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Review #1, by Zandie Meeting with Dumbledore

22nd March 2006:
hey I'm still waiting for the next amazing chapter...

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Review #2, by skinnycook Meeting with Dumbledore

10th February 2006:
keep it up~

Author's Response: aww thx i will

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Review #3, by Rainsie Meeting with Dumbledore

8th December 2005:
cute update soon xo

Author's Response: thank u i shall do so soon -xox-

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Review #4, by Monkey789 at the train staion

16th November 2005:
nice ending to that

Author's Response: thank u soo much i have to say i noticed u reviewed both my stories thznk u soo much i really apperciate it u rule man

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Review #5, by romance lover Meeting with Dumbledore

4th November 2005:
I loved it it was really good! So anyways Update ASAP!!!! so yeah like I saw your reviews for my story and I just had to check out yours! Im glad I did because they are really good!!!!~Jessica

Author's Response: oh my god thank u soo much u rock man i swear that was such a nice review u just put a huge smile on ur face andi love ur story btw it rocks thankx for the reivew ill update asap for this story i have a little writer block thnks for the review - JeSs

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Review #6, by Zandie Meeting with Dumbledore

2nd November 2005:
Update!!!! Please!!!

Author's Response: sorry its taking soo long i ll update soon

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Review #7, by bob vila At home

29th October 2005:
its starting off okay, but I think that you chould mayeb get an editor, and in your A/N, don't use phrases like plz, because that doesn't really look good while im reading it.

Author's Response: thank you for the adive i will try not to do that thx for that

Author's Response: advice*

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Review #8, by  Preparing the ball

25th October 2005:

Author's Response: did u mean to do that

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Review #9, by  At home

25th October 2005:

Author's Response: did ya mean to do that

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Review #10, by pedro_lee1990 Meeting with Dumbledore

18th October 2005:
lol good story Jess i'm dying to know what happens in the next chapter lol...yeah i'm weird

Author's Response: ur a funni 1 yea i no im i cant wait till the next chappie is up lol ...........and yes i agree u are wierd lol but im justa s wierd so u cant complain lol anywayz tahnsk for reviewing jess lol -JeSs

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Review #11, by uiii Meeting with Dumbledore

13th October 2005:
very nice, writing!!! please

Author's Response: thanks heaps u have no idea how u just make my face smile :) thx for the awsome review

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Review #12, by Zandie Meeting with Dumbledore

12th October 2005:
well um...its interesting and everything but hurry up and update!!!

Author's Response: lol chappie 7 is in limbo im gald u like ot or find it .... interesting lol thanks for reviewing : )

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Review #13, by Zandie Preparing the ball

7th October 2005:
ummm.....not really my interest but i guess its ok

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing anyway and reviewing thanks for your point of view -JeSs

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Review #14, by Zandie falling more in love

7th October 2005:
is this a repeat?

Author's Response: no i think u just read it twice ...lol thanks 4 reviewing

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Review #15, by Zandie thinking nonstop

7th October 2005:
ok i think this should be at the beginning of the story.

Author's Response: thanks for the suggestion i love hearing thme thanks for taking time to reivew

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Review #16, by Zandie falling more in love

7th October 2005:
hmmmm.....very perverted and really fast moving....i have only one question have you ever read romeo and Juliet? because thats where i see this going!

Author's Response: ummm....okay yeah i no its fast and yes i have seen and read romeo and juliet and no thats not where its going

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Review #17, by HP_rules Meeting with Dumbledore

3rd October 2005:
its very...interesting..i cant seem to make up my mind today..hehe...keep going!

Author's Response: hehe well yeah i no wat u mean i hope ya liked it any wyaz thanks 4 za review i shall update asap

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Review #18, by fairgirl Meeting with Dumbledore

2nd October 2005:
well that was hot (lol) i love that, keep writing, can't wait for the next chapter!!!!

Author's Response: thanks im glad u liked it ill try and upstae as soon as i can

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Review #19, by alexis Meeting with Dumbledore

1st October 2005:
grrrrate! i loved it! awsom detal 2. hurry and wright the next chap!

Author's Response: thanks heaps im glad u liked it ill update as soon as i can - JeSs

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Review #20, by vika_malfoy Meeting with Dumbledore

1st October 2005:
ooh. Nice chapter. Well please update soon!!!

Author's Response: hehe thanks ill update asap

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Review #21, by Zandie at the train staion

1st October 2005:
hmmmm good use of explict lanuage and i like the plot....hehehe their perverts!!!! lol...

Author's Response: hehe....that has to be 1 of my best/funniest reviews thanks

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Review #22, by Zandie At home

1st October 2005:
wow good start i like the seprate povs it makes it interesting

Author's Response: thanks heaps

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Review #23, by Salma falling more in love

30th September 2005:
hey there it would be nicer if u got into details about the sleeping together part thanks

Author's Response: kool i will chapter 6 is detailed and in waiting last time i putit up they wouldnt except it was to rude....=D hehe but yeah i edited it and its in waiting so look out 4 it

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Review #24, by Dracos_Gurl_4_life Preparing the ball

29th September 2005:
Put in more detAIL PLZ PLZ PLZ

Author's Response: kk i will my chapter that is in waiting meeting with dumbledore has detail thx for reviwing

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Review #25, by bgal Preparing the ball

24th September 2005:
keep writin!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: ill update even though i have put chapter 6 up and ppl have read it for some reason it ran away---> it doesnt love me *waaaa* ; ( ---ill get a srech partii see where it went and and when i find it it will get a yelling a hug then be reposted --------------------lol

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