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Review #1, by ILoveLost1888 the truth of the matter

8th September 2006:
Wow. Harry was going to pop the quilt to Ginny if he cane back.. U are not JK Rolwing ha. ~_~

Author's Response: pop the quilt? guess youre not rowling either eh?

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Review #2, by tani the truth of the matter

25th August 2006:
ooohhh. more more more!!!!!!

Author's Response: you know i'm not actually sure that i'll be continuing this story because i think i pretty much lost my readers. i might do one last chapter just to give it an ending though, so look back soon!

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Review #3, by screaming_madman the truth of the matter

28th July 2006:
This is a very good story. You have come up with an original writing style and I like it. A lot of stories on this site are the same thing, not so with this one. Nothing but praise for you. This is however the main reason why I usually don't read unfinished stories, I hate suspense LOL.

Author's Response: thanks so much, i tried to be original. and i'll write fast just for you so you wont have to suffer tooo much with the suspense of it all ;)

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Review #4, by oakley the truth of the matter

22nd January 2006:
ph my gosh. that is so good. please update soon! I need more!!!

Author's Response: as soon as the chapter is finished, i'll post it, i promise!!!

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Review #5, by oakley broken, and broken promises

22nd January 2006:
oh my gosh! the intensity!

Author's Response: this is kind of an intense story, as you can tell. ive never written anything quite like it, but i think its going pretty well so far, dont you?

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Review #6, by oakley don't fade away so quickly (the lost chapter)

22nd January 2006:
this chapter doesn't seem lost at all. i really like your writing. have you thought of posting on

Author's Response: i'm really glad you like my writing style! the chapter is lost because its a little more intense than the others and some people cant handle it really. i cant say that i have thought of posting on mugglenet, but its certainly something to consider! thanks!

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Review #7, by KNOBBE the truth of the matter

9th January 2006:
NOO!!!! IT CANT BE OVER!!!!I just read from the beginning and this is it!!!!! Update soon!

Author's Response: i will i will i promise! im so glad you liked it. please keep reading/reviewing!

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Review #8, by Potterholic the truth of the matter

3rd January 2006:
Arghh, cliffhanger! You gotta update very very soon!!

Author's Response: can you hold out till the weekend? school is wearing me down : (

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Review #9, by hannah potter the truth of the matter

3rd January 2006:
how could u do this to me ! make sure u get the next one out soon !plz! :)

Author's Response: tres quick, i promise. i'm almost done writing it : )

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Review #10, by blimmchen the truth of the matter

30th December 2005:
oh my god, how dare you stop at a point like this? You just left us with your cliffhanger! Oh you must update very very soon. I totally like your story, so give me more!!!

Author's Response: thanks so much! i'll be updating as soon as i write the next chapter and the site opens again for submissions so hold tight!

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Review #11, by ashley broken, and broken promises

18th December 2005:
oh this story is addicting. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: i will! i will!

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Review #12, by lizzie broken, and broken promises

18th December 2005:
! i cant believe harry broke his promise like that! whats ginny going to do now?

Author's Response: who knows....

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Review #13, by blimmchen broken, and broken promises

28th November 2005:
You know what I am goin to say... UPDATE!!! Oh my gosh, so cool!! Can't wait to here more and I so like the drama!! People keep reminding me not to make my stories too dramatic LOL

Author's Response: hahaha youre so hilarious. drama = great stuff. what else can so wondefully fill my daydreams? ; )

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Review #14, by Potterholic i'm sorry i can't have you

27th November 2005:
Hey, I'm done with your banner. Image Hosted by I'm going to send you the tag. Hope you like it!

Author's Response: you are sooo incredible. i adddoooooorrrreeeee it!!! so fantasic, i cant thank you enough!

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Review #15, by Potterholic broken, and broken promises

27th November 2005:
OMG! That was amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter! Oh, and I'll be working on your banner right after this

Author's Response: merci beaucoup!!

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Review #16, by K i'm sorry i can't have you

27th November 2005:
Which ending did you decide to use? I'm a hopeless romantic too... I love it so far I can't wait for more

Author's Response: i decided to use the longer ending, otherwise this would be the second to last chapter. yay for hopeless romantics!!

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Review #17, by mayo broken, and broken promises

25th November 2005:
omg!! i can't wait!! so much suspense.. hehe... i can't believe harry didn't keep his promise.. but then again what if she did keep his promise but she was still asleep to hear it? oh wow.. i love it!!! hehe!!! keep up the AWESOME work!!! hehe!!! thanks!!! oh and rock on with making it go out longer!! hehe i can't wait!! *happy sigh* hehe!! =) P. S HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! =0)

Author's Response: but what if harry had a good reason for not keeping his promise?!?! *gasp* more suspense. hahaha. i'm so glad you love and i think im posting the next chapter tonite, so look back!!!

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Review #18, by that girl i thought i lost you somewhere

15th November 2005:
DEFINITLEY the longer one. i love this story

Author's Response: i think we're going for the longer one.....

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Review #19, by lizzy i thought i lost you somewhere

15th November 2005:
fabulous, again! update soon please

Author's Response: so glad you liked it and the next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #20, by mayo i thought i lost you somewhere

8th November 2005:
more more more!! haha make it longer!! its soo exciting! i love it! thanks for sharing what you've written so far!!

Author's Response: i love you so much! you are by far the reader who appreciates this story the most and i adore you for that! longer it is!!!! <3

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Review #21, by Potterholic i thought i lost you somewhere

5th November 2005:
I love this story soooo much, I take the longer one! By the way, if you still want me to make the banner, tell me how do you want it. So I can work with it faster when my computer is good.

Author's Response: i'm glad you like it! i love it too and have the entire thing almost written out. a banner would be so fantastic! this is what i was thinking: like maybe in big words have it say: JUST KNOW THIS and then off of that in smaller script say, just know that i love you. just know that i think youre wonderful. just know that youre beautiful. just know that i need you...etc. all the way down in kind of a list form with maybe a picture of harry and ginny in the background or at one side? this is just what i was thinking, but i trust you to make it look fabulous so you can be creative! much love!!!!!!

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Review #22, by blimmchen i thought i lost you somewhere

29th October 2005:
you definitely should have given the kleenex warning. I can't stop crying... oh my gosh how romantic can a story be?? I want the longer story, the one with 10 chapters or more!! People are already looking at me... am sitting in the Computerroom of the Uni. Update soon!! I love your story

Author's Response: its so funny cause i'm actually not known for being romantic and sappy and tearful. i'm such a hidden old romantic, its hilarious. i'm so glad you like the story and even happier that youre crying (sorry) cause it means ive done my job. and i'll keep writing as long as you keep reviewing : )

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Review #23, by chuni i thought i lost you somewhere

25th October 2005:
great chapter, make the story as long as you can!

Author's Response: thats two votes for a longer story.....

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Review #24, by darthvengeful i thought i lost you somewhere

25th October 2005:
do 10 chapters this is a really good story

Author's Response: see, i really want to do ten chapters too cause i love writting this story. i just wanted to make sure everyone else did too. thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #25, by blimmchen the clue to smiles

22nd October 2005:
Another wonderful chapter! You have got to update very soon, cuz I can't wait to find out what happens next

Author's Response: i'm so happy that you like it! i'll post on up soon

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