOUT A BANNER!! *waits for cheers then goes puts it in limbo*

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Review #25, by Squishy_Fred Godric's Hollow

1st October 2005:
You call that updating???? C'mon! Move it move it move it! Haha, just please update!

Author's Response: lol, I know I seriously feel horrible. I have written like a billion chapters to it already, im just slowly waiting for my banner ::sigh:: I almost put it in without a banner then I took it back out

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