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Reading Reviews for RAB: Dead But Still Breathing
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Review #1, by sauerkraut_poet A Rant in One Chapter

22nd August 2005:
Interesting idea, Regulus = Stubby Boardman. It almost makes sense, but I think if Regulus were still alive he most certainly would have informed Dumbledore about the Horcrux(es). Responding to one of the other reviews, Regulus could have discovered more than one - who knows, there could be similar notes where the others were hidden. I personally don't find this too likely, as Remus states in HBP that Regulus didn't survuve more than a few days after deserting Voldemort. Regulus probably assumed there was only one horcrux, as no wizard had ever created multiples before. Also, any horcruxes he did manage to get his hands on, he would have destroyed, not transfigured into Black family silver. I am almost certain that Harry is not a Horcrux - Dumbledore mentions that it is unwise to use a living creature as a Horcrux, and also, that would mean part of Voldemort's SOUL would be inside Harry. This is very different from some of Voldemorts POWERS being in Harry, which is what actually happened. Dumbledore made it very clear that Harry posesses "a soul that is untarnished and whole." Dumbledore believes that Voldemort planned to use Harry's death to create the last Horcrux. I have a suspicion that he hoped to find a relic of Gryffindor's in Godric's Hollow, which may also have been a reason for going after Harry rather than Neville. Also, I don't think Regulus cast a charm on Harry which allowed him to absorb Voldemort's powers - how would a Death Eater been able to get close enough to Harry to do that? I also found your fic confusing with regards to Regulus' views regarding his brother and non-purebloods. He refers to Grimmauld place as "the house Sirius and I hated," but then labels Harry a blood traitor? This is a little confusing, and I wish you'd be a little more clear on this - perhaps add a paragraph? My view is that Regulus was rather like Draco Malfoy - completely brainwashed as a child, joined the Death Eaters willingly, then once he was faced with the prospect of killing, made the choice Draco was too scared to make, and abandoned Voldemort. I'm actually writing a fic on that, called Regulus - Black as He's Painted? and I'd appreciate your reviews - I'm sure you'd have suggestions to make about my version of the story as well. Thanks for writing this fic!

Author's Response: Wow, you are incredibly long-winded and for that I think you. I'll read your story.

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Review #2, by klutz2716 A Rant in One Chapter

7th August 2005:
interesting theory and I agree with you (not about the Stubby Boardman thing, but then again stranger things have happened) They say in OotP that Voldemort killed Regulus himself, maybe that was because he was at the time attempting to destroy a horcrux... hmm

Author's Response: I thought they said that I wasn't important enought for Voldemort to kill me himself. Where's Dumbledore when you need him?

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Review #3, by meee A Rant in One Chapter

6th August 2005:
omg! thts why dumbeldore smiled in the 4th book when harry said voldemort took some of harrys blood- it fits

Author's Response: So rather than make a Bloody Mary, Voldemort made a Bloody Harry? Just a random thought.

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Review #4, by meee A Rant in One Chapter

6th August 2005:
some of it i didnt understand exactly...but i agree that u are right on target about regulus black--jk rowling slightly hints it in an interview with mugglenet- nice work tho

Author's Response: Well, if JKR speaks of me directly, I must search out the statements on mugglenet. As you know, us wizards are muggle technology impaired, and living the life of a musician doesn't help either. Give me spiked butter beer or give me death!

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Review #5, by CCPArgue A Rant in One Chapter

3rd August 2005:
First, Regulus is dead. Second, he only ever had on horcrux: the locket of Slytherin. Third, Tom Riddle's diary was a horcrux and was destroyed by Harry in his second year. Fourth, the goblet was not Ravenclaw's, it was Hufflepuff's. Fifth, Volemort's snake is a horcrux and I highly doubt Regulus could have gotten that away from Voldemort. Although you were right about Dumbledore destroying one of the horcruxes. And if you were saying that Harry was a horcrux, then I agree with you.

Author's Response: You must have been in Slytherin house, as you are a bit terse when you write and I for one find it utterly captivating; bul alas, am I truly dead? Quite possibly not, after all didn't Dumbledore himself say to Draco that he could make him disappear and make him appear dead? (HPB top of page 592) Second, "he only ever had on horcrux: the locket of Slytherin" on this I ask that you write me via email as I must admit you typed as if you were tongue tied and I honestly am not quite sure what you meant; Third: No kidding; Fourth: Yes I screwed up on the Goblet, but then I was in Slytherin after all which makes me cunning, but not necessarily bright; Fifth, Naghini is believed to be a horcrux, but as yet it has not been proven out, it was just a theory and Dumbledore himself admitted he could be wrong sometimes; As for Harry being a horcrux, it could definitely be because right before Harry received the scar from Voldemort the Dark Lord (said reverently of course, I'm a sarcastic twit, now aren't I?), he-who-must-not-be-laid murdered Harry's parents, so yes Harry is most likely a horcrux. Eventually I am planning to review the earlier books as I would very much like to reread the descriptions of Voldemort during different phases of his life, most specifically, when he killed James and Lily, before hexing Harry. We the Dark Lord's eyes already red? They have made such a big deal of eye color being green, and Volde's being red; I can't help but feel that Harry's eye color is insignificant other than to somehow help people feel a connection between himself and Lily. I mean, if Harry's eye color were significant, then Mr Radcliffe most certainly would have worn colored contacts since the very first movie. As for Voldemort offering to spare Lily, well all I can think of is that Snape wanted her and apparently Snape and Voldemort at one point were extremely good friends, perhaps each others only friends. Just speculation of a lunatic mind of course. RAB

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Review #6, by Gomer A Rant in One Chapter

31st July 2005:
Nice! Alright this is coming from someone obsessed with Regulus Black... so I'm biased!

Author's Response: Much thanks Gomer. I anticipate that RAB is going to be Regulus Black in the seventh installment of the HP novels. I cannot wait to see how JKR writes the youngest member of the House of Black.

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